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Battles » Omega Shenron vs Bills

@Saiyan007 said:

bills gets absolutely fodderized by shenron i mean he had trouble with an enraged vegeta lol baby vegeta or general rildo can beat bills just because bills is canon doesnt make him stronger he would not get far at all in the gt verse.

no need for shenron this is a spite match

and lol at v jump powerlevels and gt is far superior then z

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Battles » Broly vs The 4 Heavenly Kings

 Brolly and Goku are actually best friends!....but Brolly can't let anyone else know.
  At least until Goku said the wrong thing
"What'd You say KAKAROTT?!"
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Battles » Omega Shenron vs Bills

@taichokage said:
Yeah, we're getting different numbers from V-jump, the actual Mangaka, Games and GT contradicts them all as well. It's a mess really especially when trying to scale Z to GT
Which can't be done since the GT numbers are far, far bellow the DBZ values as I've noted. The GT writers threw everything out the window and tried to mix the original Dragon Ball idea with DBZ and came up with crap. You can't scale DBZ to GT because their numbers dropped significantly. The Battle of Gods movie has officially cut off GT anyway by way of Toriyama doing what he wanted to do. GT was never even hinted at in DBO either.
People think that the SS4 increase of 4000x base means that SS4 Goku is stronger than Goku was in DBZ. It really doesn't when GT Goku's Base Level significantly lower than DBZ Goku's. It all comes down to their Base Figures.
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Battles » CAV # 3 - Fehafare VS Reikai

@Fehafare: I'd argue the speed, but equalizer at base is the best option.
"Yoko" Alita, aka Gally (Battle Angel Alita/Last Order, aka GUNNM): The main protagonist of the series. Alita's past memories are still a bit fragmented, however it is clear she took place in the events of the Terraforming Wars more than two-centuries earlier in the series history as a radical that used her training in the art of Panzer Kunst to battle the government of Ketheres that has controlled people for centuries. I'll push forward cause her history is long. She was taken in by Dr Ido 200yrs later with no memory, given the name Alita (Gally) after his dead cat, and the story starts there. Alita began to realize her skills and recall the art of Panzer Kunst throughout her time in the Scrapyard and journey across the land ruled by Tiphares. She has been a Bounty Hunter, Motoball Champion, and even an agent of Tiphares when hunting down Professor Desty Nova.
Alita has possessed numerous cyborg bodies over the years and her current status is the Imaginos2.1 after it was nearly destroyed by Super Nova (a more psychotic duplicate of Desty Nova with dual-brain chips giving him super-human mental prowess) and merging with the Fata Morgana, had transformed and evolved her Imaginos cells into a higher state and completely regenerated and reconstructed her body after coming into contact with the Juvian Super Weapon, Tunguska, infecting it and translocating the Wormhole Driver into Alita's chest, giving her a limitless power source. Each time Alita has seemingly been destroyed, her connection to Melchizedek through the Fata Morgana has enabled her to return stronger each time.
Now for a list of things and abilities/tools she uses. 

Hertza Haeon - The Hertza Haeon is Alita's most commonly used attack. It sends a high-frequency vibration into the target through contact, bypassing physical armors to strike at the targets internal parts and focusing kinetic energy to disable or destroy any part of the body that is struck, which can be anything from bones and muscle tissue to the heart or brain or any other internal organ, whether it be mechanical or otherwise. The effectiveness of this technique increased with the evolution of Alita's body and with the Imaginos1.0 it could affect the target with the slightest contact. 

Geschoss Schlag - Otherwise known as the Electromagnetic Punch. Alita super charges her body and fist with electromagnetic energy and launches herself to deliver a devastating punch at hypersonic speed. The power of this technique can increase depending on how much force Alita is putting into it. Even when not making contact with the desired target, in her Imag1.0 body the shockwaves created around her by using this attack were enough to fling away Caerula like a ragdoll and leave the more than 700yr old vampire fairly injured.
Ausser Stosse - Translated as "Outer Thrust", it is a Counter-Attack used against an opponent by twisting into the opponents attack and using their own force against them to deliver a kick of devastating force that it would not have otherwise possessed.
Einzug Rustungen - By tuning herself to her opponents rhythm, Alita is capable of striking at the weakest point of a persons guard to penetrate their defenses.
Hertza Nadel - The "Heart Needle" is in fact a two-part attack utilizing a Verschlagg, a shockwave released into the targets body, not unlike the Hertza Haeon, however it does not target a specific part of the body, instead focused to a point that rebounds within the whole of a targets body before concentrating into the targets extremeties (arms, legs or head) which can then be struck at any time and used to disable or destroy that part of the targets body with needle-point precision. It is less direct than the Hertza Haeon and almost impossible to counter without matching the frequency of the wave and canceling.

