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I wonder if their will ever be a Yu-Gi-Oh! series without mystical powers involved to destroy/take over the world.
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Yo Anime Vice; as the title may suggest, I'm considering making an AMV, which anime may depend on what I already have in my files.
I did digital arts in College and know something of video editing and I made a video for my end of year showing off some of work.
Hopefully my taste in music will fit well with my taste in anime. I hope for your support and luck :3
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GOD (Haruhi) been a few months or something since I was last on here... but I didn't neglect my anime; got through 5 or 7 series... so its okay ;)
I'm gonna make more regular visits and updates; because I'm going uni soon and I probs won't have time for anime. But hopefully you guys can keep me up to speed and  make sure my anime head is on right :3
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Right I have had this talk a number of times. Dub or Sub? For those of you unaware of what this means;
Dubbed is when anime/movies/TV series been re-voiced into a different language.
Subbed (obviously) is when the original language remains and people in other countries require subtitles.
Personally I'm still conflicted; I enjoy Dub for convenience cause then I can do something else while watch it, however with the subtitles I can enjoy to the Japanese (or whatever language the media is in) how it was intended; unless they planned to release it in English, which is usually left to the 'dubbing company'.
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I've been playing the brilliant Bayonetta.
The epic battling of blasting, slashing and ultimate slaughter. I love the combo combinations :3
BUT! with great things comes a price... unfortunately these things actually make the downfall of this game.
"Oh yeh, killing shit. Woooo!"
*Battle ends, Battle rated*
"Wah?! I wanna continue playing, only Silver?... Lame..."
*Gamer's Buzz killed by 'Rating Skill'*
Lets not forget the reaction commands during the cutscenes...
Am i just watching or am I playing; please Sega tell me!?
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Finally back into Pokémon been playing a fair bit over the past 2 weeks
Must get 4th gym badge by Sunday; I want to get an Umbreon tonight, so it can kick some serious Ghost-Pokémon ass!
I remember most of the Party I had from Gold:
Typhlosion, Ampharos, Jumpluff, Noctowl... and I can't remember the other 2 D:
I know for HeartGold I will have a Party with Typhlosion and Ampharos :3 

After playing HeartGold; I realised I had missed some awesome events over the past few months... 
I was wondering if there were any applications or websites that regularly inform us about Pokémon updates and events...
Any ideas/advice?
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