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I don't have enough pictures to do another Yoko cosplay progress update so I'll talk about exercising (but hey my Yoko cosplay is one of my motivations to exercise more so it's kind of related haha)!

So one of my resolutions has been to keep exercising regularly (not daily or else your body would get used to it and thus waste time exercising). So it's been going pretty well. I dropped down two pants sizes so now I'm a size 6. I can't wear size 8 pants without wearing a belt now so that's good. I usually exercise at around 5 PM my time but there are times when I just pick random times because of weird reasons. I do try to stay consistent though.

Here's what I would normally do when I do feel like exercising:
  • my stretches to warm up
  • 20+ crunches (it depends on what type of crunches I do since I change it up)
  • 15ish push ups (I lack upper body strength...)
  • lift 5 to 10 pound weight thingies to tone the arms out
  • run for 20ish minutes using something I like to call portions. Everything is in 30 second durations. Power walk 4 mpg, change to 7 mpg, back to 4 mpg, to 8 mpg, to 4 mpg, to 9 mpg and then rinse, cycle and repeat.
  • Brisk walk for a couple minutes so my leg muscles don't feel tense after the vigorous and odd running cycle
  • do other stretches and maybe killers

So do any of you exercise and if yes what do you do normally? How many times do you do it a week?
If you are a lazy bum (heck I used to be one too haha), what do you do to not become too engrossed with sitting on your bum and watching tv/use your computer? I know my bum falls asleep after sitting on my computer all day sometimes.

Also, is there any other exercises I should be doing? I really want to tone my belly since it could do a bit more work. I'm also trying to change it up a bit because it can get boring to do the same thing over and over again.
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