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Battles » Fernus vs Darsh, Asura, Broly

Darsh stomps. Dispel Bound bans TP and psionic attacks and since that's Fernus' bread'n butter, it means the giant flaming martian is right F**ked up the arse.
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Battles » Lady Fight Night: 3 on 3

Let's start with Honoka. She's a 17yr old girl living in a post-apoc world currently ruled and watched over by a group of humanoids known as The Third, who were created by humans centuries earlier to take care of them. In this way they control all technology and make all the rules, making the humans who live during this time quite resentful, especially since anyone caught using or creating anything beyond a certain degree of technology can be arrested, imprisoned or even executed depending on the offense or how many offenses they've made.
Honoka spends much of her time out in the desert as that was where she grew up with her grandpa (not related) as part of a desert caravan. From him she learned the art of the sword as well as the ability to sense and manipulate chi. Honoka is naturally gifted thanks to her Blue Astral Eye, which people originally believed meant she was one of the Third. However their eyes are Red and allow them to access all of their information networks from virtually anywhere and interlinks all of the Third together should they wish to communicate that way. Honoka's does not and instead connects her more to nature and the natural flow of the universe around her, giving her highly attuned senses.
Honoka makes her living as a Jack of all Trades with her partner and caretaker Bogie, an AI that operates and controls the sand tank that acts as both transport and home. Honoka is a master swordsman and a keen marksman as well, having taken up firearms as more of a hobby and collects them despite her rare use of them. Honoka uses her katana as a conduit for her chi and can cut through just about anything with it. Including large creatures and high-density metals. Honoka is even capable of cutting through illusions and can send out concussive waves. Blue Breaker, an android created by the Third, was hit by one such wave and reported to his superiors that he could not analyze the attack as it created no kinetic force yet he felt it all the same.
After a near death experience fighting a guy who makes the T-1000 Terminator flush with envy, Honoka was infused with special cells by a creature that was essentially an almagation of all the genetic material of every living creature the world had ever known. These cells not only helped to heal Honoka's injuries, but unlocked her full potential as a new form of life. It was later revealed that Honoka was not to be referred to as a Third based on having a third eye, but by being a Third evolution of Humanity. A Third breed of human if you must. Humans being foremost, the red-eyed Third created by man, and Honoka who was born naturally as the first of a new form of life.
After Honoka recovered, her potential grew and her older limitations were quickly surpassed. Her senses expanded and her chi grew at an astonishing rate. What once exhausted her before now barely requires as much effort as walking a few feet. Honoka was already in the super-sonic range before this, and while her overall speed does not seem to have changed, her sensing abilities have grown to the point where she can easily a lightspeed attack by dodging just before it's fired, thus preventing its trajectory from being changed.  And this was done while she was still recovering from injuries she received by this particular foe.
Not only can Honoka cut the laser created by Leon, but even cut through and destroyed the nervous system comprising his nanomachine body, something she couldn't do before no matter how many times she slashed him. After this point Honoka's power and skills grew. By the EoS, Honoka could gather and generate enough force to wipe out a million strong army of Auto-Enforcers (robots) and tanks with a single move that didn't tire her at all.
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Battles » Sakura vs. Korra

@taichokage: She evaded Sasori's water jets, which're super-sonic. Those cut through solid rock like jelly and cut clouds. The lowest of which are 6000ft above ground.
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Battles » Sakura vs. Korra

@CerusSerenade: Iroh using himself as a lightning rod doesn't make Korra have lightning reflexes.
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Battles » Sakura vs. Korra

@CerusSerenade: Lightning generated by the Cast tends to be far, far slower than Actual lightning. Also Korra still needs to catch Sakura in the water to be effective, and Sakura is by far faster. Nvm that figures being trapped in water has happened before in the series. Remember Zabuza and his Water Prison? Nvm that Korra can't prevent Sakura from using jutsu, nor breaking out of the ice. Korra hasn't displayed the ability to create ice harder than what Sakura can break, given Sakura's insane strength feats.
Also, Bloodbending was never a big thing. Amon resisted it and Aang dispelled it through willpower. Sakura's chakra and gifts in healing and controlling the body, along with her super-human strength, is far more than Korra could hope to hold back via Blood Bending. So it was really a non-issue.
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Battles » Luffy vs Alita

