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The Story
  • Name: Roronoa "Lancer" Sakamoto
  • Aliases: Orange Lightning, R.S. (Reload System after a major attack), Hotstreak, Hot Lancer, Yetto Meriko.
  • Origin: Shapeshifter "Meriko" (Special type of shapeshifter)
  • Age: 95
  • Date of Birth: October 13, 1916
  • Hair Color: Changes between, blood red, pale red, forest green, lightning orange,charcoal black, road sign yellow, lime green, sky blue and ocean blue. Originally Brown.
  • Eye Color: Changes between red, blue, black,  green on black eyes, and vice versa.
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Skin Color: Tan, Sandy.

Rorana doesn't were a shirt most of the time, if he does, it is lose fitting. He wears baggy pants, and a belt with a burning skull buckle. He had a barb wire tattoo going down both of his arms. His hair is spiky
 Bullseye affectOdd Features:
Hair color changes often and can become more than one color sometimes, one eye may be a different color than the other sometimes. And his eye may do this bullseye affect.
Example of what Roronoa's eyes look like sometimes
Example of what Roronoa's eyes look like sometimes

 Another example of his eyesPersonality:
Unlike most shapeshifters from his time, he didn't suffer from the multiple personality disorder. He has a nice personality, can get hotheaded from time to time. He's a lady's man every now and then. He likes to drink, but not to much. He is a very, very, very laid back guy.


Roronoa's voice is a nice deep mellow tone.


 He can Shapeshift into animal and other things like people or objects.



 A shocking meeting


 Lancer showing off his Fire capabilities.

  • Location :Alternate Desert, San Augustine Texas
  • Date: July 13. 1931
  • Time: 2:59 P.M.

The heat was blaring hard, the wind was howling, sand was blowing everywhere. A young boy, was sitting at his 
Poor kid, Roronoa Sakamoto
Poor kid, Roronoa Sakamoto
houses door step. His clothes were torn and shabby. The sun began to blare with no mercy, the young boy reached for his hood to shield his face from the blaring heat. He's stomach began to grumble, as he moved his hand towards it. He wished he had something to eat, but sadly his family, and town had no food since the drought came. The town once was full of life, but now it's almost like a ghost town. People still lived there, but it
 was a hard time. The boy's mother was inside, and she called him, " Roronoa why don't you go play with some of your friends?" Roronoa sighed, since most of his friend's left. He got up and went to find his remaining friends in the town. The sun was still beating down, as he walked over to the once bountiful field of grain, too see if some of his friends were there. A boy, and girl in shabby clothes were playing with a tumble weed. Roronoa called out "Hey guys." They both noticed, but the boy continued to play with the weed. The girl said " Hey Roronoa." Then the boy said, as he continued to play with the weed "Wassup me friend?" A gust of wind blew sand into Roronoa's eyes, then he began to rub his eyes as he talked. "Hey Una, Nothing much Hante, and you dude?" Hante responded " Just playing with the tumble weed, in the baring heat." Una sighed, while wiping sweat off her face," I wish it would rain,....... it hasn't rained in five years."All of them sighed because they thought it may never rain again. All of them sat down, because they were tired and hungry. Una sighed while saying " I wish there was something to eat..." Hante also " Ya me too.." Roronoa almost forgot his mother had saved some food before the drought, "Hey guys, why don't we go over to my place and have a snack?, "we have some extra food and stuff." Una and Hante were both surprised that he had extra food since nobody else had any, really. "Wow!!! that's great.!!!"
 All of them got up and ran over to Roronoa's house, the sun was still beating down, so they decided to stay inside for the day. Everybody in town hoped for it to rain soon, they would get there wish, but not as soon, and the way they thought.

Two Years Later

  • Location: San Augustine, Texas, Roronoa's House
  • Date: October 13, 1933
  • Time: 8:00 P.M.

