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Battles » Kenpachi & Mount Turtle vs Madara & Obito

@taichokage: Agreed. However that still leaves the conundrum of Zanpakuto vs Matter Disintegration Truth Seeking Balls. I assume universe equivolancy would be in Juubito's favor, but it's still unclear.

@SepHIIIrotH said:

@Low: it doesn't have to exhibit anything on that level. Godou dama simply doesn't work the way you think it does, it attacks the atoms,sure. but it doesn't ignore durability. it can't affect someone with galaxy level durability (random example) because it hasn't shown something on that level,and it can't affect someone with continent level durability because it hasn't shown something on that level :T

It would definitely affect Mt. Turtle, it'd just take a hell of a long time to dig through it's epidermal layers to reach any vital parts.

Unless, however, they go straight for the brain and eyes, which is possible due to the Balls ability to rapidly expand in size.

@BlackRockShooter said:

Madara and Obito wins, they would catch both team one in a infinite genjutsu, rendering them useless. Also susanoo blitz would easily destroy both. And I am pretty sure Madara would take out Mount turtle with two meteors or more.

No. It will not be a stomp for any side. At all. Read my previous post for my reason why.

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Battles » Kenpachi & Mount Turtle vs Madara & Obito

@taichokage: Do remember that they can expand the size of the orbs to an extreme (can't find the chapter though).

I assume the battle will go similar to this:

  • Juubito vs Kenpachi - Could go either way really. Juubito definitely has the speed, regeneration, and variety advantage though Kenpachi has strength in his favor. Would his Zanpakuto be susceptible to Matter Annihilation? Depends on whether or not we assume universe equality, though Juubito could go the safe route and just Bijuu bomb/laser him from a distance.
  • Madara vs Mt. Turtle - Hoo boy. It's been a while since I read Toriko but size is both and advantage and disadvantage in Madara's favor. Advantage because he could remain relatively unnoticeable to Mt. Turtle while he attacks. The disadvantage is that Mt. Turtle is fucking huge. Seriously, Juubi is puny compared to it. However, there are a number of ways to attack Mt. T with varing degrees of effectiveness. Bijuu bombs/lasers wouldn't be very effective unless spammed into it's eyeballs (eeew), the Shadows have been shown to knock back Bijuu so they could disorient it for a bit, and the same could be said for Shinra Tensei. The Truth Seeking Orbs and Sealing are his most potent weapons in his arsenal: TSB can go through anything that isn't nature chakra enforced and though it can only go a limited distance, it can expand to a ludicrous size to make up for the gap in length. Aim that at the brain and bam! Comatose Mt. T (Maybe)

Not going into sealing, because that shit be complicated, but this fight is relatively close one. IMO it depends on Kenpachi vs Juubito because Madara is going to have a hell of a time dealing with Mt. Turtle by himself.

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Battles » Gremmy Thoumeaux vs Juubi

I'm not entirely convinced that Gremmy could actually kill the Juubi. Shoving it's own attack and then some into its stomache did nothing more than give it a massive tummy ache.

Gremmy would be a bitch to handle, even for the Juubi, as his reality warping is rather hax.

However, the only times we've seen him directly influence someone's body with his powers was A.) By hand, and B.) His own creation. His regeneration has an obvious limit, while Juubi's is pretty insane, and while the Meteor would do some damage, the Juubi can either (maybe) destroy enough of it to keep the damage to a minimum or kill Gremmy with a Bijuu Beam or Tenpachii before reforming after the meteor.

I say we wait till we see Gremmy's Volstag before further discussion.

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Battles » Six paths of Pein vs Guy

Pein wins this unless Guy goes straight to 8 Gates. Everyone misinterprets the scene where Guy doesn't land a hit on Madara as "Oh wow he's keeping up with him!", when in fact Madara didn't get hit once and easily pushed back Daytime Tiger. Cloak Naruto and Rikoudo Naruto are easily faster than anything lower the 8 Gates Guy, and the Pein's were capable of reacting to his Rasenshuriken multiple times.

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Battles » Toriko vs Karate Kid

Minor point: That's damn impressive that Karate Kid was able to tear apart Bat's bullet proof costume with his bare hands, while dying from a disease.