@Jinbeifan1: Actually about SW that's quite false. The only OP figures in SW are Luke and Sidious. Everyone else gets exaggerated about quite hard. And even though the likes of Sid only have maybe lightspeed reflexes, the fans have screamed up and down how he can beat Superman, despite Supes proving and showing he has speeds far in excess of that and has telepathic defenses (Pre-52 Supes).
As far as Luffy and One Piece, the thing is I can't believe calcs that I haven't seen, nor that anyone has so far represented, only alluded to existing without providing the evidence. I have done so in the case of Alita. The speeds of everything in Battle Angel are not always stated. For the solitons bouncing around in Zazzie's head, we're told they're over Mach 5. However Alita's speed needed to eliminate them in such a brief time span had to be calculated appropriately. I ultimately came up with Mach 100, which was a fair estimation for 20thousand solitons. Because it said there were "Tens of thousands" of them, it can mean anywhere from 20-90thousand. So I used the lowest denomination to be fair to everybody.
If people want to say Luffy has Mach 400 speed, then fine, but they need to prove it. Display the evidence. Show scans of the scene and the calculations used to estimate time and distance to acquire the speed value. That's all that really needs to be done. So long as the estimations are fair. Hell some people still believe the Flying Nimbus in Dragonball is only Mach 1.5 when I can see during the Saiyan Saga that that thing was moving over Mach 50 while Goku was riding it.
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Battles » Lady Fight Night: 3 on 3

Team based battle between three SW females and three ladies from other media. Primarily anime/manga. They find themselves placed together within...ya know what? They're gonna fight inside of Rivendale in Middle-Earth. Cause F**k those stuck up elves.
Team Star Wars: Nomi Sunrider, Satele Shan and Mara Jade Skywalker. 
 Team Manga/Anime/VG: Aya Natsume, Honoka the Third and Ivy Valentine.

Whatever happens to the surroundings is of no consequence to any of them. Fight goes on until one team is entirely defeated. Now let's all enjoy a nice girlfight.
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Battles » Who in anime/manga can defeat Mxy (DC) and Q (ST)?

@mangafanVT said:

@Falbium_Asmodeus: saint seiya characters seem to be building lvl city lvl

*bops* no. We covered that. Bronze/Silver Saint are planetary level. Gold Saint are Galaxy+ to multi-galaxy level. God Saints are Universe+ level.
Also, for the rest. Beginning of this clip, Demonbane absorbs both Shining Trapezohedra and beats Nyarlathotep. At 6:25 during end credits we see the Elder Gods watching over their other selves and wishing them well.
  Demonbane is the win.
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Battles » Nightmare (Soul Calibur) vs Guts

@DBZ_universe: That too may not even be canon since it was a Bonus boss and Night Terror is supposed to be when Nightmare's power grows from absorbing a great many souls. However SC4 has indicated that there's a limit to how much Nightmare can contain because it was destroying his temporary body, thus the need for a host. Also NT isn't that different from Nightmare other than being larger, having some flight capacity and the ability to shoot a fiery heat beam. That was pretty much it.
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Battles » Nightmare (Soul Calibur) vs Guts

@akronawol17: No. Nightmare killed an army of regular medieval knights and absorbed their souls. He unleashed a blast and Zasalamel absorbed it. However that was only in the SC3 intro trailer and it's not exactly canon.
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Battles » Luffy vs Alita

@DeathHero61: Yeah I'm still waiting for someone to show actual evidence Here. Otherwise it's all just pointless hype with no payoff. Kinda like the "Man of Steel" movie.
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Battles » Alucard and Integra(Hellsing) enter the Holy Grail War

I can't see Alucard as even capable of killing Berserker. Alucard would have to specifically target their Magus to get anywhere, and Integra gets killed in like every match. Lancer would kill'er almost instantly with a Gae Bolg, to which Alucard would not be able to stop it.
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Battles » Nightmare (Soul Calibur) vs Guts

@Dream said:

I don't know enough on Soul Calibur to decide this match. But isn't Soul Edge, the weapon Nightmare is a living personification of, a weapon that can absorb souls?