15 year old Roronoa
15 year old Roronoa
A loud cheer came from with in the Sakamoto household. "Happy Birthday to YOU!!, Happy Birthday to YOU!! Happy Birthday dear Roronoa!!!!Happy Birthday to YOU!! WOOHOOO!!!" Yelled 
Hante 15 years old
Hante 15 years old
everybody. It was Roronoa's fifth teen birthday, he was happy, and everything was going great, and about to get better, it seemed like everybody forgot about the drought a the time. His mother baked him a cake, it was simple, not complex like the other she used to make. All of his friends were there, the ones that were still in town, and all the towns people. His best friends, Hante and Una had planned the whole thing for him. Everybody was having a good time. "Miss Sakamoto the food is delicious." said a towns person. Ms. Sakamoto smiled "Thanks." It was time for some cake. Ms. Sakamoto brought it out and put in front of Roronoa, then whispered in his ear 'Make a good wish son." Roronoa replied "I will mum." He toke a deep breathe and blew out the candles, and everybody cheered. "Hey 
Una 15 years old
Una 15 years old
Lancer(Roronoa's nickname) what did you wish for?" ask Una. "Sorry but I can't tell ya, ya know the rule." He smile deviously knowing she wanted to know badly. He had wished for the drought to end and for the town to become prosperous again. Una frowned since he wouldn't tell her"Awww" "GIFT TIME!!!!!" Somebody yelled. "Awesome" said Roronoa, he searched through the gifts to see what to open first. Just as he was about to grab one gift his father handed him another. :Found this one at the door son, don't know where our who it came from, why don't cha open this one first??" Roronoa thought about it " i think I'll save that for later, dad." His father placed it on the table "Ok son." After opening his presents and enjoying the time, everybody went home, except for Roronoa's friends. They went down to the canyon near their town. Roronoa brought the mysterious present his dad brought him to see what it was. "I wonder what's inside??" said Roronoa as he looked at the gift wrapped in a silver and golden foil. "I bet it has to be great!"said Una as she danced around.Hante looked at the gift also."Wonder if your dad said it was a mysterious present, just as a way of saying he got you something crappy." All three of them laughed. Both Una and Hante said "Aren't you gonna
New Clothes for Roronoa
New Clothes for Roronoa
 open it." Roronoa moving his towards the lid, "Ya, why not." Roronoa opened the package slowly, onnce he opened it a bright beam of light came out of the box and shot up towards the sky, lighting up the night. "What tha--" said everyone as they saw the beam of light. After the beam disappeared there was a note in the box and nothing else at the moment. Hante nodge Roronoa "Hey what those that say?" Roronoa picked up the note and began to read it. "Your wish has been granted young one, and another  two gift is given to thee and thee friends, you will see what it is, but you must keep it a secret." Roronoa was confused by what the note said, and so was his friends. The note disappeared, and a new pair of clothes appeared in it's place. "Whoa!!" said a surprised Roronoa. Una and Hante were surprised also. Una began to scratch her head" I wonder what the note meant by a gift for thee and thee friends." Hante looked at Una "Probably a bunch of Mubo Ju---" He was interrupted by the sound of thunder and a flash of lightning. Hante fail back"Dudes, was that what I thought it was??" His questioned, when a down pour of rain came. Una began to dance "RAIN, RAIN RAIN, RAIN!!!!!!!!!!" Roronoa began to smile to see that his wish came true, then whispered to himself "I guess wishes do come true." The three stayed at the canyon playing in the rain, until they got tired, then went home. Things were gonna change for the good, but not as the way the three thought.

Three Days Later After The Event........

  • Location: San Augustine Texas, Roronoa's Home
  • Date: October 16, 1933
  • Time: 11:30 A.M.

Things were getting better in town, it had been rain for the last day or two and the plants were coming back. Roronoa was sleeping in his room while it was raining. He snored loudly while lay half-way off his bed. A clap of thunder woke him up, and knocked him off his bed, causing to hit his desk on his way down. "Oww........Gotta get use too that again." Lugging himself off the floor, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He bed sheet stuck to him as he walked towards the the door. "What the--" he shook off the cover, but it came back again, he shook it off again, but it came back. "Get off!!!!" He threw it across the room, he ran towards the door, then slammed it closed before it could came back. "Talk about your static cling, ha ha." When he went into the bathroom the lights turned on themselves with out him touching them. "Weird.... I wonder if this is somebody's joke." After taking a shower and brushing his teeth, he went down for some breakfast. " Hey mum, what's for breaky." His mom was pulling out some biscuits from the oven. "Eggs and biscuits." then put them on the table. "Don't touch this pan it's hot." "Okay mum." Looking around to see where his father was, he accidently touched the pan, but didn't feel any heat or pain. Not knowing his hand was on the pan, he kept it there. "Hey mum, where dad?" " He's down by the lake to see how far it's filled up." "Okay mum." Roronoa finally noticed that he was touching the pan and yanked his hand away fast, but felt no heat or pain. "Weird...." Turning around to see what her son said. "What Roronoa??" "Ohhh nothing mum..." Roronoa began to remember what the note said in his birthday present, and wonder if this was his gift, and if his friend's, Una and Hante's, day was going like his..

Hours later.......

  • Location: San Augustine, Texas,Roronoa's house then,The Cave
  • Date: October 16, 1933
  • Time: 6:00 P.M.

After a delicious breakfast Roronoa headed up stairs to his room. I was still raining, and he liked that. He laid in his be and grabbed his headphones and cd player and began to listen to some music. He felt his cell phone ring in his pocket and he got it out. It was a text from Hante."Wonder what he sent me??" Roronoa questioned.
Here's what it said:
Hey Lance met me and Una at The Cave, we got something to show ya.

Roronao texted back "Be there soon." He took of his headphones and change his clothes. He grabbed a comb to comb his hair. As he was doing that he noticed a patch of his hair was a different color, it was neon green. "What tha..." he wondered if it was a joke by his parents or friends, so he toke some water and tried to wash it out, but it didn't. "I hope it's not permanent." Right before his eyes he watched the patch of neon green hair grow, changing his brown hair to neon green. "Better not let me mum see this." Knowing that it was going to be cold all day he grabbed one of his skull caps and put it on and made it downstairs and walked out the door."Going to see friends mom." he said. "Okay, and be safe." she said. "As always" he replied.

Later At The Cave...........

Roronoa made it to the cave, and walked inside. There was always a gush of bone chilling air when ever he entered so he prepared himself. The gush of wind hit him. but he didn't feel the cold air, he thought that was a bit weird. He continued to walk deeper into the cave shout, "Hey Una Hante?", he began to see that the cave walls were covered in ice. "It's still to warm for there to be ice in here." he said to himself.
Roronoa_Sakamoto Stats
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