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Take the One Piece: Which Pirate Are You?

Your Results:

Marshall D. Teach 100%
You are perhaps the only one in the One Piece franchise that actually looks like a pirate; so celebrate the fact that you are of 100% of true pirate blood. Nothing will stand in the way of your dream, no matter how crooked it might be.
You are God, congratulations. Turn off your computer and go to sleep, you've done enough today.
Krieg Don
So you like to poison your own crew members, and attack floating restaurants at sea; big man on campus. Though on the plus side you do have awesome golden armor and a fleet of battle ships.
You are a freaken cyborg who runs off cola, what more needs to be said? Not only can you build a pirate ship, but you can build an armada of ships only using junk in a junk yard. And your forearms are humongous! Get a girlfriend!
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Just to be clear, I'm doing this for the quest. (For the battle i am using post crisis superman and ss3 goku)
Now, This battle has caused a good deal of Debate among both fan bases. Both Have certain advantages and weakness that the other characters could exploit.
(since goku's speed is in question, i am = the speed for this battle.) 

Goku's advantages

  1. Due to Instant transmission, Goku is able to Teleport anywhere in the universe so long as he has been to that area before or can sense it.
  2. Goku has energy attacks that range from Planet - solar system.
  3. goku is well adjusted to fighting at FTS speeds

Goku's disadvantages

  1.  Goku has never shown Physical strength Putting him in superman's tier.
  2. Most of goku's more powerful energy attacks Require time to charge
  3. Goku, like most DBZ characters appears to have low durability. 
  4. SS3 eats up A lot of energy so he can't use it for very long.

Superman's advantages

  1. Superman has a massive strength advantage over Goku
  2. Superman has shown flight speeds breaking the light barrier
  3. A high level of durability.
  4. Fast reaction time.

Superman's disadvantages

 Superman doesn't have any obvious flaws that can be exploited by goku, Unless Ki= Magic. Which Is debatable

How i think it plays out

 Superman will win if he can get in H2H distance. His only chance would be to blitz goku, because if he doesn't Goku can simply IT around the battlefield, charging up his attack. Anyway i'm giving the batle 6.5/10 to superman.
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Honestly i don't like tsundere characters. I don't see why protagonists waste their time on them.  They are abusive, They Seem to always get in the way, and most of the time they won't even emit the y like the person they care about. Anyway
I'm still waiting For A tsundere to hit the wrong guy, and Bam! She gets A five finger imprint across her face.
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Hentai is different then porn. I've seen loli before. It has absolutely nothing to do with Little Kids. I personally like guro, Does that mean i get turned on when I watch Saw? Hell No. To this day i have not sat through an entire saw movie, because i find it absolutely revolting. And Most people who have hentai "sister complexes" Don't actually have sisters. I Could form a huge list of things that I find enjoyable in hentai that disgust me irl, but i think i can Sum It up here. Hentai Is not real.
The people featured in the series (I'm Sorry Lucy my Love) are just that. Not Real. they don't Think about what's going on. they don't feel pain, or anger, or regret. And until somebody provides evidence to the contrary, drawings do not need the same rights as human beings. (Side note, half of the characters who get raped in hentai, Either secretly wanted to Or end up enjoying it 0_0)
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I think we have already seen this in the Changing form of superhero movies. The movies that stayed close to the actual stories, instead of messing with the characters, settings etc (spiderman, Batman, Ironman) tend to be extremely popular.   when hollywood tries To make it "more relatable to The general public" *cough* Superman's Bastard Son *cough* They generally Become abominations.
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