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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@KingOfAsh: Again, didn't create a universe, just  a space where the two fought. Jedah Dohma did that in Darkstalkers. A number of mages in warcraft made pocket universes/dimensions. And Q had done the exact same thing, easily, and for fun as opposed to a necessary means of fighting. And to say the AS can psychically attack sentient races isn't saying much of anything. Pretty much any Telepath in fiction is capable of the exact same thing, only they're much better at it.
Thing is, none of that would really work against Q. Since he already knows what's going to happen and he can just snap his fingers and turn the entire crew into puppies there really isn't anything TTGL can do since it relies entirely upon the whole damned cast to do anything.
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Battles » Broly runs a planetary+ gauntlet

@Evertonian4Life said:


"And Brolly, in a restricted form, was capable of destroying virtually all of it with a singular attack."

The galaxy could clearly be seen spinning.The galaxy to be visibly spinning like that means the timeframe is billions of years.

Since thats impossible we'll just have to go with low-end, Broly destroyed planets and stars with unknown amount of blasts.

No because that makes no sense and the Spinning can be attributed to the Camera turning because the Still Image of a galaxy doing nothing for 12sec is extremely boring and people got sick of that cheap method of padding their animation in the 80's. We get a clear sense of time in that between the beginning and the end of the galaxies destruction, there was a time elapse of 7sec. Given that King Kai reacted immediately to this event tells you it happened all at once and right at that moment.
We discount the idea that Brolly created x# of ki blasts because it would mean either;
A) He could target virtually every planet and star across vast cosmic distances at once and strike them with attacks that would be traveling at a rate of several-hundred trillion times the speed of light.
B) He would be traveling in a spiral pattern from the center of the South Galaxy moving outward and targeting each Star/Planet individually, in which case Brolly himself is moving at several-hundred trillion times faster than light.
Neither option would make any sense and would effectively make Brolly the fastest DBZ character to ever exist and even "Battle of Gods" figures like Whis and Birus would be ice blocks frozen in time next to him, and I've calc'd them at at least 844thousand time faster than light when traveling from the Galactic Center (the center of the Milky Way Galaxy) to Earth in 26min, which is the frame of time given to us by Whis himself.
The Logical and most appropriate scenario is that Brolly launched a singular attack at the center of the South Galaxy and the resulting detonation was so immense that the Shockwave created by it ripped across these cosmic distances at the aforementioned theoretical speed. The initial attack itself does not need to be at that level of speed, only that it created a sufficient level of force to generate a shockwave powerful enough to travel at those speeds.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@Dream: I'm just saying people need to have something more than a "Derp I can blows ups da uni...da uni...everything!" cause it's rather tiring and boring. I myself never claimed Q was omnipotent, only that he was omnipresent. And that in much of the series, to kill a Q required a bunch of other Q's to come down and make it happen with the full support of the Continuum behind it. Which I do find odd since they've shown they can just remove a Q's powers anyway.  
I'm saying that TTGL really couldn't kill Q based on the "I can blow up a universe" argument because sheer force never seemed to matter to them. And like I said he could just snap a finger and turn all the pilots into figgie pudding. Series like Gurren Lagann just don't really have any depth to it. It was a fun, fast paced series and everyone was rightfully miffed when Kamina died since he was the only likable character and Simon was a whiny little emo until he was forced to butch up and grow a pair, to which I do applaud the series for that much in actually creating some character development instead pulling the old DC routine going "Oh Superman didn't really die, he was just in a 'healing coma.'"
And I do remember the episode in which he wanted to commit suicide. But he wanted to die as a Q with all his power and omniscience and everything, and not as a mortal creature and therefore susceptible to a mortal perception of death. And it was for that reason that the rest of the Continuum tried to stop him. Which again makes you think as to why they didn't just remove his powers, unless of course that required Q to willingly allow them to do so without having to fight him for it and losing and getting killed in the process. Honestly they didn't explain it all too well. I think they were all too focused on Q just being comedy relief.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@Dream: Q did create a pocket reality for the purposes of putting humanity on trial and everything Consular Troy could sense and feel told her that everything there was Real and that the people were Alive. We've also seen that Q can bring people back to life, as he did with Picard when Picard died and Q let him relive events claiming it wouldn't change anything, but of course was lying to his face. There's also an interactive game/episode using live film where Q assisted a Starfleet officer to keep him from dying and the whole ship being taken over by the Borg by continually restarting time and events every time the Officer/Player made a mistake.
Q is effectively omnipresent. He can be anywhere at any time he wishes and the Continuum is virtually omniscient. They know the past, present and future as it is. Which is kinda why Q likes to mess around so much, to Change things and see what happens, which makes the rest of the Continuum nervous. Among other things he has done was move a Moon back into proper orbit around a planet with no effort at all as soon as he got his powers back. As much as Q liked to mess around, he always popped in to kinda nudge Picard, Riker, or someone else in the right direction to keep the human race from going extinct or to stop other forces from flushing their galaxy down the cosmic toilet.

