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TV Economics 101: Why you can't watch every program for free
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granted, this past holiday I enjoyed Turkey, stuffing, 'taters, squash, and other fine comestibles with the family, but to answer the question of the week: 
I think we should start with flayed and grilled Rattata (with garlic & basil) on crackers as an appetizer, followed by a salad of Chikorita with leaves of Cherrim and Bellossom.
The main course should consist of three dishes:   stuffed and baked Pidgeot, smoked haunch of Trapinch, and of course the centerpiece dish:  roast Pikachu. 

...with sides of roasted Bulbasaur (with rosemary and thyme, drizzled with olive oil), mock Squirtle soup, and shaved slices of Snorax and Gloom on top of sauteed Scyther.
And a choice of special deserts: either a combination of baked Froslass and Charizard under a flaky pastry crust, or marshmallows and fruit bits suspended in Jiggypuff.  
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" anime shall escape my sight
Let those who question manga's might,
Beware my power... Nekomimi's light!"

Screw fear, hate, greed, or will:  the Nekomimi Ring is fuelled by the burning emotion of Moë!
...and it doubles as a bottle opener.
DC offers cheap plastic as a give-away  -- the nekomimi ring is stainless steel and it'll set you back a Hamilton, but isn't your dedication to cat-ears (and beer) worth 10 bucks?   available for $7.99 (plus shipping) from Think Geek.
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...a fact most film & tv producers have long since forgotten, if they ever knew it at all.
Are good anime/manga adaptations Possible?  Yes. 
Historically, tho?  Fail, fail, fail.
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To all the dreamers.
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Well, it only half sucks, as there are still 10 whole minutes of the Shugo Chara we're used to, in there somewhere 
But there is an awful lot of live action and cheap flash animation crap that has been loaded onto what used to be a solid storyline.  Am I the only fan who hates this new season?  (yeah, I know, I hate it but I'm still watching -- 10 mins. a week is better than nothing)
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