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Ryokan is a Shirow adept !
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Yeah, yeah, at this time you've guessed that I'm a addict to this manga ! 
Well, transhumanism, cyberpunk, big gun and technology is a memeporn for male geek, so when I readed Blame ! it was like someone has designed a manga version of crack just for me ! :p 
10 tomes, 11 if you count Noise, it was good, but not enough...I wanted more !!! 
And now, I've just learned that Blame2! was published !!! YEEEAAAAAH ! 


Looks like christmas is happened sooner this year ! :)
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Macross + has some of the best !  
This song is simply ultimate.
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I doubt he can be dark enough.
Would be an awesome performance and change of career style for him.
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