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I got my Tsumugi wig in the mail today and it is safe to say that I don't make a good blonde. Oh well, can't back down now seeing as I've already bought a good chunk of materials for the cosplay already. I guess I'll have to figure out how to put makeup to look half decent... The wig itself is nice if I actually put my hair properly inside the wig but I can't for the life of me find my wig cap so I just put the wig on without one. You can see my black hair creep eerily in the back but pretend you don't see that. It's a bit lighter than what I wanted but ahh life goes on.

As for progress, I've found two things for her hair accessories. One was a plastic coconut drink container which I'll use for her hat; it will get covered with fabric but for now it's just painted white. The other thing I made is her green star that adorns her head. And for good measure, I included a reference shot with MS Painted circles.

And on a completely random note, I got two spiffy art books from Kinokuniya recently. Noizi Ito's Haruhi art book and the Kamina and Simon combo one by Atsushi Nishigori (TTGL's character designer). The Haruhi one is stuff I can easily find online but it's a hardcover art book and is pretty to stare at. The Kamina/Simon one has lovely art that is entirely new to the book and it includes mini prints of some pieces you can put wherever.

If you can recall that one news article with Kamina on a segway, I have proof of where it is from. In the Gurren Lagann: The Movie's Official Fanbook, there's a bunch of doujinshi stuff in the back and one of them has Kamina on the segway. Here's pictures:

And on another random note, I redid my closet doors with more Gurren Lagann stuff. I still haven't finished redoing it but here's my wall of stuff for now:

And I think that's all for now. Until next time~
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