Einsatzrhythmen - By attuning her own Chi with that of her opponents, Alita is capable of canceling an opponents attack before it is launched. This is an ability she had used against the Motorball champion, Jashugan.
Other techniques can be noted, so here are some other abilities Alita has developed. 
Imaginos Cells  - These nanomachines are what comprise the majority of Alita's cyborg body and enable her to alter her form in almost any way imaginable, so long as she herself can imagine it. Anything from changing color to reshaping her form and creating organs for generating plasma. With the addition of the Fata Morgana, the Imaginos Cells have evolved passed Desty Nova's original design and are capable of regeneration as well as incorporating other matter around Alita which can result in various effects. The Juvians had noted that Alita's cells (Imaginos 2.0 by this stage) are an unknown form of Super Nanomachine that exceeded anything in the known system and completely ignored Tunguska's stated immunity to a nanomachine infection, having been completely unaffected by the Berserker Nanomachine cells.
Nano Corrosion - By using her Imaginos Cells, Alita can effectively corrode and control all inorganic matter within her vicinity as she chooses, and is capable of sending these corrosive nanomachines through the wormhole in her chest cavity to attack the Jupiter Ring when the Juvians tried to sever her control, corrupting and transforming a large portion of the satellite ring. More recently she had used this to take control and transform the Onion Ring section of Kethers where the ZOTT had been taking place, creating giant Plasma Wings to change its coarse and prevent its collision with the Moon and save millions of lives.
Elbow Blades - Alita's treasured Damascus Blade had been utilized as raw material in the creation of her imaginos body (much to her anger). Through her own mental focus, Alita is capable of creating these blades extending from her arms that're harder than diamond.
Plasma & Electromagnetic Control - Alita is capable of creating and manipulating both plasma and electromagnetic fields for various purpose and at various strengths. She has created plasma blades from her finger tips and even used plasma as projectiles and a method of flight by creating plasma jets under her heels. EM-Control gives her far greater control over the plasma and the form it can take, as well as accelerating her own body. A powerful enough EM-Field generated by herself (or others) can be utilized to permit Alita to move at a cosmic velocity for a nigh-instantaneous attack (Zekka actually did this to Toji and Alita herself was doing the same against Toji, but was disrupted by the Jovians yet again).
Plasma Soliton - Alita has instinctively created the ability to use Soliton Waves and send them through plasma and EM Fields to break down and destroy her opponents. This was first discovered and used against Sachummodo and was more recently used against Toji, turning his protective shield into a death trap.
Fata Morgana - The Fata Morgana is one of the two keys that controls the system of Melchizedek, a super computer originally designed to predict the future and made to save mankind from extinction. It has been built up and grown over nearly seven centuries and regulates all functions within society. It is connected to a vast matrix comprising more than 20thousand human brains used to magnify its prediction abilities and read the Karmic flow of the universe, which cannot be interpreted by even those who use the system. Arthur (one of the systems AI's) showed Aga Mbadi (the bad guy here) a fraction of the universe's karmic flow on a level he could understand (Mbadi has a super-human mind comprising of his own personal intellect and three bio-chips with the combined intelligence of three mad geniuses), and a few seconds of this had nearly damaged his mind to the point of insanity.
This Key creates a quantum link between Alita and Melchizedek, allowing her to utilize its near infinite processing power for her own uses. It has been used in both her resurrections and assisting her in saving Zazzie from the Dim-Mak technique used on her by Frau X on Mars, allowing Alita to counter and cancel out tens of thousands of microscopic, invisible, soliton waves rebounding within Zazzie's skull in a fraction of a second. The Fata Morgana also prevents cyberhacking from both Aga Mbadi and Super Nova.
Chi - It's not like DBZ. It follows the more prime discipline of the martial art than some giant energy explosion. Alita can sense and use chi to detect things around her and discern an opponents strengths. She has become so focused she was capable of detecting even the slightest move in the molecules of the air in the area surrounding her.
Astral Decoys - A technique discovered and used on the fly against Caerula Sanguis that Alita had picked up and used quickly. This enables her to project her own Intent into the mind of her opponent to make them believe the Intent is the Real Alita, effectively creating a psychic illusion to confuse and distract the opponent. Caerula had first believed she had killed Alita, only to realize that what she had killed was the Intent to move that Alita had projected. No one else in the ZOTT arena, the stands or other teams saw these projections.
Mental Emptiness - A state of Zen, if you will. Alita is capable of tricking the minds of those around her, making them see what is not there. This was shown when Rakan attacked Alita out of the blue and believed to have pierced her chest, only to discover he hadn't struck anything at all, and was deftly kicked aside by Alita who leaped over him. The master of Super-Carapace Karate, Taraba, had to wonder if Alita was even aware at how advanced her abilities were, as she was doing this without effort where other martial art masters may never achieve such a state of mind.
Alright, I think I'll cap off Alita there for now and move onto the rest.
Jun Fudo (The Devil Lady): A young woman working as a model for an agency, she is discovered by Lan Asuka and forced to see that no all people are human as they are infected with what they call the Devil-Beast Virus. Jun herself becomes a Devil-Beast known as the Devil Lady and is used by Lan's organization to hunt down and exterminate other Devil-Beasts. Jun has no desire for this and yet has been forced into service and to help protect her young friend, Kazuki, whom she adopted and treats as a little sister. Eventually Kazuki herself becomes a Devil-Beast and ends up killed, driving Jun mad and is later raped by Lan (who turns out to be a hermaphrodite) and reveals shi herself is a Devil-Beast and awakens her power to act as the new God of the world. Jun was then sent to Purgatory where she melds with the  Pillar of Despair and absorbs all the pain and suffering of every Devil-Beast that has been killed. She returns in her Giga Form and battles the new God Asuka and kills her.
