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I pretty much finished the wig to the best of my noob abilities. I really didn't know what I was doing half the time but I tried. It turned out... decent I guess. If you don't care about the methods and/or process, just look at the last two pictures and you'll see the finished wig.

Before I begin, I thought I'd show you how my (exciting!) wig stand looks like:

Wig Stand
Wig Stand
My dad gave me a large "nail," two pieces of spare wood, and a PVC pipe that the nail fits in. I just suckerfalconpunched that nail and place the PVC pipe around it and BAM instant wig stand.

Let's start with the normal cutting stuff:

So from my previous wig-related blog entry, you can see where I sectioned off the wig and how I tried to figure out Yoko's bangs. Despite knowing in my head what I wanted, I ended up not following the sections I clipped perfectly. I followed the sections initially but I had to move parts of sections around and add more hair from one area to another. The cut pieces (first picture) can be used as wefts if I want to add something to the wig but for now they're just sitting in a sandwich bag.

What methods I FAILED:

There's a couple of methods I looked up online but they don't exactly work for Yoko's bangs (or I just plain suck). The first method I tried (look at first and second picture) was using hair rollers and pins to curl up the bangs in their respective sections. This didn't work because the pins ended up creasing the wig's fibers and it didn't really curl enough because I didn't put enough hairspray. I had to use a hair straightener (set on low) to remove the creases. That was not fun. I also had to rinse off all the hairspray because it hardened the wig fibers a bit.
My second method was to let the rollers hold by themselves and put a bit more hairspray (pictures 2-6). I didn't use the pins to hold them down this time so I could avoid the creases. This method didn't work either because It ended up not curling at all. I rinsed the wig a couple times (like seen in the fifth picture) and ended up with something that resembles the last picture.
There's a couple other methods I tried but I can't remember at the top of my head. I might have blocked them from memory. I also don't have picture to job my memory so OH WELL.

I was getting mad at myself for being crappy at wig styling. Well everyone has to start somewhere I guess but still.

The method that worked for me:

Working with the wig was getting me agitated. I decided to look at several different angles I could find of Yoko's hair instead of focusing on how other cosplayers did their wigs. Her hair does inconsistent things in the anime after re-watching a couple episodes so I decided to screw it and make it spikyish.
So I sectioned each part of her bangs in the first three pictures. After getting the base of each "spike," I started shaving parts of the wig fibers that are below each bang to make it a bit thinner when it reaches the pointy part of each spike. It also makes the bang look fuller from the top. I then used a hair curler (on super duper low so it doesn't melt the wig) to make it curl a little bit.

After deciding where bangs go, I started putting pins around each spike's ends (as you can see in the last two pictures). I would hairspray the sucker enough to be hard. I left the hairspray to dry and eventually starting moving bangs into the position I wanted them to be in. After deciding exactly where I want things, I repinned each of the hardened bangs to place and hairsprayed like crazy again.

This method wasn't full proof. Before pinning the ends of bangs, I tried just hairspraying each bang. That didn't really work because while it was wet, the hair that makes up each bang would spread apart. I also had to make sure I hairsprayed the bottom of each bang without making it stick to the mannequin head. That was annoying. I learned that using a water spraybottle helps loosen any mistake I did even if the bang was hard.

And here's the end result:

The ponytail wig needs to be combed a bit more but other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with the wig for my first time styling. I have no idea how to make her side bang "poofy" out of her head (the one with her skull pin) so I decided I'll just leave the side bang against the hair. Ignore the pins I left on the head... I forgot to remove them when I took the pics.

If you're wondering why I'm not wearing it, I left my wig caps at a friend's house and I haven't bothered her about it yet so just wait a while. =) If you are curious, the ponytail reaches roughly my bum. In my next Yoko cosplay update, I'll have a picture of myself actually wearing parts of the cosplay.

On my to do list:
  • hammer in studs on my belt
  • make that long glove she wears on her left arm
  • order my boots and paint them
  • fix up my random accessories

Pimpin' Ain't Easy: I "guest-starred" on the podcast run by Moonstorm and Lunarmoth. I talk about some cosplay stuff at the end of the ending theme so if you care to listen, check out the podcast right here.

tl;dr: My first attempt at wig styling was... okay. I may have failed a couple methods but I found my own and it worked out fairly well.

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