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I like to procrastinate on my paper about A Clockwork Orange (by Anthony Burgess) so I decided to do another cosplay update blog!
I finally took some more cosplay shots of random things I've worked on. I also finally ordered my wigs... yes plural. My Yoko wig will have a removable ponytail and instead of buying wefts, I decided I'll use another wig to have a fuller effect.

Anyway, on to the pictures! I will eventually have shots where you can see me where stuff but for now these will do.

Here are pics of my scarf/neck warmer:
On the right, you can see my template. I used a spare newspaper to figure out how big the stripes should be. The white fleece was sewn between the large piece of material so the scarf can be a bit more fluffier.

Here's my "work in progress" shorts:

They are really ugly right now because well... it's in progress obviously. I need to add the waistband, shorten the pair a bit more, and hem the bottom. It's still a bit bigger than I am so I need to take it in a bit more.

I also took a picture of my current workstation:

My Cosplay Workstation
My Cosplay Workstation
It's quite messy... I usually work in my room but I like having a large table so I'm working on my stuff downstairs for now.

I have also tried the eyebrow tutorial I posted on Gia's wig related blog. The tutorial teaches you how to make your eyebrows a different color using washable glue and acrylic paint.
Here are the results:
Excuse my acne... I'm just a bit stressed from school is all. Anyway, I think the results are fairly fine when it comes to far away shots like the picture on the right. The picture on the left is a closeup to show off all the flaws of the paint job. I did it fairly quickly though so it could just be my lazy self not doing a proper job. I also didn't paint some parts of my eyebrow because those are parts I would plan to either get done at a salon place or to cover up with makeup (I wouldn't wanna waste my cosplay makeup* on a test run...). Overall, I'm impressed by this ghetto method.

*I don't own makeup I use everyday. I own makeup I only use for cosplaying purposes. I'm not joking either... I hate makeup. I want to scratch makeup on my face whenever I am forced to use it. I'm not allergic... it's just annoying to have stuff on your face.

Stuff that's remaining:
  • Wig styling
  • Boots
  • Fixing shorts and bikini top
  • Working out more to tone the stomach haha
  • Practicing the technique for eyebrow coloring so it looks better
  • Optional by Fanime: her gun (if I don't finish it by Fanime, it'll get done for Anime Expo)
  • Make her belt. I bought studs and belt material so I gotta hammer those suckers onto the band.
I think that's all. There's probably more but here's a tentative list of things that I can think up off the top of my head. It's 1 AM after posting this blog entry so I probably missed something.

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