So, show me where does this actually happen and what translations exist to actually prove it outside of bunch of wiki pages and garbage from 4chan. I made the mistake of looking over the Demonbane VN stuff before in-spite of how terribly bad it is (it is very bad, and panders to the lowest common demographic) and literally the only thing of worth was the Shining Tetra-whatever.

So basically you're going to ignore everything shown and all translations and Insult everyone who enjoys the series because you dislike it? And this is where no one will listen to anything you have to say now.
Demonbane Godstomps everything.

This story is only a fairy tale.

    But even the god who dreams at the center of the World, the god who created all things in Existence, can never, ever destroy it.

    For it is a story of momentary love, forever carved into infinite time----

    It is the Song of Life.

    Let us considered a hypothetical.

    A universe inside a reactor.

    A universe inside a test tube.

    A universe inside a chewing gum wrapper.

    This is the story of a universe outside another universe.

    This is the story of a universe inside another universe.

    This is the story of an eternity contained in a single moment.

    This is the story of infinity contained in the tiniest speck of dust.

    This is the story of a universe outside another universe outside another universe outside another universe outside another universe outside another universe....... This is the story of endless, infinite universes.

    Everything is limitless and momentary.

    The infinite and finite will melt together, the circular snake will fall to pieces, and all things will return to the boiling Soup of Chaos.

    Everything is as foam on the waves.

    Creation is but a fleeting dream, dreamt by the blind idiot-god who is King-of-All as he dozes on the edge of waking.

    When he wakes, it will end.

    It will simply vanish, and there will be no one to know or remember.

    Or perhaps it will simply never have existed at all.

    So is the World really nothing more than a fantasy?

    This is a hypothetical, but----

    There are those who do not think so.

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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@machmans: Again, no. None of that was by Janemba's likes or dislikes. It was warped because of his direct connection to the Check-in Station when he was created. He did not change Hell by will alone nor had any control over it beyond some TK to drop those jelly-bean like gems on Goku. Janemba was not warping the realm, he wasn't twisting anything beyond what it had become when he was 'born'. The negative energy released from those containers is what caused it and what created him.
Also the Sword Janemba formed didn't cut reality. It cut the ground. That fissure didn't connect to Earth or go anywhere. It just made a deep gouge in the ground. Freeza did that to Namek at 50% power. That sword wasn't cutting the reality of the atmosphere or anything else. That sword also degenerated because Janemba's own negative energy damages itself. I mean seriously, harsh language hurts it and hurts Janemba.
Far as the movies, like i said it does count with Funimation because they are cheap, cheap bastards. Toei won't even give us DBO in english without making people fight to translate it themselves. It was very disappointing.
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Battles » Broly runs a planetary+ gauntlet

