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It seems as though every anime girl is cut with the same cookie cutter, most of them fit into a set "stereotype".  my question is which of the stereotypes do you most enjoy?  
(some characters may belong to more then one, but they normally have more in common with a certain type)
The Moe- The "innocent" character, she tends to be cheerful and optimistic if not a little naive. Has the ability to make friends with almost anyone, and is almost always a clutz.
The Bourgeoisie- Beautiful, intelligent and refined, an aura of royalty is almost always flowing of this girl. She tends to be in a position that demands respect (student council, rich girl, school icon) 
The "action girl"- Not necessarily a fighter, she just tends to be into more "boyish" activities then her other counterparts. She tends to have a lot of male friends, since she is able to relate to them. 
The Siren- She knows she's got the best body in the room and she's not afraid to use it to get what she wants. The siren is confident and bold, but that doesn't mean she's invulnerable, she has a softer side that she will only reveal to those she is close to. 
The Homemaker - She's been with the protagonist for a long time and she's the ideal wife. She tends to be a very kind, caring and motherly figure. Cooking, cleaning and getting the protagonist to school on time are all things these girls can put on the resumes. 
The "Reality girl" (term coined from kami nomi zo shiru sekai)- she tends to have no outstanding characteristics other then the fact that she's completely normal. May have a complex about her being the only normal person in her class of hotties. 
The Ice- "Cool as a cucumber" as my grandma would say, the world would be coming down around them and they wouldn't look up from their book. Not necessarily emotionless, just doesn't bring them to the surface as often as we would. Has trouble relating to others.
The Haruhi (honestly didn't know how else to describe it) - Spunky, upbeat and weird are words far to weak to describe them. Their whole point in life is to break rules and ask names later. 
The tsundure- bottles up their feelings and then abuses the people around them. (too boring a subject for me to try and make it interesting)
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over the past year or so I've gone from a Dub guy to a sub man and I've been re watching all my old anime to hear the difference. Thing is i absolutely can not stand goku's subbed voice. it's like dragging Nails across a chalkboard while your friend skins a cat. Anyone else feel this way or am i in the minority? (i never would have watched DBZ if the voices were like that...)
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For those of you who don't know, loli is a genre of anime that features underage girls in provocative situations. Like most people, i believe children should be not only protected from sexual abuse, but any form of harm. My main concern is that lolicon is grouped together with child porn, as demonstrated by the Chris Handley case
(see link for further details)
Their is no evidence to support the claim that loli endangers children and without that proof i believe that the materials are guaranteed legality under the first amendment. 
 The Government has no right to regulate artwork so long as that art poses no danger to humans.  
Anyway i'm curious about your thoughts on the matter.

 Can't we all get along? (thank sotyfan for reminding me of this picture.)
 Can't we all get along? (thank sotyfan for reminding me of this picture.)
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Disney just doesn't know when to Stop.
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I Found this while searching for.... that's not important. What is important is that i found this hysterical.
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