I can'but only when the other person has been killed by Soul Edge. However, the Dragon Slayer can kill supernatural entities and even cut spirits and souls themselves. 

@Stingerrain said:

@SpeedForceSpider: Just the armor.

Indeed. Generally when people refer to Nightmare, it's referring to the personification of Soul Edge itself contained within the armor. Especially since it's been that way since Soul Calibur 2 after it was separated from Sigfried and reformed by Zasalamel into its own self. However SC4 has made it clear that Nightmare can't maintain its temporary form and needs a host. Tira tried to find one in SC3 but was warded off, but eventually Sophitia's daughter, Pyrrha, became host to Soul Edge in SC5. And she was a hell of a lot better of a character than her brother, Patroklos. He was so damned annoying.
Nightmare is a very aggressive fighter with a near identical fighting style to that of Sigfried's. It should be noted that Nightmare and Soul Edge itself has been defeated and broken multiple times. Taki, Sophitia, Killik, and Sigfried himself have all beaten Nightmare/Soul Edge. Taki originally defeated Soul Edge in the first game, then Sigfried became possessed by it and became Nightmare. After Sophitia shattered the blade, the possessed Sigfried went in search of the fragments. One of which was sealed inside Sophitia's body. In SC2, Killik defeats and purifies Sigfried, separating him from Soul Edge for good. In SC3, Zasalamel tries to absorb the power of both swords to break his curse and fails, separating the two once more. This leaves Sigfried in the possession of Soul Calibur and Nightmare escapes once more.
In SC4 Nightmare is finally killed, however Soul Edge then goes on to possess Pyrrha and at last has a body strong enough to contain it. We're not sure what the real ending of the game is yet and a lot of people were disappointed with the story. As of yet there's no word on a Soul Calibur 6 that would fix all of the terrible endings.
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Battles » Galen Marek vs Battle Angel Alita

@SpeedForceSpider: @taichokage: @hitsusatsu11: Don't worry citizens, I'll dice and cremate the hater arguments soon enough after I take a lil time to refresh myself over the events of the 1st TFU book, since that's all that's involved here. But I will still say a few things before I go off to read my books while butchering the Republic on SWTOR. Still a fun game and Imperial Agent Sniper and Sith Sorcerer are damned fun to play.
So then;
#1: General Kota is featless and doesn't exist prior to TFU.
#2: No one in TFU has ever fought a Magnaguard
#3A: No one in TFU has ever actually encountered the real Obi-Wan.
#3A: This extends to Vader who doesn't encounter Obi-Wan for another 3-4yrs and prior instances were as Anakin Skywalker when he wasn't 80% machine and as slow as an overstuffed goose.
#4: The abilities of other Jedi/Sith do not extend to Galen by virtue of drawing from the same power source. Each persons abilities develop in their own way.
And in the words of Uncle: "One More Thing!" 
Alita can regenerate and has an infinite power source.
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Battles » Nightmare (Soul Calibur) vs Guts

Gutts is a great character and a magnificent bad@ss.
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Battles » Galen Marek vs Battle Angel Alita

I don't see too much reason to unlock this, but s'fine. Instead of beating down every minute detail of the 'arguments' thus far, I will just discredit a few things and continue on.
Statemen: "Magnaguard have lightspeed Reflexes"
Reaction: "No."