Brolly can go all the way to Spectre. And how that goes really depends on who's writing Spectre, since Spectre is the cosmic whipping boy of the DCU whose powers are as inconsistent as Superman's and goes from slapping the Anti-Monitor to getting knocked on his @ss by Darkseid. Not even Soulfire Darkseid, just regular, everyday Jobberseid.
Brolly in LSSJ is multi-galaxy level. He had literally destroyed 99% of the Southern Quadrant, aka the South Galaxy. The South Galaxy isn't simply one galaxy, it's the Southern Quadrant of the Dragonball Universe Basically it's 1/4th of the entire material universe. And Brolly, in a restricted form, was capable of destroying virtually all of it with a singular attack. Most people don't believe Brolly has that kind of power, but the fact is he does and that the DBZ movies like his don't follow the series canon. I also doubt the writers even knew what it meant to have the South Galaxy be destroyed. However that event in the Brolly films has never been retconned or corrected in any manner. So it is what it is.
If we are counting LSS3 form, then technically he should be a universe buster. The base multiplication factor for SS3 is 4x SS2. So Brolly is at least 4x more powerful by that alone, not counting his perpetual power increases while transformed. And since he could knock out 1/4th of the universe already, making him four times stronger could rather possibly place him in the Universe-busting scale. The only thing is there's no movie to suggest it, although all the "Gods of Destruction" are meant to be universe-busters to break down each of the universes they represent. Such as Birus as the GoD of the 7th universe.
Of course lately we have tons of rumors of a new Brolly movie and maybe making him a SSG, but that's just a lot of conjecture and it wouldn't make much sense since you need to be Good Hearted to become a SSG. So in that respect, Brolly would have to become a SSA. That is Super Saiya-jin Akuma, or Super Saiyan Devil. One whose evil is unsurpassed.  And for Brolly he'd probably look something a lot more reminisce of a SS4 to reflect his form as the Devil to be rather different than that of the SSG. Of course Brolly as a SSG would still be an unstoppable force.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@machmans: No, DBZ as a whole is mid-tier. And Janemba is a piss-poor reality warper. He couldn't even use it to any effect in combat. The most he ever did was in his giant blob form, and all he managed was a mirrored version of Goku that only lasted for 2sec. The whole part about the Check-in station being warped was because Janemba was tied to it from all the negative energy that was released from it at once. It doesn't help that Janemba has a weakness almost as idiotic as Bio-Brolly's.
Also, it does matter how well it does in the US. Because it's a test. A test to see if it's worth for Toei/Funimation to produce it in English. DBZ Kai had been canceled after the Cell Saga because they were showing it on TV and their DVD/BR sales for it were very poor. It's why they didn't do the Buu Saga for TV and instead waited several years and produced it straight to DVD so that anyone that wanted to see it had to buy it. And there is currently no plan to refurbish the GT series.
So if we want to see any other DBZ films in the US, Battle of Gods will have to do well in theaters. And if it does, maybe they'll finally give us the Movie Specials with Bardock and Tarble. Hell they only way we even got Hatchiyak was by having to buy the Burst Limit 2 game. Originally that whole "Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans" wasn't even a movie. Well, it was an interactive feature like a game with multiple choices and they would show different outcomes. Kinda like those older D&D CGI movies. I know this because I have some of the original film in subs from then. And that was more than 15yrs ago. Hell I knew about Hatchiyak before most of America did.
@FalconC2: You really don't understand anything about the Demonbane series, do you? Also, it has a full manga and light novel series. Mars Demonbane was literally running across multiverses, and that's still an inferior version to EGD. Also, Mxy has his limits. He's still far below the Chousin. Mxy is a 5d-imp, which means anything from the 6th-Dimension and above can kick the $hit out of him. Demonbane exists outside of all Creation and Chaos. Nya creates infinite multiverses in Klein Bottles just to screw with them. And Demonbane has literally destroyed her 400million times with just a glare. EGD is so obscenely powerful that not even TOAA-level figures can ever destroy him. Azathoth cannot get rid of him.
Oh yeah, and the Labyrinth that the AS made, was not a multiverse. It was a mental assault, created in their heads, to confuse them, which is made rather clear when they wake up and the AS in humanoid shape is still standing right in front of them just as it had been when the effect started. It was designed to keep their minds trapped so they couldn't fight back. And they all would've lost without Plot-Device Kamina's ghost coming in to give them all a kick in the ass.
And the AS wasn't throwing around big bangs. It was chucking galaxies within that space. And the one supposed big-bang level attack would've killed TTGL had Lordgenome not absorbed the energy at the last second. None of that compares to outright reality warping. Remember the Doud? You know, that one guy who wiped out an entire species across the universe in an instant because he went insane? Yeah, that guy could've beaten TTGL just by removing the whole human race from existence. And only he wouldn't because he's a pacifist. Q, on the other hand, could make it so humans never evolved in the first place. Q could go back to the beginning of time and stop the universe from ever being born. The only thing stopping Q from turning the entire universe into one giant anus is the rest of the Continuum telling him no.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@FalconC2: Anti-Spiral wasn't creating universes either. Q could manipulate timelines, reshape reality and do all sorts of fancy things. Primarily for his own amusement. Demonbane is EGD. That's what it becomes. And the Shining Trapezohedron erases multiverses just by swinging it. In the animated version Demonbane absorbs two of them and beats Nyarlathotep with it. Nya being far and above Q, Mxy, and the whole Gurren-Lagann series.
Oh and at the end of the anime we see the Elder God versions of Daijuuji Kurou and Al Azif. They're on an omniversal scale. Really there's no reason to fight about it. Demonbane jut makes pretty much everything else look like infants by comparison. 
@GeneralVan: I don't find anyone in Saint Seiya could beat Mxy, but all their top tiers make the entirety of DBZ look like children wrestling in a play pen. DBZ isn't really high tier. It's more Mid-Tier. Things might only begin changing if Toriyama decides to continue the Battle of Gods story arc. Everything might hinge on how many people go and see it in theaters this week.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@GeneralVan: Demonbane becomes EGD, so it really doesn't matter.
@taichokage: I glance in every now and again. Most of it has just seemed the same stuff people have been arguing over for the last few years. So, little change.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@FalconC2: uh, Demonbane stomps Mxy. And Anti-Spiral are toolbags who can't even do half of what Q can do with a finger-snap. Mxy is below the Chousin, and Demonbane makes them huddle together in fear. Demonbane beats figures higher up the scale than Mxy with nothing more than a Glare.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@SMXLR8: No, TTGL gets smacked silly. Mxy can turn him into a cheesepuff. And Q could literally snap his fingers and turn Simon and his entire team into a fermented gas to make alcohol.
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Battles » Broly VS Freddy krueger.

