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Yay for minimal cosplay progress. -_- I'm getting there... slowly that's why it's progress number 1.5 rather than 2. I'm in no rush since I have plenty of time for this cosplay (Fanime is during Memorial Day weekend in May) but still. You know the drill, click the image to see it zoomed.

So here's what I have so far:

Yoko Bangle stuff
Yoko Bangle stuff
So this is my newly spray painted bangle thingies. Those bloody yellow half-balls are so annoying. When I colored the flat side of them, the paint was not dry enough apparently and grabbed some of the newspaper print. That was annoying because it would not peel off so I had to add even MORE yellow paint... that was not cool. The black paint on the bangles turned out spiffy though. Random fact: Most stores sell plain, black bangles for 7 USD! That's insane for just ONE bangle... I've looked for cheaper in store but I said screw it and bought it on Ebay.

Chopsticks and Bikini top unfinished
Chopsticks and Bikini top unfinished
I bought some bamboo chopsticks that came in a set. I didn't want to hang them on strings to spray paint them evenly so I just stuck them into a styrofoam circle thing I found in my house. You can see it deteriorated from the paint.
Here's what I have of the bikini so far. My sewing machine ate one of them pretty badly but it isn't noticeable unless you really stare at it so I'm okay with it. I'm waiting for my bikini straps to flatten out since I can't just buy vinyl bias tape (or I haven't found them anywhere...) so I'll add those once they get flattened. You can see the vast improvement from the template in my previous blog post versus this one right here. =) Well it's obvious that a template is just a template but still.

Okay mini-rant time!
Despite living in California, it's cold. Annoyingly cold. I know I know I shouldn't complain because CA actually has awesome weather but it makes me want to work less on my cosplay. For one thing, it's too cold to try on the cosplay stuff I make (hello Yoko, she wears barely ANYTHING) so I'm feelingGUH whenever I have to try anything on right now.

Tiny rant is tiny. I think I'll work on Yoko's scarf while the weather is icky and cold. I bought plain fabric though... I'm not sure if I should just buy fleece or stick with the plain fabric. I may make both we'll see. I should also order my wig and boots soon so I can get started on those. I found the perfect boots but they're... fifty bucks. Bye bye money~~~
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