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Blue characters

A list of characters (or teams, or if unavailable, even media) with blue skin. Characters with blue clothing or blue powers aren't listed. The list is sorted alphabetically.


Because blue is a great colour.

As of 2010-07-03 I just started this list, so it's not exactly complete. Feel free to suggest characters I missed, or to point out any mistakes I made.

2. Avo
3. Baby
4. Blue Dragon
5. Burter
6. Bluestreak
7. Blurr
8. Cheese
9. Chromia
10. Brock's Croagunk
12. Doraemon
13. Tatsuko Gakumazawa
14. General Rilldo
15. Genie
18. Happy
19. Ioryogi
23. Liu Xing Long
25. Manaphy
27. May's Munchlax
28. Noble/Savage
29. Nola
31. Dawn's Piplup
32. Phoenix
33. Princess Snake
34. Puar
35. Regice
38. Skids
40. Soundwave
41. Sonic the Hedgehog
42. Stitch
43. Suicune
45. Ultra Magnus
47. Veemon
48. Jessie's Wobbuffet
49. Zunama
50. Ulysses 31

Added the series since the characters don't currently have their own pages.

bulbaman1on Sept. 7, 2010 at 7:48 p.m.
Your gonna list all of the blue characters on here? Your gonna be working for a while.
Retodon8on Nov. 14, 2010 at 4:54 p.m.
To be honest I don't really have any idea how many blue Anime characters there might be.
I wanted to create a decent-sized list (it being a quest requirement being one of the reasons), and figured I'd just start and see where I'd end up. :)
If people don't suggest any characters it won't be that much work, since I'm not familiar with a whole lot of anime myself, so the list is actually stagnating.

I only noticed I received a comment just now, so sorry for the slow reply.
EganTheVile1on Sept. 16, 2011 at 3:08 p.m.

Hmmm... some of the Drule would fit on this list like Zarkon, Merla, Cossack, Throk, Haggar, Yurak, Mogor, Carp and Lotor... Of course in the modern series the drule have all seemed to be retconned with purple skin more resembling the Dairugger (Vehicle Voltron) look, so I guess it is a coin toss.

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