  All visual evidence shows that this is not true. A so-far featless Ahsoka was able to eliminate three of them on her own during her first appearance in the TCW animated feature film that leads up into the series. Which is all canon and Disney is keeping it that way and building off it into their "Star Wars: Rebels" series airing in October.
Statement: "Striking a TIE-Fighter in flight gives you subluminal reflexes."
Response: "No."
TIE-Fighters max speed in atmosphere is 1200kph or 745mph, under Mach 1. The only times Galen ever hit a TIE was inside the Death Star. The inside of the DS is a fully atmosphere controlled environment to allow everyone on board to experience near normal gravity and breathable air. The only other time was on Kamino, and in that instance the 2nd Galen was riding atop a Rebel Fighter when he did so. And even then, still in atmosphere.
Statement: "Force Precog allows total knowledge of surroundings."
Response: "Not really."
As has been the case before, Precognition follows intent while Sense can allow the user to "see through the Force" and essentially 'feel' and 'see' everything around them. However, both such abilities have been tricked on more than one occasion. One such being the death of Andur Sunrider who, while distracted when rushing to the aid of his droid companion, was stung with a gorm-worm from a pirate behind him and was unable to deal with the poison, dying moments later. Such tactics as Distraction, Misdirection and Surprise have been the death of many Jedi and Sith and was one of the main reasons Order 66 was so efficient, because the Clones had no intention of killing any Jedi at all until that specific order was given, and since they didn't know when it would be given, there was no need to plan for it or think about it.
There's more I could say, but I got some work to do for awhile.
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Battles » Luffy vs Alita

@Jinbeifan1 said:

@SMXLR8: a guy called GM on narutoforums. He does most of the calcs for One Piece.

I don't put much stock in what they say, given they tried to claim Mace Windu has Mach 15thousand reaction speed. But that's a separate issue. Better for us to actually see the evidence and not go by what someone else on some other forum says.
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Battles » Luffy vs Alita

@takashichea: Thanks though and I was doing that on the other. Thought I removed those images from there first as I planned to delete, edit and then put them back up later. Was making a post there, but never went through last night 'cause thread was locked before I knew it. Oh well. I didn't even notice the splash tags until they were pointed out. So I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them from now on. 
: I don't have any further thoughts until people start showin what Luffy can do these days.
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Battles » Galen Marek vs Battle Angel Alita


No, not really it's something that can be done easily and at the drop of the hat. As take for example this instance.

That's Force Choke, not Force Crush. And again, requires Seeing the target. A live connection via Holo still makes a Visual Connection. It has nothing to do with range, only with what the Force user can See. Much of that is explained by HK-47 in how to kill them and how their abilities tend to function.

At approximately 1:38+ we see him do it with ease.

Yes and he was Looking at him the whole time he he was doing Force Choke. Which is, again, a completely Separate ability from Force Crush. Obi-Wan demonstrates Force Crush against two Battle Droids.

But even that's not impressive. Regular Clone Troopers can run up, tear their heads off and beat them down with bare hands if necessary.

What I just showed you several instances where force choke was done to sentient beings and that it actually worked. Are you messing with me or something. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Star Wars knows that force choke can be used on people.

Again, two different abilities. And Vader used it on people not expecting it and had no ability in the Force at all. It's still not the same as Force Crush, and even that's never been done against anything larger than a Human. Also, showing us what Vader can do isn't the same a showing what Galen Marek can do. While Alita doesn't use "The Force", she has electromagnetic powers and control, as well as the ability to generate and manipulate plasma. She can also sense ki.

What are these generalizations you are coming to coming from? Also, you should try telling that to all those storm troopers who got viciously murder by it. You do remember that even Galen Marek's clone could disintegrate hoards of them with it? Yeah, that is some resistance they got. I am pretty resistant to fire too just ignore the fact that it can horribly kill me.

Again you're completely mixing up abilities. Galen did not "disintegrate" Troopers with Force Crush. That's Force Wave, and that's something that he only ever did in the Trailers. Galen never disintegrated people with the Force in the novelizations or in cut scenes within the games themselves. I know cause I have both novels. Read them cover to cover and they remove a lot of the fluff from the games.

Do you have calculations to actually prove all of that or are just pulling random numbers out of nowhere? You are going to need heavy proof to prove that Alita is actually FTL and I do mean that with an emphasis on heavy because I don't what you are talking about you say that.