Toriko still wins though.

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Battles » Toriko vs Zarbon

@taichokage: Indeed. It's infuriating because characters get amazing feats in the beginning only for later feats to horribly contradictory. Classic example: Goku only lifting 40 tons, but is capable of moving around in 100x gravity hundreds of chapters before. I believe that if the characters show a feat before hand, (i.e. 100x gravity), but is contradicted later, (40 tons), we should go with the previous feat unless explained in the story or by word of god.

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Battles » Toriko vs Zarbon

@SMXLR8: I don't believe that is a fair generalization to make. I've seen Toriko fans claim that Toriko can kill Hulk, Frieza, and Superman with Conduct of the King. I've seen Bleach fans claim that Chad can beat Juggernaut in a arm wrestling contest. I've seen One Piece fans claim that Luffy can't be killed by any physical means (which is false since if he was crushed under something he cannot move, he'd likely choke to death and has been shown being hurt by significant amounts of force). I've seen Naruto fans who claim Bijuu damas can destroy the moon.

It is wrong to stereotype one set of fans just because you happen to dislike their base of affection. Please refrain from doing so as it will help make Animevice a better place.

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Battles » Toriko vs Zarbon

@othus12: What I'm trying to explain is that you can't disregard entire training scenes where it shows him moving in 100x gravity as if it was nothing. Ki, like you and I both agree, is a force multiplier, think of it as a natural Iron Man Armour. They enhance their bodies with Ki to increase all physical aspects of themselves and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous and borderline ignorant.

Edit: I don't know who would win the fight, I'm just trying to dissuade the notion that Ki does not affect lifting abilities. Plus what does Sani have to do with the fight?

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Battles » Toriko vs Zarbon

@othus12 said:

@Polpo: no he is not too weak for zarbon. its the other way around. at least on muscle power. goku trains with 10 tons. toriko has feats that are above the trillion tons.


Even with simple power scaling planet level Vegeta is logical since BoZ Piccolo casually vaped the moon.

at the same time frieza final form failed to bust namek in one go. have you seen my thread "should power levels be used for powerscailing?"

i know frieza held back. however frieza even at 10% is massively stronger than vegeta scouter (PL wise). i doubt that frieza used a 10th of his power considering the massive deathball he created.

either the powerscale got broken or the moon busting was PIS. feel free to choose one.

That would mean that Spider-man is stronger than Goku. Regardless of what people claim Goku has great lifting strength. Goku trains in 100x Earth gravity, and is able to move as fast as he can on Earth. I think there was even a scan where he throws a ball in 100x and catches it himself. Not to mention that this is beginning base Namek Saga Goku, who becomes even stronger mid-arc.

DBZ universe fighters have a physical limit, where pure muscle won't cut it. That's when they use Ki as a force multiplier to increase their strength, speed, and durability. This works in a passive and aggressive manner. An example of a passive increase, is when Roshi and Goku are both bullet proof due to their Ki passively increasing their durability. An aggressive form is what is most seen, Ki blasts, re-enforcing body parts for extra durability ect.

I don't know who'd win, but don't believe in such illogical notions when there is evidence that shows that it is contradictory.

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Battles » Leaf Ninja vs Avengers

@Dream: Oh sure they've been on the same team, but they hardly have the same degree of trust that the Leaf Ninja do. The Ninja can use their abilities to work off each other, while superheroes just kinda of do their own thing even when on the same team (Unless it's Fantastic Four, those guys know how to compliment each others powers).

Captain America will try to lead the team like a soldier, but both Spidey and Fist really don't like authority figures (although Spidey does respect cap greatly, Fist is a loose cannon though). Also in character, they are fighting children which will definitely affect their performance when fighting and possibly make them try to hold back. That is a bad idea when it comes to Ninja, especially ones who have been soldiers their entire lives.

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Battles » Koinzell vs Kenshin Himuran (Ubel Blatt vs Rurouni Kenshin)



  1. No black wing blades or Fairy Form for Koinzell, only swordsmanship
  2. Morals on for both characters
  3. Fight takes place on a full moon


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Battles » Leaf Ninja vs Avengers

Assuming the fight matches up with the pictures: Neji vs Spidey, Cap vs Kiba (no akumaru?), and Choji vs Iron Fist.

