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I have recently retrieved a credit card so I won't have to depend on my parents or brothers to order things online for me. Since I don't absently sign up for things, I check the private policy, read the contract, and do any other information sleuthing before actually getting the bloody card.

After reading the contract, I realize that these card companies try to confuse you with their own jargon and other such nonsense. It isn't actually difficult to understand contracts and such but they are annoying to read. The most annoying part "shopping" for a credit card is how they structure their credit to their customers. There are just too many APR rates to go around but as long as you pay everything on time (instead of paying the minimum amount per month), I won't have to worry about a thing. The APR rates are so high too... I don't see why people would charge on their credit card so much if they can't just pay in full by the end of the month.

Looking for benefits is a very irritable process too. I know I won't spend too much to get any type of reward from them so there's almost no point to look for any.

Credit cards are such a nuisance but they aren't so bad if you pay everything in full instead of getting dragged into paying those crazy interest rates.

My first credit card purchases were wigs for my Yoko cosplay. I'm quite excited to get them in the mail but I won't be getting them for a while. takes 15 business days to receive the wig because of some "special order" process they have to go through... and then the additional shipping from UPS. I ordered another wig from Cosworx for the ponytail on Yoko (a separate wig means a fuller ponytail without having to do wefts). Cosworx has been good to be since they're shipping and handling tends to be fast. I believe they're located in Nevada if I remember correctly...

The Amphigory wig I ordered was the Femme Fatale wig in "Ravished Red." This wig will be the base where I will style Yoko's bangs and stuff. Here's an example picture of the style:

Femme Fatale Wig from Amphigory
Femme Fatale Wig from Amphigory
The Cosworx wig I ordered was the Punky XL wig in party color red. This will be used as the ponytail. Here's how this one looks like:

Punky XL wig from Cosworx
Punky XL wig from Cosworx
Yes it looks ridiculous but I saw another Yoko cosplayer use this wig as the ponytail and I thought it looked amazing. It just needs some restyling done and a butterfly hair clip so it attaches to the other wig.

How did you deal with credit cards and their respective companies? Did you just sign up for one for the sake of having one or did you do extensive research like I did? Are you currently in any huge debts to credit card companies?

And just for the sake of asking, do you find mannequin heads scary? I prefer the foam ones so they don't look like freakish robots such as the ones I pictured here...
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I like to procrastinate on my paper about A Clockwork Orange (by Anthony Burgess) so I decided to do another cosplay update blog!
I finally took some more cosplay shots of random things I've worked on. I also finally ordered my wigs... yes plural. My Yoko wig will have a removable ponytail and instead of buying wefts, I decided I'll use another wig to have a fuller effect.

Anyway, on to the pictures! I will eventually have shots where you can see me where stuff but for now these will do.

Here are pics of my scarf/neck warmer:
On the right, you can see my template. I used a spare newspaper to figure out how big the stripes should be. The white fleece was sewn between the large piece of material so the scarf can be a bit more fluffier.

Here's my "work in progress" shorts:

They are really ugly right now because well... it's in progress obviously. I need to add the waistband, shorten the pair a bit more, and hem the bottom. It's still a bit bigger than I am so I need to take it in a bit more.

I also took a picture of my current workstation:

My Cosplay Workstation
My Cosplay Workstation
It's quite messy... I usually work in my room but I like having a large table so I'm working on my stuff downstairs for now.

I have also tried the eyebrow tutorial I posted on Gia's wig related blog. The tutorial teaches you how to make your eyebrows a different color using washable glue and acrylic paint.
Here are the results:
Excuse my acne... I'm just a bit stressed from school is all. Anyway, I think the results are fairly fine when it comes to far away shots like the picture on the right. The picture on the left is a closeup to show off all the flaws of the paint job. I did it fairly quickly though so it could just be my lazy self not doing a proper job. I also didn't paint some parts of my eyebrow because those are parts I would plan to either get done at a salon place or to cover up with makeup (I wouldn't wanna waste my cosplay makeup* on a test run...). Overall, I'm impressed by this ghetto method.

*I don't own makeup I use everyday. I own makeup I only use for cosplaying purposes. I'm not joking either... I hate makeup. I want to scratch makeup on my face whenever I am forced to use it. I'm not allergic... it's just annoying to have stuff on your face.