Unlike the majority of SW fans, I actually have evidence and proof and not pointless and horrible speculation.

Also, never said Alita was FTL. Superluminal is more like sublight and closer to lightspeed. And as I said, it required specific conditions to be met.

Toji had done something similar before in an earlier match, but again requires very specific conditions to perform.

The bold is what is important as they have an acceleration of 1250 m/s^2 meaning that both Obiwan and Qui Gon Jinn could reach high supersonic speeds if only given a whole second. That's how ridiculous their acceleration is.

I should point out that he is BS'ing out his ass. That's not acceleration. That's the editing team switching from Live to Green Screened CGI footage of them using Force Speed. It's just the transition from the Live Feed to the CGI. Also, his math is complete BS as well. To go a distance of 1meter in 0.04sec is a speed of 25m/s. You know how fast that is? 55.9mph. That's it. This is using an actual Calculator. This is why SW fans need to go back to school. They need to stop inventing numbers and learn how to do Math properly. And Star Wars writers need to do the same and learn actual Physics.

The latter worked against Caerula Sanguis whose power was not precognition it was a form of prediction of an opponent's moves kind of like what the Midnighter does. They assess all possible moves an opponent could make and counter the most likely action. Which is why Alita's split intent worked. Force precognition on the other is not about reading an opponents future moves by analyzing their behavior and intent. It's about literally sensing the future like with Spiderman's spider sense.

It only worked against Caerula all of once because the first time it was unexpected. Also, you're wrong about how Force Precog works. It is almost entirely about Intent. And it can be tricked rather easily, as explained in the HK-47 video. Peter's Spider-Sense is completely different, and even that can be tricked.

Which you have neglected to actually apply any context for as from my position it just looks faster than eye and some after-images unless you want to apply some calculation to it. It better make sense though.

As shown, Alita in a damaged Tuned body was hypersonic. In Imaginos1.0 against Caerula she's even faster.

And in Imaginos 2.0 she exceeds all limits. She literally performs brain surgery to counteract tens of thousands of waves rebounding within Zazie's skull at Mach5+speeds, and had to create a counter-wave for each and every one of them within nary an instant to save her.

At minimum she counters 20thousand invisible, microscopic particles in Zazie's head that move in excess of Mach5 (Hypersonic Speed) and does so within a second or two. Sechs only job is to keep the vibrations from this from destroying the bedframe. This really doesn't require more of an explanation. But I'll say a bit more anyway. The average adult skull is 8.2in long and 6.9in wide. A cranial capacity of about 990ccm's (Cubic Centimeters). It would take an object moving at 55mph 0.15sec to move a distance of 8.2in. An object moving at Mach 1 would take 0.0107sec. More than 10x faster. Mach 5, 0.00215sec.

The soliton waves were moving in excess of Mach 5. So in less than 1/500th of a second, each of them was bounding randomly around inside Zazie's head. And in faster than 1/10000th of a second, Alita was countering them. That's 20x Faster. That would actually place her reaction and striking speed at Mach 100. And that's at the very least.


Remove Scans that have Pirated Watermarks

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Battles » Galen Marek vs Battle Angel Alita

@FalconC2: Force Crush requires Focus and, more importantly, to see the target. FC against a Sentient being has never been performed because they naturally resist influence over their bodies. Hence the most any Force user has ever done is a Force Choke. Which is completely ineffective against Alita. Alita has full control over her body, which is a living machine with Imaginos 2.1+ and she's impervious to mental effects and attacks.
In terms of speed, she was low hypersonic in her Tuned body. Imaginos 1.0 she was high hyper-sonic, and 2.0 she's over Mach50 and, under specific conditions, can even achieve superluminal speeds. Alita also has mind tricks of her own and can manipulate her opponents mind with Mental Emptiness, and she can project her Intent as illusions to create Astral Doppelgangers. Ultimately Alita is already so fast that she can separate Galen's head and limbs from his body before the Force can tell him how boned he is.
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