  1. N vs S- This ones tricky, because I'm not sure if Neji is fast enough to tag spiderman but I'm reasonably sure that he has the reflexes to protect himself. Long term = Spidey, Short term = Maybe Neji
  2. C vs K- Kiba. Faster, most likely stronger and assuming they have standard equipment can use his soldier pills
  3. I vs C- Choji. Just all round better than iron fist

If they were to work as a team then it'd be an obvious stomp in Ninja favor. Superheroes rarely get along and mostly prefer their own one on one battles, but with Neji there, the ninja have a much better team dynamic.

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Battles » Uchihas vs Avengers

Yeah what said, the Uchiha's are stat wise superhuman in every physical aspect. Danny and Spidey would be trouble but Cap is a much lesser threat besides experience.

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Battles » Hulk vs Z Warriors

@taichokage: @The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk:

I used the picture of the Marvel NOW Hulk since I'm enjoying his series so far, so I guess that one from the 616 universe. (Just started last week)

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Battles » Hulk vs Z Warriors

Hulk is on a rampage to West City! It's up to the Z Warriors to stop him or at least slow him down for an hour so that the citizens can evacuate! Unfortunately Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan are on Planet Namek for a vacation! Can the lesser known Warriors save the city?!


  1. Round 1- Krillin, Tien, Chaotzu, Yamncha, and Master Roshi vs Hulk; Z warriors at 100% strongest, Hulk just transformed, No PIS/CIS, Morals On
  2. Round 2- SAME AS ABOVE except replace Roshi with 18
  3. Round 3 - SAME AS ABOVE except the Z Warriors have Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks (NO FUSION)
  5. Victory by either KO or preventing Hulk from reaching the City
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Battles » Kenichi Shirahama vs The Bat Family


ROUND 1: Kenichi vs The Bat Family, no armour, in character, no Batgirl, no gadgets, H2H

ROUND 2: Same as Round 1, except Batgirl is fighting as well

ROUND 3: Suits allowed for the Bat-Family, same as Round 2, NO GADGETS

ROUND 4: Morals off for everybody, suits allowed, as well as standard equipment (Nightwings tonfas, Damiens pole, NORMAL BATARANGS), NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT (I.E. cryopellets, electric tazers, etc.)

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Battles » Sasuke Vs Rob Lucci

Round 1.) I'm not sure Lucci is fast enough. I mean he is faster, but I don't think it's enough to matter. And we are assuming that he knows how to escape from a genjutsu ( he could but still, it a major edge in sasukes favor), plus Sasuke has a ton of tricks up his sleeve that could really hamper Rob (i.e. touching Sasuke = automatic tazing). However Rob is without a doubt physically superior to Sasuke and if he get's in close enough before Sasuke can copy his moves with his Sharingan, he could win.

I'd say Rob 6/10 because at this point Sasuke didn't fight to the death and that's a major disadvantage for him.

Round 2.) Kirin and all of his Lightning Jutsus and a few Fire Jutsus are the game changer here. Curse Seal should propel them to equal stats more or less and those hand/wing things offer a great deal of protection. No holding back, sasuke uses his summons, genjutsu's, that massive shuriken barrage, and that chidori blade. Rob's not going without a fight however, but most of his abilities require him to get up close and he's not nearly as fast as lightning so kirin is definitely a deal breaker.

I'd say Sasuke 6/10 due to more variety and enhanced abilities (Also can't play down that sharingan)

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Battles » Johann Faust VIII vs Kabuto Yakushi

Round 1.) I almost gave it to Faust because of the numerical advantage, but then I remembered that Kabuto can summon a giant snake much bigger than that of Faust's skeletons. I'm leaning towards Kabuto if he could get up close

Round 2.) IDK about Faust but Kabuto was pretty powerful, easily one of the most powerful, but again I'm unsure of EOS Faust's abilities

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Battles » Soifon vs Mercenary Tao

Wait in this battle is ki and spiritual pressure the same? Because if it is then that could possibly change the battle quickly.

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