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My anime/manga owned
I'm not a huge fan of anime and manga. But I do own a few. Here they are.
1. Akira

One of the first anime I ever bought on VHS. have since upgraded to the special edition DVD.

2. Angel Cop

Bought the collection on VHS from Media Play over a decade ago. Back then, I would buy anything, including the next few movies.

3. Angel of Darkness

Bought Angel of Darkness 1-4 from Media Play. Strange but tame tentacle hentai. I since upgraded 1 and 2 to the single DVD they came out on mainly to save space.

4. Naomi Armitage

I bought the VHS of Poly-Matrix first. Then bought the DVD of Poly-Matrix and Dual-Matrix to one get rid of the VHS and two to have the new movie.

5. Battle Angel

Bought this from Media Play way back when on VHS.

6. Battle Arena Toshinden

More of my Media Play anime purchases.

7. Black Magic M-66

Somewhere while buying these VHS movies I joined the Manga club and got their shirt. Never did anything with the club so I don't know why I joined.

8. Blood: The Last Vampire

This was bought on DVD. Very cool story.


I was ordering Urotsukidoji from Right Stuf since I had heard so much about it and they had a crazy deal with this and La Blue Girl and when added together the purchase made sense adding the Got Anime club because it paid itself off and got me free shipping.

10. Dangaioh

Part of my Media Play VHS purchases.

11. Devil Hunter Yohko

At first I bought the second VHS from Media Play. The DVD is both volumes and is smaller than the one VHS so it was a good deal.

12. Dirty Pair: Project Eden

Another Media Play VHS. I had read some of the Adam Warren comics so I wanted to see what the anime was like.

13. Fist of the North Star: The Movie

More of the Media Play VHS collection. I really want to buy more Fist of the North Star.

14. Ghost in the Shell

One of my earliest VHS purchases. I bought the special edition DVD as soon as it came out.

15. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

I have volume 6 and 7 of the DVDs purchased when Media play went out of business for 90% off.

16. Giant Robo

Bought the first volume on VHS in the late 90s.

17. Gunbuster

Another VHS purchase of the first volume.

18. The Guyver - Bio-Booster Armor

And another VHS copy of the first volume. One problem is it was hard to find later volumes of these series after the first in the store. I guess because more people are willing to buy first volumes.

19. Iria - Zeiram the Animation

Caught the first half of this on Sci-Fi back when they would do anime weeks. Missed the second half. Bought the first three episodes on VHS but still couldn't find the end. Finally found the whole series on DVD and was able to finish it and see the ending.

20. Junk Boy

Another VHS purchase from my teenage years. I cleaned out everything I could find at Media Play. At the time, Best Buy had a pathetic collection on anime and I didn't have a credit card at the time and was new to the Internet.

21. Key the Metal Idol

More of my VHS collection. I have slowly been converting to DVDs and Blu-Rays if I can.

22. Kimera

And yet another of my VHS movies. Most of these are dubbed as subbed were near impossible to find at the time.

23. La Blue Girl

Part of the deal I got and really, the weirder things get the more interesting I find them. And this is really weird.

24. Lady Blue

I had to know what happened next. Bought this while between college classes at an fye.

25. Macross II

I have the movie collection on, what else, VHS. I knew the history of Robotech vs Macross and bought this and the next VHS.

26. Macross Plus

The first VHS. I remember most of these VHS anime being good but it has been more than a decade and I was young and excited about these so who knows.


And more of my VHS collection.

28. My My Mai

I have two VHS volumes of this. Oh Media Play, how I miss you and your strange collection. You don't have the great stuff, but you have this.

29. Neon Genesis Evangelion

I have Platinum 05 and Director's Cut resurrection (episodes 18-23) on DVD bought when Media Play went out of business and everything was 90% off.

30. New Dominion Tank Police

Another VHS first volume from Media Play.

31. Ninja Resurrection: The Revenge of Jubei

This was not a sequel to Ninja Scroll, nor was it terrible. Another VHS purchase.

32. Ninja Scroll

Ultra violent and crazy, I bought this on VHS, and then made sure to upgrade to DVD when the 10th anniversary edition came out.

33. Orguss

Orguss 02 Volume 1 on VHS. Giant robots!

34. Outlanders

Another VHS.

35. Patlabor

The first two volumes on VHS. More giant robots.

36. Perfect Blue

From the pedigree to the reviews I went out and picked this up on VHS. Very well done movie. Definitely have been wanting to upgrade this.

37. Rei Rei

And another VHS from you know where.

38. Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

Bought this on VHS, then upgraded to DVD when Media Play shut down. Pretty good movie.

39. Maji de Otaku na English! Ribbon-chan: Eigo de Tatakau Maho Shojo the TV

Two volumes on VHS.

40. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Another VHS purchase. This I want to upgrade as I enjoyed it, but it has been a while so who knows if I watched it now.

41. Street Fighter II V

First VHS volume.

42. Tekken

Bought this on VHS as a fan of the Tekken series.

43. Tokyo Revelation

Another VHS purchase. I had a Media Play reward card and would get $5 coupons monthly from buying movies.

44. Twin Dolls

I have two volumes on VHS bought from the same place the majority of my VHS movies were bought at. I then have the first Twin Angels volume on DVD. At first, I thought it would be a replacement, since most places say they are aliases for each other. Twin Angels DVD was bought at fyi.

45. Urotsukidoji

This was the legend. So, I had to watch it at some point. This was the perfect collection.

46. Vampire Hunter D

Love this movie but I still only have it on VHS.

47. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Bought this one on DVD. Beautiful and a great story, I loved it.

48. Venus Five

Bought from fyi while between college classes.

49. Voltage Fighter Gowcaiser

Another VHS movie.

50. Wicked City

And yet another VHS movie.

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