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*If anyone didn't know, I'm sincerely in love with the anime character commonly know as Lucy from Elfen lied*

Recently, one of my friends asked me "How can you be in love with someone as evil as Lucy?"
It's a fair enough question, even by my standards many of her killings are unjustified.
But it's not about me believing that what she does it right, but rather understanding how she got there.
Imagine your born into a world populated by monsters. These monsters see that your different, and because of it, do everything in their power to make you suffer.
They beat you and insult you until the point that you stop caring, and when they realize they can’t get to you, they go after the people that you love. Imagine having your only friend beat to death in front of you, and then realizing that the people who did it, did it to hurt you.
Then in your moment of greatest darkness, an angel whispers in your ear. “I can make the pain go away. I can make it so that these people can never hurt you again. I can help you create a world where your surrounded by people like yourself.” How many of us would refuse that offer? How could Lucy feel any sympathy for the creatures who treated her like an animal? How many of us could truly blame her for slaying her monsters?
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Yeah. I just got home from the premiere of the LA Gantz movie and let me tell you we finally did it! After having to sit through flop after flop we finally got a LA anime movie that we can be proud of. They didn't butcher the plot, the graphics were amazing, and we got some hot fan service. 
I can't go into a rant right now (i have my finals in the morning) but let me tell you Hollywood is going to start giving us a little more attention and love after this movie is released.
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One of the most highly contended topics in the Anime community is that of Digimon vs Pokemon. I know people have claimed that Digimon is just a shameless rip off designed to make money of the "Gotta catch em all" phase of America but even if it was inspired by pokemon it improved upon almost every aspect of the genre.
Let's take a look at some of the reasons why Digimon is better then pokemon .
  1.  The Villains- Ash has to contend with Team Rocket, and the occasional "Smell you later" from a rival. The Digimon cast had to contend with A) Devimon- A demon who would suck out the good in your soul and insert giant metal gears into you back to make you into his slave. B)  Myotismon- A Despot ruler who enjoys the torturing of his subjects. One of the Digimon he systematically broke was Gatomon, made all the worse by the fact that he started torturing her all the way back when she was a baby. C) Puppetmon- A digimon who enjoyed "Playing with little boys" and set his minions on fire because they were concerned about his safety and that doesn't begin to scratch the surface of all the villains they've had to fight.
  2. Storyline- Okay i get it. The story of pokemon is a "Coming of age" story meant to show Ash's journey to become a man by collecting badges. It isn't a bad idea, it just has no real substance. Their are no major dangers, The characters hardly ever change, and once the events of a certain episode are resolved then rarely have any real effect on the plot. Digimon is different in this aspect. One example of this is the death of Wizardmon. He died trying to protect gatomon and kairi and that scarred her for most of her life. It took her a long time for her to overcome the guilt she associated with his death and it affected the choices she made after his death and the kind of person she would become.
  3. The Design of characters- Now i suppose this may be a matter of personal preference, but i feel that the appearance of most digimon are much cooler then the appearances of pokemon. When you compare Greymon and Charizard, i think the difference is clear.
  4. Character development- Ash is still the same whiny kid now as he was when pokemon started so many years ago. If you look at the development of most ( if not all) of the Digidestined, you can see how much their adventures have forced them to mature. When Ken was the Digimon emperor, he was both a sadist and a narcissist. He thought it was funny to force digimon to kill their friends and family, and cared nothing about anyone but himself. When The digidestined finally defeated him and he started to realize just what it was he had been doing, his mind snapped. He spiraled into a depression that he couldn't escape from because he regretted hurting all the people around him. He was only finally able to forgive himself after Wormmon (his partner) told him that no matter what he did, Ken was still his friend.
  5. Characters die and stay dead- Leomon, Piximon, Wizardmon, whalemon. Were all slaughtered trying to protect the digidestined. They are reborn, but their is no guarantee that they will retain the memories and personality that they formally had. Poor wizardmon doesn't even get to be reborn as he died in the human realm and will forever be stuck in a (conscious) limbo state between the two worlds. 
  6.  This video.   
      Did i forget anything? Do you disagree?
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Favorite scene in clanned
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Not sure how many of you watch the new cartoon network show "Unnatural history" but in the latest episode "now you see me" They had made a joke i found pretty funny.
Jasper: Hey Henry! You should check out the Anime club, their handing out free manga! 
Henry: Manga? I don't have time to eat right now.
Jasper: .....
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