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Summer is busy...hmm.
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I'm finally getting some type of progress done. Woot! If you wanna see any of these pictures zoomed in, just click on the picture itself and it'll go to my Flickr page. Each picture has it's own mini-description on the Flickr page if you wanna read more about each picture.

First up, I'd like to show you all what has happened to my floor because of this cosplay:

Next, the box thingy in the back of Yoko's gun... I keep forgetting what it's called but whatever:

It's actually covered already but this is a semi-old picture. I just wanted to take a picture of the insides because it looks so weird.

Here are the ugly bangles I bought on Ebay that will eventually be spray painted black:

These are the tiny half-balls (haha half-balls XD) that will be attached to the bangles after I spray paint everything:

I baked them in the oven since it's clay. That's why it's on wax paper and a metal tin thing.

I actually made a template for my bikini top and it works:

Fear the ghettoness of my template. =P

As for non-related Yoko progress, I recently bought a blind figure box and got Mikuru wearing her Gekisou outfit:

She's so adorable. =3
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