This is what happens.
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Battles » Kami Tenchi vs. Darksied, Superman, and Thor

@ImDictatorBowDown: Kami-Tenchi is TOAA. Tenchi Masaki is his avatar.
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Battles » Accelerator (to aru majutsu no index) vs Lucy (Elfen lied)

@Dream: Lucy already had unimaginable power. Pushing herself a bit she was generator neutrons, the same energy form created during nuclear fusion. Lucy was so powerful, that a giant dyclonius designed to counter Vectors and nullify them, transformed into a mobile craft, was so terrified of Lucy's power it couldn't even react. Lucy is a global threat and could impede other Vectors. She was destroying missiles and ships miles away without ever having to see them. And apparently her song could be heard across radio frequencies while healing Kouta.
Her Vectors weren't as normal. They were quite massive when she was going all out and they affected the wind and atmosphere around them as well. And I believe she did create a 30m tall wave originating in shallow water.
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Battles » Accelerator (to aru majutsu no index) vs Lucy (Elfen lied)

I don't feel Accel can take control or stop all of this at once. And it's quite improbable he'd be able to control her mind. I believe that required physical contact. Also, multiple personalities are quite a bitch to deal with.
Again, this is if Lucy goes full Destroyer right from the start. If not, Accel has the higher probability of putting her down.
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Battles » Accelerator (to aru majutsu no index) vs Lucy (Elfen lied)

Unless of course Lucy's intangible vectors completely pass through his defenses and just carve his body to pieces. Lucy can also just block anything he throws at her. And of course if Lucy goes all out Destroyer Mode, I don't see Accelerator doing anything but being reduced to a smear.
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Battles » Bills vs SSJ4 Goku

@gokugx: It's a failed, incorrect list of misinformation. None of it is supported. The Wiki puts Buu Saga Goku's power as a SS3 at 460billion. However a page from an official source lists it at 24billion. So, what would I rather believe? A Wiki|Blog with suspect info? Or an Official Source? Cause quite frankly the Official source scales appropriately and those fan-built sites tend to exaggerate grievously.
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Battles » Bills vs SSJ4 Goku

@gokugx: It's a bullshit wiki with no backing. Most canon PL stated for GT was 1.9billion for Omega Shenron. Noted by Bandai that has shared production and licensing rights with Toe, Funimation, and Viz Media. And since none of the other companies said anything differently, that's as close to a canon figure you'll ever get for GT. Making the entire series ridiculously weak.
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Battles » Dark Schneider (Bastard!) vs. Tyrant (Marvel)

@DBZ_universe: I never left, I've just been too lazy to do anything here. Also, facepunching people on ComicVine.
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