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Battles » Laxus Dreyar & Black Beard VS. Jack Rakan

@paladin said:
@Rapest_of_super_heros: Rakan wins here, even if you were equalizing speed. Blackbeard's best destructive feat was for town level. And that attack was mostly AoE as the actual scale of destruction was considerably less. Laxus doesn't even approach city block level.  Now, we have Rakan as an opponent with casual mountain-busting power and durability. Hell, he also has a experience with gravity-based spells to nullify Blackbeard's attempts to reel him in with a "blackhole" and took many tense of thousands lightning attacks against Negi. Rakan can just sit down and have a picnic while his opponents are busy attacking him. Yeah, a stomp.
Don't forget that Blackbeard has also the Gura Gura no mi, a devil fruit power that can destroy islands with the right amount of force.
Post by Roldan (81 posts) See mini bio Level 7

General Discussion » What Show Should Tom Watch & Learn From Next?

I wanted to say Berserk but damnit, i just love Darker Than Black so i picked that one instead. Plus i know Funi's gonna release season 2 next year.
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