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TV Economics 101: Why you can't watch every program for free
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In response to IGN's list of the top 25 characters, as reported by God Len
Yeah, IGN sucks.  Their methods, while not mentioned, are frankly crap.  Likely just a one-off opinion poll with a sample size that doesn't even approach statistical significance, even among the fanish minority. 

In the comments I made noises about running our own tournament.  Now, I have the math: 
An Ultimate Character Tourney should consist of a nomination-and-voting-phase to determine groups and seeds, followed by a modified Swiss System tournament with a special 'three-strikes' rule -- this could accomodate any number of contestants without the need for a binary bracket system and would minimize the number of necessary rounds.  
(the three-strikes rule is my improvisation, but from the name I think you can guess how it would work)  

Problem solved.  Now I can stop thinking about it.
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Here you go:  rename her as favicon.ico and place her in the appropriate directory.  It's a small thing, but it's been bugging me. 
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Cribbed from Danny Choo, an insightful 25min. look into the biggest issue that faces 21st Century Japan -- the lack of Japanese issue: 
From 128 Million down to 44 Million in just a century?  We should hope that Animation firms do more than subcontract work out to Korea and China:  maybe they can also teach the art of manga and anime to the rest of Asia (& maybe even otaku in the States) 
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Fabulous science, on the very cutting edge, showing just a few applications of the latest in electroactive polymers ("artificial muscle") 
So, um, what does one do with all this fancy electronics?  You make the world's creepiest full body pillow. 
Just a prototype, and not for sale, and [*shudder*] 
... but imagine this monster with a pillow-case featuring the character of your choice on it.   (Available on J-list, by say, 2012 or so)
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The only thing he missed is some JoCo. 
[also, a couple F-Bombs -- take due care at work]

Spoiler: He ends with the Power Rangers. 
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