Stuff that's remaining:
  • Wig styling
  • Boots
  • Fixing shorts and bikini top
  • Working out more to tone the stomach haha
  • Practicing the technique for eyebrow coloring so it looks better
  • Optional by Fanime: her gun (if I don't finish it by Fanime, it'll get done for Anime Expo)
  • Make her belt. I bought studs and belt material so I gotta hammer those suckers onto the band.
I think that's all. There's probably more but here's a tentative list of things that I can think up off the top of my head. It's 1 AM after posting this blog entry so I probably missed something.

Previous Yoko Cosplay Blog Entries:
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I'm super excited for Fanime this year. I'm trying to muster two costumes for myself (and others for friends) so hopefully I'll get lots of people to take pics =) I can't wait until Fanime~
What's Awesome: Yoko cosplay definitely, trying to get my friend's cosplay design from Naruto done (yup yup narutard indeed but whatever. =P), getting all of my other friends' cosplays done
What's Crappy: BUSY BUSY BUSY before the convention. I'm killing myself time-wise basically. School is aggrivating too...

I am also hoping to go to Anime Expo this year. I've never been to a convention in SoCal so I'm trying to plan that out. If not, maybe Comic Con or something.
What's Awesome: road-trip with people (well hopefully not just one person other than myself haha), going to SoCal since I haven't in a while
What's Crappy: money issues, parking issues, living quarters issue...
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I don't have enough pictures to do another Yoko cosplay progress update so I'll talk about exercising (but hey my Yoko cosplay is one of my motivations to exercise more so it's kind of related haha)!

So one of my resolutions has been to keep exercising regularly (not daily or else your body would get used to it and thus waste time exercising). So it's been going pretty well. I dropped down two pants sizes so now I'm a size 6. I can't wear size 8 pants without wearing a belt now so that's good. I usually exercise at around 5 PM my time but there are times when I just pick random times because of weird reasons. I do try to stay consistent though.

Here's what I would normally do when I do feel like exercising:
  • my stretches to warm up
  • 20+ crunches (it depends on what type of crunches I do since I change it up)
  • 15ish push ups (I lack upper body strength...)
  • lift 5 to 10 pound weight thingies to tone the arms out
  • run for 20ish minutes using something I like to call portions. Everything is in 30 second durations. Power walk 4 mpg, change to 7 mpg, back to 4 mpg, to 8 mpg, to 4 mpg, to 9 mpg and then rinse, cycle and repeat.
  • Brisk walk for a couple minutes so my leg muscles don't feel tense after the vigorous and odd running cycle
  • do other stretches and maybe killers

So do any of you exercise and if yes what do you do normally? How many times do you do it a week?
If you are a lazy bum (heck I used to be one too haha), what do you do to not become too engrossed with sitting on your bum and watching tv/use your computer? I know my bum falls asleep after sitting on my computer all day sometimes.

Also, is there any other exercises I should be doing? I really want to tone my belly since it could do a bit more work. I'm also trying to change it up a bit because it can get boring to do the same thing over and over again.
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Today I bought a new pair of Converse. The picture quality is icky, I really should get a new camera:

New shoes <3
New shoes <3
Excuse the Mario boxers. XD I use them as shorts around the house when I'm not gonna go anywhere and I was too lazy to change to normal shorts. They took FOREVER to lace up. Each shoe was roughly 15 minutes to re-lace. They reach just below my knees. So this new pair is my 19th pair of Converse Chucks.

Speaking of my pairs of Chucks... I can share my collection with you guys. :D It'll be obvious that my favorite shoes are Chucks when you see all the pics.
Here's my gajillion pictures of Chucks: (if you click each picture, you can see it bigger on my Flickr page)

Those are all of them lined up in a row. The cool looking one is the clear one in the bottom left picture next to the white pair with colorful writing on it. It's neat to wear weird socks and be able to see through the shoe.

My favorite pair of all is...

D'aww adorable Baby Chucks! =3 They used to sit on my lamp but now they sit in my car.

The only solid color I'm missing is purple and pink but I don't like those colors so I won't be getting them.
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