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Rein's 10 Favorite Anime Characters.
Now, this is based on pure personal preference. If you disagree with my choices... Too Bad.
1. Lucy

This may be a surprise to some of you, but my fanatical obsession with Lucy was not love at first sight. I always thought she was a bad ass, The opening scene of Elfen Lied is one of the crowning moments of awesome in anime. That being said, i didn't begin to have strong feelings for her until her orphanage scene. No spoilers of course, but my heart broke when i watched that. Then I looked at lucy's past actions with the knowledge i had acquired and came to an epiphany about why Kaede is who she is. The mixture of feelings i had, Empathy, Pity and awe culminated in the bond i have with this character.

2. Kazuki Shikimori

The Reason i like Kazuki is pretty simple. He is me. I'm pretty sure the Mangeka met me once, said "I'm going to make this kid into an anime character" and the series was born. Every single time that i said "If i was in this situation i would do X" Kazuki would do it about 10 seconds later. I don't think i ever related to an anime character as much as i do Kazuki Shikimori and i doubt i ever will.

3. Kei Kurono

Kei represents the cynical little part of us that we keep locked deep inside. His thoughts during the opening of the series while dark, are for the most part true. I'm sure not many people would admit to this, but who hasn't had thoughts like "Even if that guy lives to 100 he'll never do anything important" or "why should i risk my life for some homeless man nobody probably cares about" It was also cool to see him change from whiny little punk to Badass killing Machine.

4. Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsuna Represents the ultimate underdog story. A kid whom even his mother calls "No good Tsuna" he was bad at pretty much everything. When Reborn came around all that changed. The first time he shot him in the head, his badass was sealed. How many people would have the balls to rip of their clothes, go screaming through town butt naked and then confess to the girl they've had a crush on since they were a little kid, and actually get it in?

5. Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke was badass incarnate for me when i was a little kid. I even quoted Yusuke to my principal once "Stop talking it makes you sound stupid" (I didn't think that one through enough)

6. Eikichi Onizuka

Every single episode of GTO gave me the tingly feeling in my chest that i now associat with awesome. Jumping out of a window to save a student? Taking a sledge hammer to a girls wall so she could talk to her parents? Jumping a broken bridge on his bike to teach a girl that she really wants to live? His actions may not have been well thought out but they certainly came from the heart.

7. Gohan

I think the reason I like Gohan so much is because i got to see him grow up. I Saw Gohan progress from sheltered little boy, to cocky teenager and finally become the most powerful being in the universe. Although his personality changed, he never lost his most defining trait, his kindness toward every living being in the universe.

8. Tsukune Aono

My favorite Genre of anime is Harem. That fact is important to why Tsukune is on my top 10 list because of what he represents. Tsukune was the first male protagonist who actually deserved his harem.

9. Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell

What's more cool then a dominatrix vampire? A loli dominatrix vampire! This is one of the characters who i just like for the cool factor. If i ever fall into Negima, I'm definitely looking Evangeline up to be my "Master"

10. Ban Mido

Just another cool factor character. I don't really have much to say with ban other then he is awesome.

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