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This guy dressed up as the Full Metal Alchemist and asked me out. Obviously I said yes. He's so awesome ^_^
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So, it was Friday night and my friend who we'll call Michelle and I had been invited to a party. Living in a small town where there isn't that much to do, these parties are pretty much the biggest/only thing to do for fun around here. Anyways, my friend and I went to the party that night, I left my house as an avid anime fan but returned loathing it for all the stigmas that come with being a fan of anime. 
Like most girls in high school I was infatuated with a boy. I mean it's only to be expected right? Really nothing out of the ordinary here. Luckily, or in hindsight, unluckily, he was at the party too. Let's call him Ash Whole for reasons of anonymity and reasons that will become clearer as I tell my story. Michelle, this guy she was interested in, Ash and I were sitting on a bed in one of the vacant rooms just shooting the shit. Michelle eventually went off with the guy she was with and there I was, alone with the boy I'd been having dreams about for the last 4 months.  
This was great I thought! The opportunity that I'd been waiting for, for so long. In an embarrassing attempt at small talk I asked him what he was into, even though I already knew, we knew each other pretty well since we had more than a few classes together. When he asked me what I liked I wish I had just kept my mouth shut or mentioned anything but what I actually ended up saying. I told him I was into....anime.  
He laughed, he thought I was joking. He thought that I was mocking the people that I consider myself to be a part of. I should have just left it at that and let him think that I *was* joking. Unfortunately, stupid 'ol me defended my interest in the medium. This lead to him staring at me with a look of bewilderment. An awkward silence and some small chat later, he said he had to go meet some friends. About a half hour later I saw him again downstairs making out with this girl from my Geo class on the couch.  
With Michelle still nowhere to be seen, I ended up walking for 35 minutes, alone, in the dark back to my house. I cried for a while and even ended up tearing to shreds some of my anime which I now fully regret. But I was obviously not thinking straight. I'm so embarrassed that  I let that douche bag get to me like that. 
Has anyone else had similar experiences or chose not to let people know about their hobbies, anime or otherwise in order to prevent things like this from happening?
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