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Naruto » Something goofy that i've always wondered about

That always bugged me. When I first watched it i thought it was based on feudal Japan. But technology kept creeping in like plastics, electronics, movies even video games.  But i suppose Hidden Lead village is still a village hidden in the countryside, so technology would be slower to adopt. It's like some villages here are just starting to figure out the internet. 
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Off-Topic » Hi Im new and goodbye thread

Hey I'm Rusted Faith. Massive fan of Studio Ghibli output, currently working my way through Naruto and used to watch Robotech when I was a kid. Suddenly realising how much anime and manga has influenced me and it's starting to get scary. Despite all this I am a complete noob, and don't know my Gurren Lagann from my One Piece. 
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Off-Topic » would you give an speech in front of a big audience?

I am perfectly comfortable with presenting in front of huge numbers of people. It's the one thing I am quite good at, and can speak for hours if you let me. Suppose growing up and performing music and then presenting your design ideas in uni have helped. 

Best piece of advice: make it so you are having a conversation with them. Just pick out a couple people and talk to them directly. I hate presentations where it sounds like they are reading off their cards or off the powerpoint they just put up. It sounds stilted and audience don't really like to be talked at. For practice I suggest reading a story to your siblings or nephew or neighbours kids, then when comfortable with that make the story up in your head on the go. This helps you to string ideas and words together on a whim, animate your voice and project it, create connections with your audience and loads of other benefits. Also shoulders back, back straight, chin up and smile. 
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