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After having my last blog post with my cosplay choices, I've decided to pick Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On!~ So, to go with my new cosplay in-the-making, I made my profile avatar/header/profile pic to match. It's weird going from Yoko to Mugi but hey I'll get used to it. I think.

Thanks to all who have viewed my Yoko cosplay updates! I hope you enjoy the next series of cosplay bloggin' <3

So now I'm in a slight dilemma. Which version of Mugi should I do? At first, I was going to do the "Don't Say Lazy" ED version but then I stared at her hair... it's in a weird, funky bun so I'll pass. I have no idea how I'd do that. At least with Yoko, I could just do a ponytail cheat thing but I don't think I can cheat a hair bun.

Losty (Agent_Lost) has kindly reminded me about the retro outfit that appears on episode 6. It's quite a summer-y outfit if I do say so myself. For those that don't know or remember, this episode is about the school festival. While they perform, the scene cuts to them performing on outdoors stages while running away from cops.

So now, onto my two choices: School uniform versus retro outfit! DUN DUUUN DUUUUUUUN.

I like both outfits so I'm not sure which one to do. Yes I could do both but I'd rather stick with one for now. If I find it in me, I'll do both. They both are relatively easy to do so that isn't a factor at all. So which version should I do, retro or uniform?
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