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*If anyone didn't know, I'm sincerely in love with the anime character commonly know as Lucy from Elfen lied*

Recently, one of my friends asked me "How can you be in love with someone as evil as Lucy?"
It's a fair enough question, even by my standards many of her killings are unjustified.
But it's not about me believing that what she does it right, but rather understanding how she got there.
Imagine your born into a world populated by monsters. These monsters see that your different, and because of it, do everything in their power to make you suffer.
They beat you and insult you until the point that you stop caring, and when they realize they can’t get to you, they go after the people that you love. Imagine having your only friend beat to death in front of you, and then realizing that the people who did it, did it to hurt you.
Then in your moment of greatest darkness, an angel whispers in your ear. “I can make the pain go away. I can make it so that these people can never hurt you again. I can help you create a world where your surrounded by people like yourself.” How many of us would refuse that offer? How could Lucy feel any sympathy for the creatures who treated her like an animal? How many of us could truly blame her for slaying her monsters?
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