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Today's series that I'll be featuring is going to be: Blue Exorcist [Ao No Exorcist]

Now while it is true that this series has become quite popular, I 'discovered' it, or at least about it when it wasn't as popular as it is now, at least in the western world. It hasn't reached a level of fame similar to Naruto/Bleach/One Piece but it is a Manga that has just as much potential to reach it as the others at least in my opinion.

1. The World

The factor that turns Blue Exorcist so much like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece in terms of potential is the living and breathing world that we get to see. Maybe it isn't nearly as good as the one that Naruto and One Piece have explored, but we have to remember that this series is relatively new and thus hasn't reached a level where it can show us the World which has been created as much as the other series. In any case, I believe in the least that in terms of what has been created the series manages to reach a level that is similar to Bleach in terms of the world that is created. Just like Bleach, One Piece and Naruto, the world that is created in Blue Exorcist manages to do two things really well: It introduces us to the "Powers" and the "Warrior-Type" really well.

What I mean by this is that it introduces the poweres used in the series, which is Exorcism in particular for this series, just like its Ninjitsu in Naruto and Zanpaktos in Bleach. It also has a lot of potential in this department in developing each of the 5 roles that have been introduced and the rank within them. Also, by saying Warrior type, I just mean the world of Exorcists and Pirates and Ninjas and Crazy Samurai people from Heaven.

2. The Story Arcs

There is no one story arc that makes you look at this manga and say OMG, that was amazing, just quite like one would do if they were to read, say, Death Note. But regardless, it is pretty good pacing that makes this Manga what it is. It has some two generic, but still interesting protagonists and its these protagonists as well as the relationship that these two has that makes this book go around as much as it does. The two characters are actually twin brothers and it is this relationship that causes both of them to have different chips on their shoulder. Eventually, other characters are introduced into the main "team" of heroes, but they aren't nearly as good as these two main characters, with maybe the exception being of the Black Haired/Blonde dude, whose name I forget. Still, the Story arcs are solid and the pacing goes very well, with the "big reveal" that happens playing out in the worst case scenario but still making the series take a turn for the interesting, though it is slowly losing some of its steam.

3. The Art

This book has some of the best art around, really. I mean, if you like Shonen manga, I can't think of honestly one series that I can look at and say, this series definitely has better arc the Blue Exorcist. Not that the art is a selling point, its pretty much generic shonen arc, just what you'd expect.

4. Manga VS Anime

I've personally only read the manga, I've seen a few episodes, but the manga is where it was at for me. However, I've heard that the Anime takes a compeltely different approach to the Story, so the Anime is something which is attracting me to watch, specially considering how it is finite and has ended its airing in Japan, though it does have an OVA coming out.

5. Final Thoughts

This is definitely one series to look out for, it has a real breathing world and the two main characters make it so much more interesting. Specially considering how they aren't regular exorcists. Without spoiling anything, the two characters don't have it nearly as easy for them as they could, they have to deal with a huge secret that has to do with the older (and less mature) of the sibilings, while the Younger brother feels guilty about his brother having to take on this problem all by himself.

It a pretty good series and even though its quite young I see a lot of potential within it.

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