Devil Beast - This is the form Jun assumes most when fighting other Devil Beasts. She very much resembles Devilman, Akira Fudo (in fact she is his female counterpart in this alternate universe when the world was destroyed and recreated). She possesses a degree of super strength and speed, as well as flight and a healing factor. Jun has proven to be quite resilient to injury and is capable of taking a lot of damage before losing consciousness. Even within a blazing building and set afire by a young Devil-Beast girl who had no control of her powers, Jun held the child until she died as her own body turned to ash.
Claws - Self explanatory really. When transformed Jun's nails are sharp and extremely strong, enabling her to rip and tear into her opponents and has been shown strong enough to rip the arms off of other Devil Beasts.
Giga Form - The Giga Form is the second transformation that only a handful of Devil Beasts possess. Effectively she transforms into a giant version of her Devil Beast self, her strength and powers increasing in proportion to her size (She's as big as Godzilla). In this form her wings and hair-wings can be used as weapons like sharp blades and easily cut through even the largest of Giga Form Devil Beasts, including that of God Asuka. In this state Jun is far more durable and much stronger. She is also capable of generating and using lightning and electrical force to zap and scorch her enemies into charred husks. Despite her immense size she is capable of easily outpacing attack helicopters, leaving them far behind in a matter of seconds.
Lime (Saber Marionette J): Lime is an android, one of a handful created with the special "Girl Circuit", that effectively gives them a "Soul". How much they are loved and love others determines the strength of their spirit and growth as a person. Three such were needed to awaken the last living human woman to preserve the human race. Lime is an incredibly cheerful young girl who is a good fighter and possesses incredible physical strength. She has shown enough strength to lift half of a skyscraper and toss more than 200yrds. Lime used to have an issue with her stamina as her energy reserves would deplete the more power she used towards her strength. However, once her Girl Circuit has reached its full potential, this was no longer an issue.
Takeru (Witchblade Manga): Takeru is a young high-school girl who has lived most of her life as a priestess in training in a Temple comprised entirely of women. It wasn't until later when the temple was attacked by inhuman creatures that she learned that the Temple is where the hand of a demon, called the Witchblade, had been sealed away secretly. She accidentally came into contact with it and became the Bearer of the Witchblade. This awakened instinctual desires and feelings inside her, and gave her the ability to kills the demonspawn rather easily. Unlike other incarnations, Takeru does not normally form her body into other weapons, but can instead create Katanas to use in her hands, and can create as many as she wants by literally pulling them out from her abdomen.
The more she used the Witchblade to fight against the demon organization, the more powerful it became and the more she began to lose control over her own senses. When several of those close to her were killed, Takeru had gone fully enraged with the Witchblade and began using abilities previously unused. Her body further transformed and her speed and strength enabled her to run across open water at an incredible speed. She could create energy blades from her hands long and powerful enough to shred through naval vessels like paper and was sinking a fleet of ships before her boyfriend (who belonged to an ancient Demon-Hunting family and possessing a weapon to that effect) managed to stop her (in part because he was linked to Takeru by a skin graft taken from her to safe his life years earlier, and linked some of the power of the Witchblade to him).
Aya Natsume (Tenjou Tenge): The self-proclaimed wife of Nagi Souichiro, Aya Natsume is a...bubbly young girl and the younger sister of Maya Natsume and Shin Natsume (both deceased now). She attends Todou Academy, a school where various martial arts families and practitioners attend with its own rules, and where fighting isn't against them, so long as it's sanctioned.  Members of both the White and Red Feather families of the Takayanagi Flying Phoenix attend this school. Aya is trained in the Natsume style of fighting and swordsmanship and is considered one of the top fighters in the school. She is also part of the Jyuuken Club. She is effortlessly capable of cleaving through solid granite and boulders with katanas, even ones that are not special like Reiki.
Reiki - This is the sword that Aya and Maya have both used. An ancient sword that bears the same power as Amaterasu, that of the Reverse Dragon Gate. It has been used to help control the wielders super-natural powers, such as the Ryuugan. So long as the sword possessed Amaterasu's power, it appeared unbreakable and would never rust nor crack, nor has it for thousands of years.
- also known as the "Dragon Eyes". This is the special Blood Trait ability of the Natsume family and inherited from as far back as the originators of these special powers. The Ryuugan enables Aya to perceive both past and future and is capable of viewing all things in nature that surrounds her and has even been known to manipulate weather phenomena. As such Aya can perceive the attacks of others before they even happen, and is even capable of conversing with her First incarnation, one of three people renowned as gods some ten-thousand years ago (two of which were Amaterasu and Susanoo). Aya is the reincarnation of this goddess (Amaeratsu's sister) and the Ryuugan enables them to communicate across time, as well as experience all of their lives up to their present incarnation inside Aya.
The Ryuugan allows Aya to perceive this beyond her visual range. Even through buildings and walls.
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Battles » Omega Shenron vs Bills

