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I reached the Number 1 Submission spot this morning after some epic submitting. I think my fingers are bleeding internally right now, and Im gonna go take a break

Before you guys dont believe me, I'll just share my screen shot of undeniable proof with you !:D

Though Id like to say that Im not here for points, just to fill out the characters I like. Sure, being #1 is an added bonus to all this, but thats not what this is about for me. On ComicVine a year or so ago, I would have thought I was crazy for saying what I just did, but now, it's so much more fun to look at things in more of a team work way than a competition way. Im still not even close to finished with half of what I plan on doing, so expect me to be around for a while here, hahaha

Im fairly positive mods are glad I have Instant Editing, or Id pwn their computer with the amount of stuff I send in every once in a while ;D

I actually didnt even notice until Atsuma_Akubara PMed me with a congrats, so I figured that before no one else noticed and I lost the spot Id tell you all, hahaha xD

I <3 You guys, and I love the site too

Thanks Gia and Maxwell so much, and any of the other admin who busted their asses to get the site up whom I dont know :D

Three Cheers for me!!!! : O
Three Cheers for me!!!! : O
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