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Wanted to add some manga volumes but the site is bugged. Noticed that a few things have broke/disappeared since I last used the wiki.
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Let me put this out here before I rag on the show a bit, it has potential and I'm definitely looking forward to more of it. With that said let me vent about what annoyed me.
  • Battler and his gravitation towards (as was translated) tits. He came off as a complete sleaze. I don't mind some lighthearted comedy in my dark mystery shows, but that sucked, the second time he pulled it literally made me facepalm.
  • Laundry list of characters. I know people need to be introduced in a show, especially one that's probably gonna involve a string of murder cases (I'm thinking of the board game Clue here). Unfortunately everyone was thrown in at once which made all this talk of heirs and such a complete mess. I already need a family tree map to understand who's who.
  • Maria. I've been going through Higurashi Kai again and Umineko makes me appreciate Rika THAT much more (I'd kill for a desu/nipaa here). To quote Maria's mother: "stop making that sound." I agree 110% with that statement. UUUUUUUUUUUUUU is not cute,just downright annoying. Doing it 50 times in the span of 3 minutes... AGGRAVATING! That first bitch slap made me giddy in more that one way. At this point I knew the show was going to bring it. Very excited about next week.

On a side note, OP and ED were nothing special and instant skippables for me.

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