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It's the Times, so the article might disappear behind their suscription paywall at some point, but the link above works for now.  Here's the first paragraph:

Nisan didn’t mean to fall in love with Nemutan. Their first encounter — at a comic-book convention that Nisan’s gaming friends dragged him to in Tokyo — was serendipitous. Nisan was wandering aimlessly around the crowded exhibition hall when he suddenly found himself staring into Nemutan’s bright blue eyes. In the beginning, they were just friends. Then, when Nisan got his driver’s license a few months later, he invited Nemutan for a ride around town in his beat-up Toyota. They went to a beach, not far from the home he shares with his parents in a suburb of Tokyo. It was the first of many road trips they would take together. As they got to know each other, they traveled hundreds of miles west — to Kyoto, Osaka and Nara, sleeping in his car or crashing on friends’ couches to save money. They took touristy pictures under cherry trees, frolicked like children on merry-go-rounds and slurped noodles on street corners. Now, after three years together, they are virtually inseparable. “I’ve experienced so many amazing things because of her,” Nisan told me, rubbing Nemutan’s leg warmly. “She has really changed my life.”

The piece was written by Lisa Katayama, who also writes the TokyoMango blog:

visit Lisa's blog to see a photo of the happy, um, couple.
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Not a whole heck of a lot of manga here, as posted, but you can follow the links to the full posting (500 titles) if you're interested.  Of note to the fan base (here) is the performance of manga in the series Top 10, and the publishers' scorecard.

I know this is 4 weeks late.  I'm playing catch up, and will be posting every-other-day or so until the charts are current.

I’m concentrating on one problem at a time; first up is the new ‘main’ chart, the graphic novel ranking. You’ll be receiving these emails every other day or so for the next week as I continue to process data for the month of July. As soon as I’m caught up and have finished updating publishing information for all titles, I’ll go back and pull the manga volumes for the separate manga charts.


last posted rankings, week of 17 May
About the Charts
Analysis and Commentary Posts

The Weekly Charts:
Your Executive Summary and Index
Week ending 5 July 2009
Comics Top 500

1. ↔0 (1) : Watchmen – DC Vertigo, [852.8] ::
2. ↑3 (5) : V for Vendetta – DC Vertigo, [744.6] ::
3. ↑5 (8) : Dark Tower 3 – Marvel, [726.7] ::
4. ↑283 (287) : Final Crisis – DC, [717] ::
5. ↓-2 (3) : Batman The Killing Joke – DC, [715.1] ::
6. ↑8 (14) : Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight 4 – Dark Horse, [706] ::
7. ↓-3 (4) : Batman The Dark Knight Returns – DC, [689.5] ::
8. ↑17 (25) : Maximum Ride 1 – Yen Press, [681] ::
9. ↑22 (31) : Batman RIP – DC, [670.6] ::
10. ↓-3 (7) : Star Trek Countdown – IDW, [655.9] ::


Top 50 Series:

1. ↔0 (1) : Naruto – Viz Shonen Jump, [2001.7] ::
2. ↔0 (2) : Batman – , [1872.5] ::
3. ↔0 (3) : Sandman – , [1409] ::
4. ↑9 (13) : Bleach – Viz Shonen Jump, [1287.8] ::
5. ↑4 (9) : Buffy the Vampire Slayer – , [1277.5] ::
6. ↔0 (6) : Y The Last Man – , [1229.9] ::
7. ↑1 (8) : Dark Tower – , [1220.3] ::
8. ↓-1 (7) : Fruits Basket – Tokyopop, [1148.8] ::
9. ↓-4 (5) : Bone – , [1056.5] ::
10. ↔0 (10) : League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – , [1048.3] ::


Top Publishers
Number of titles ranking in the Comic 500:

Viz Shonen Jump 61
DC Vertigo 42
DC 35
Tokyopop 33
Marvel 32
Viz Shonen Jump Advanced 29
Viz Shojo Beat 26
Del Rey 23
Dark Horse 23
Yen Press 14


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From Paul Tassi posting at Unreality Magazine [found via Lea at BoingBoing Gadgets, who put it up as the single line "Why you should never dare the Internet to surprise you"] I am both proud [and sick] to make available to you:

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"My God, I'm surrounded by kids"

That was my first thought as I scanned the bridge.  So, this is my crew.  Not a one of them was older than 20.  Hell, these pups weren't even born yet when I cleared the academy and got my first commission.  

It was bad enough, losing the Sunrise Horizon, and two ranks (how was I supposed to know she was the Admiral's daughter?) but to then be busted down to a patrol ship, a Snooker-class Imperial Rocket Bomber, and left in a backwater system to babysit a bunch of raw recruits -- not even academy grads, yet, and some of them might never be accepted there.  If we survive.

"Captain Blind, sir?"

I'm guessing she's my first officer then.  

"not a captain"  I mumbled, voice still a little raw from last night's bourbon.  I cleared my throat.  "I'm not a captain anymore," I said, as I tugged my collar, to show off the small orb, and two star emblems.  "They took my starburst.  The rank is lieutenant commander; you kids can call me _Commander_ Blind, or skipper."

I cringed a bit inside.  I'd slipped up, actually called them kids.

No one seemed offended though.  That goofy looking bastard at the pilots station is even grinning back at me.

"OK, Skipper!  What's our heading?"

I ignored him, and turned to my first:  "Lieutenant, set a course for the dark side of the third moon.  We're going to hang out in the shadows for a bit until my head feels better."

I went over to my station, and settled in to the rather worn leather chair.  I pulled an old Benton pipe out of my pocket and clamped it between my teeth, while settling my uniform cap a bit lower over my eyes.

"Some tea would be excellent. Does anyone know if we have black current tea on this bucket?  That, and a painkiller.  Lieutenant, scare up an ensign or a JG who can make that happen for us."  Leering a bit from under the brim of my cap, I added, "and pull up a chair, miss; we haven't properly been introduced."
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I am Bender Bending Rodríguez,

Bending unit 22, Hecho en Mexico, And You Can Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!

AirBender must be that prototype from my Nike contract that went south after they found out I was using antigravity to cheat.
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