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TV Economics 101: Why you can't watch every program for free
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But which one of you bastards beat me to the complete God of Manga Set? 
I'll have you know I was at work and could only do so much during my dinner break... 
Bah!  [*shakes fist*]
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"Using the power of the Internet, American Cosplay Trap is dedicated to helping you identify the gender of any given cosplayer, and thus avoid potentially awkward social interactions. No shirt will be left unbuttoned, no skirt unflipped - ACT will make sure that you know whether that Haruhi Suzumiya cosplayer is happy to see you..." 
Their banner features a chibi Akbar as mascot. :)
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just putting this here in case I misplace the link again:  
--surprised it isn't on the main page or somewhere else handy 
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Evening, 'Vice.
I now have a $250 gift card for an appropriate retailer.  Looking at maybe buying a Nintendo DS.   
 Here's a (two part) question for the community: 
Part 1: New DSi or used/refurbished DS Lite? 
Part 2: Which three games for the DS to buy first? 
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I know @John_Martone was pulling for a Shonen Action Valentine's (& I thought also of compiling a 80's rock/metal AMV list) but decided instead to go with my one true love: 
I love you, Beer.  You've never let me down.  Never change, Beer.  Stay by my side... forever.  I'll always be there for you, Beer, just like you've always been there for me. 
OK, so maybe a couple of love-themed AMVs would be appropriate for Valentines: 
Special Bonus --  
    Not an AMV, just my theme song:
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