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Summer is busy...hmm.
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There's plenty of personal reasons why I haven't been here but they are...personal for a reason.
Of course, not all my reasons are too personal. One reason why I haven't been on in so long is because of I've been rather busy. School and what not has stockpiled itself and I haven't had the time to swing by here. Pretty much the rest of my reasons I'd rather keep to myself.
I apologize that I just fell off the face of the planet. I hope to swing by more (but not as active as I used to be). I'd like to thank the AV staff for letting me be a mod and I hope everything has been going well. I know I've had some PMs that I should be answering but they're months old now... if anyone still wants to keep in contact, I will provide my IMing screen name(s) or email if you PM me now. I'm getting back to the flow of things again.
Again, sorry everyone!
P.S. It is crunch time for Fanime. May 28th is the start of it... and of course because I'm busy and procrastinating, I'm very behind. But I shall get my things done (...hopefully). I'll post pictures of progress on this blog and respective forum boards in a couple weeks time.
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