@DBZ_universe: V-Jump is produced by Viz Media which holds rights to the DBZ franchise. And can we really say 2.5billion is the highest known when that would still make it weaker than a SS3 anyway? I mean Goku's base in the Cell games was around 30mil. Even if he kept that, as a SS3 his PL would be 12billion. I would say some of their figures are either randomly thrown out, or they missed a decimal point. I actually see Brolly's PL as 7.4billion and not 1.4. It's a typo. Because otherwise Gohan as a SS1 would be stronger as his was listed as 2.5billion. We've seen typing errors before. Like Nappa being listed as 4000 when it's really 6000, and the translation saying Goku was over 9000 when it's actually 8000.
So between the various Co-Owners of the franchise, we are seeing some miscommunication and printing errors. I actually think Vegito was 25billion and could effectively still go SSJ, which would place him at 50billion (Potara fusion nature). Still stronger than SS3 Goku. Super Buu was listed at 32billion so Super Vegito being at 50billion would actually make sense.
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Battles » Omega Shenron vs Bills

@Platinum_94: They are. According to GT's own sources, Shenron's highest PL is 9billion. Goku's as a SS3 in the Buu Saga was 24billion. For Omega Shrenron to be more powerful than a SS4 Goku, would mean SS4 Goku's pl would have to be near half or less than half of Shenron's. So let's say SS4 Goku maxed at 5billion then. That would make Goku's base level 1.25million. Do you understand this? That is not even Half of what he had when he first fought Freeza.
GT's writers were braindead and took almost none of the original material besides character designs and Names. GT Goku is effectively 48x's WEAKER than his DBZ counterpart. All of them were weaker by a significant margin. Especially Gohan since they threw his Mystic status out the window and made him a SSJ again.
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Battles » Bardock vs Nappa

@SpeedForceSpider said:

@nishi99: Yeah but it's impossible for him to be 4k if Goku said he would take forever to fight him without Kaioken. And Goku was over 8000, I actually agree with that 7k though.

