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So i was at my dad yesterday with my (medium dog or rather small) dog and we left his condo since my mother was picking me up out front. 
So lock the door and told her go and she ran ahead of me but i called her back a few times or she stop and waited for me. Then onces  
we got closer to the front door Angel (the dog) started to bark lightly at someone so  when i got around the corner i saw she was barking at the people  
who were either getting there mail or coming in. So as soon as she started barking at this old man even though she was still ways from him. 
He complained to me she should be on leash so i told him that i dont have one on me and Angel only light bark at him and then walk of towards the 
door but as I open the door he said to me that was domestic  violences after that i just ignored him. When ever my dog walks out to the front with me 
and she barks at someone they always pet her or try to since she ends up running away from them. Im well aware that my dog didn't do anything 
that leans towards domestic violences since its not like she charged at him and bit him. She d never do anything like that  she harmless. not mention old and 
a complete lazy ass.She even licks my cats faces when she happy to see her xDDD but really he could of just walked away and kept his mouth shut.
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So for past few weeks me and my mother have been talking and looking for xbox 360 so far we ve found one but the only problem is 
my sister will throw fit if she finds out so I might end up having to keep the xbox 360 at my dads which sucks because hes pretty much drunk everyday or gets drunk when he gets off work. Another reason why i have to keep the xbox 360 at my dads is because one time my sister threw my gamecube down the steps and it broke so I dont want to take ny chances with the xbox 360. I dont have job either i had job interview last  Wednesday and after that was over with the guy told me that he d talk everyone else and then phone me on Thursday to come in for another interview but i dont know if  he meant the next day or next week but im guessing its was the Thursday of that week he meant.
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