Actually TFS (Team Four Star) referenced this. "Nappa is worth Five Raditz". Raditz being 1200, Nappa is 5xRaditz. Which is 6000. Goku is 8000. So while Goku would win, it would take a bit of time because of Nappa's size and physical toughness. A baseline Kaioken increases the users abilities by 50% of their current status. 1/2 of 8k is 4k so Goku was bumped to 12k, which is twice as strong as Nappa and used that to drop him while Nappa charged at Krillin and Gohan.
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Battles » Omega Shenron vs Bills

GT is non-canon garbage and is vastly weaker than DBZ. Their own numbers support this. And I've proven this. Birus (not Bills) stomps all over Shenron. Birus absorbed a galaxy to use that force against SSG Goku during their fight. And that was Birus who also stated he still needed more hibernation and awoke too early as he was only at around 70% his total strength. According to Toriyama, each of the Twelve Gods of Destruction are capably of destroying the universe.
Weiss (Wa-Ice or Wise) is essentially the Overseer for the Gods of Destruction to ensure they don't get out of hand and muck things up out of boredom.
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Battles » CAV # 3 - Fehafare VS Reikai

@SMXLR8: Given the characters involved, Speed will be equalized due to Alita being vastly superior to speed to anyone in Fehafare's team. Beyond that, Prep goes in favor of my team. Alita has a quantum link to Melchizedek, which is a vast, sentient computer originally designed to predict the future and currently manages and connects all data across the solar system, and is linked to over 20thousand human brains to generate a karmic field, enabling it to perceive the flow of events on a cosmic scale.
There is also Aya Natsume whose Ryuugan enables her to perceive the future as well as the past. Between Alita and Aya, they can learn about and predict every strategy and move that Fehafare's team will do before the battle has even started and devise a means of countering them. No small feat I will say due to the Female team mostly fighting on instinct as opposed to pre-planned events. However Alita has memory of her military training and in the Mauser School of Panzer Kunst and has operated in a military capacity once before (usually solo missions). While she often doesn't think herself as a leader, Alita is quite intelligent and has the most combat experience of anyone here.
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Battles » Bardock vs Nappa

@SpeedForceSpider: Oh please, you should know that Bardock murders Nappa. Bardock had 10k PL when he got back to Planet Vegeta, nvm the Zenkai he'd receive when waking up in the past and recovering from all his injuries. He'd be at least, if not stronger than, Vegeta was in the Saiyan Saga.
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Battles » CAV # 3 - Fehafare VS Reikai

@SMXLR8: I thought it was an all female team. Guess I was misinformed. Also is this Before or After Blade loses all his powers after the reaction with Arclight? Because Blade with all his Fragments is effectively God which makes this quite unfair and one-sided.
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Battles » Kyo vs Yusuke

Yusuke when he first awoke to his Mazoku powers was so fast with Sensui they appeared to be teleporting across large open areas and the only one among the group who could even tell they were moving was Hiei, who at one point had pushed his speed so far as to exceed that of Sensui's, despite Sensui being S-class (Low S-Rank in any case). This was all before Yusuke would be trained by Raizen and his Aides. 
Even at this point towards the end of Chapter Black, lesser mazoku who even got near them were instantly vaporized by the energy they were putting out. Sensui himself fired a stream of Sacred Energy that destroyed thousands of C-Class and lower rank Mazoku instantly. Physical blows from them were capable of completely demolishing entire mountains and plateaus as a side effect of them hitting each other.
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn

@Platinum_94 said:

yeah, Lightning burns are hot as the sun surface Freiza can created supernovas and so can cooler

Don't talk. The "Super Nova" is just the name of an attack they use. It does not possess the force of an actual Super Nova nor has it been indicated to generate the same heat as a star. Lightning is a form of plasma and can generate heat in excess of 83thousand degrees celsius. That doesn't mean it always does. It's dependent on the level of ionization in the surrounding atmosphere.
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn

@Echelon9: I'm not seeing any movies shown, nor am I seeing this proven in any form. And you're relying wholly on a Plot-Device used against Brolly as if it has any actual meaning. It doesn't. Any other day of the week and the Sun wouldn't even give him a tan. And the fact that in the continued story it doesn't kill him would say otherwise about the Sun offing him. Which, again, wasn't even the case.

The kamehameha wave doesn't have heat behind it.

Tell that to Freeza's hand which showed burn marks and literally had smoke rising from his palm after blocking Goku's 20xKaioken Kamehameha. Ki can be manipulated in other forms. Roshi and others have used it to form electric based attacks. Roshi creating an electric net he used on Goku during the 21st Budokai. If we include the Otherworld Tournament, Pikkon created both Fire and Lightning with his Ki for this "Thunderflash Attack".

Otherwise Roshi couldn't have put out a mountain of flames with it.

Roshi didn't put out the fire on the Ox Kin's mountain. He intended to blow away the fire. Instead he Blew Up the Mountain. Also it is clear that Ki can do more than just create heat as concussive force alone isn't enough to break down cellular matter. Gohan's blast on Cell destroyed his every cell, including his nucleus, vaporizing him utterly.
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn

@Echelon9: It's not the same. You could have someone who is 100% resistant to fire and even a flame of 1million degrees won't hurt him, but he still dies due to lack of oxygen or a lead ball from a musket lodges itself in his skull. Durability and Resistance are not the same thing. Also, Ki is not based on Physical energy. Ki (Qi, Chi, Ch'i) is Life Force. It's the Life Energy present in all living things. You're confusing it with Chakra (from Naruto) which is a combination of Physical and Spiritual energy present in the body.

 It's an attack that destroys everything, since it was stated that non even a non corporeal being could survive it.

That's what we call a NLF until you can actually prove it.
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn

@Echelon9: Flying near a star isn't durability, it's heat resistance. Durability would be having a star thrown into your face and/or exploding. So far, you haven't proven anything we haven't already seen from earlier figures. Even Cooler wasn't really killed by the Sun, but by being pinned between it and his own attack, which broke down his defenses until it could hurt him. When asking people, they can tell you Brolly's shield is capable of withstanding the shockwave of a planetary explosion when he was but an infant.
In Movie 8, Brolly tanked a fully charged Kamehameha from a FPSSJ Goku at point blank range, which had zero effect on Brolly.
 This same level of attack when used on Cell during the Cell Games blew half of Cell's body away. Yet against Brolly, it did absolutely nothing. This would be when Goku is approaching system-level capacity. As of yet I have not seen a single destruction feat for Saturn from you. Only your claims and hyperbole statements.
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn

@Echelon9: You clearly didn't understand the scene, and you're not showing them doing the traveling. You're skipping pages. Not a good sign when you do that.
And here's a correction for you. It was SS2 Goku, SS2 Gohan and SSJ Goten who only Pushed Brolly into the Sun by way of a Plot-Device. That is two System-Buster+'s and a planet/star buster (Goten), who were in fact all losing out to Brolly in a power struggle with Brolly just toying with them and making them suffer a slow end and torturing them with making them feel helpless as his attack grew closer and closer and no matter how hard they were trying it still wasn't enough. Plot-Device kicks in with a weak-ass blast from Trunks, that somehow floats into the path of Brolly's attack boosts and mysteriously prevents him from powering up his attack. Again, it's a Plot Device.
Heat of the sun wasn't even hurting Brolly. He can, in fact, create barriers to guard himself. As for SM team, we're seeing a Garden on a star. That means Magic. So I wouldn't give that much credit when they're flying on a Star that has Plants growing on it. It's Magic.
And here's something. It took about 7sec for that beam to Force Brolly to the sun. It takes light roughly 8min to reach the Earth from the Sun. That makes the beam just above 68xLightspeed. Given that velocity, Brolly was still capable of firing off further attacks and erecting a barrier before it hit him and pushed him off world.
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Battles » broly vs sailor saturn


 - Nappa survive King vegeta lifting his hand and destroying 3 planets in anime

That's filler. We don't count filler. It's non-canon.

- Broly didn't even get a scratch from the sun LOL, It was the core of the sun + Kamehameha pierced his heart. Know the difference loser

Don't insult people even if they're wrong. The beam didn't pierce Brolly's heart. It was a plot-device either way. It was a triple beam attack from SS2 Goku, SS2 Gohan and SSJ Goten which blasted him at FTL velocity into the Sun, somehow penetrating his barrier and forcing him through the sun itself. Which would put him under millions of degrees of heat and gravity thousands of times that of the Earth. His skin ruptured from the forces. However in the game continued storyline he actually survives this event. He wasn't uninjured, but he survived.
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Battles » Kyo vs Yusuke

No one in SDK is lightspeed, or even remotely close. Yusuke at EoS is a Mid to High-Tier S-class ranked Demon. A-class have life wiping potential. S-class are planet-busters. Yusuke's fight in the DWT was destroying entire mountain ranges as side-effects of battle. And Yusuke is so hax he created a new 4th form of Energy beyond Spirrit, Demon and Heavenly. This allowed him to basically tie out with Yomi, one of the Three Demon Kings who made Enma (King of the Spirit World) afraid.
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