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Uh, hi! I've never had a blog before (I guess because my life isn't that interestting) so I guess I'll just update it when something interesting happens. Like last Friday, I biked down to this huged plot of land with my friend's PinkSakura1o1, and LittleTurtle. The trip was long and I was behind them for the most part but that didn't really matter then. As we were biking we passed by a small farm which was run by a solar panels set up on large poles all over the crop fields. As I was biking I saw a hawk on one of the solar panels. I asked PinkSakura1o1 if she saw it but she hadn't. So I took out my camera and took some pictures of the magnificent creature. He neither looked at me or flew away, like I was simply below and not a possible threat or interest at all. I even whistled at him and he looked the other way!

After that, we continued biking to the Masa. ONce there it was a pain getting our bikes up onto the trail but we did it eventually and continued on the dirt path. Eventually we came to a crossroad to go left or right; the swing or the beach. First we wen't down the hill and dropped off out bikes along the path before coninuting down the much more challening hike. Finally when we got there I noticed a group of adolesent males (probably middle schoolers at maximum) playing on the hanging swing about fourty meters away. They didn't really even know we were there so we continued to the wooden plank and rope swing. Immediatly upon examining it LittleTurtle complained that the swing was messed up. At first I didn't understand what she meant I thought it was a normal swing you put your legs through but she said it was a one with rope in the middle. The swing was like this /_\ but much steeper so you had to sit on the ropes. I'd tried going on it but it cut into my legs and left rope burns on my lower legs from where my friends had tried to stop the swing (I still have them).

When we finished there we began to go back onto the trail we had come in when I heard the boys from earlier go the swing we'd been at. "Hey!" one of them called up. I forgot what he had said after that but one of his friends shouted, "Will you text me?"

LittleTurtle replied, "I don't have you number." As we kept walking. PinkSakura1o1 tried to tell us not to encourage them.

"If I gave it to you would you?" he shouted.

"Never~!" I called back.

Then I heard, "Nice ass!" and I didn't even want to reply.

"Where are you going?" another shouted.

"To our bikes." LittleTurtle said.

"Can we come with you?" one asked, "We don't know our way out."

"You know how you got in here, you know how to get back out." I'd said.

My comment was replied with a "that's what she said" and they were out of our hair.

We biked to the beach from there and dropped our bikes a couple yards from the edge of the bluffs. We sat down on the trail mere inches from the edge. Suddenly someone came out of the water and I heard PinkSakura1o1 say, "Is that guy naked?!" From the distance we were at he was about the size of a baby rolly-polly and I thought he was a girl in a skin colored bikini. I took out my camera and zoomed in on him, only to press the focaser and see....! A butt. It was a guy. I almost screamed holy shit after the appiffany hit me.

"Wait let me see." PinkSakura1o1 said leaning over my shoulder to see. And then the focoasser cleared so much you could perfectly see his ass. "I thought you said you couldn't see anything?!" she yelled.

"That didn't happen until you came!" I yelled back.

"Guys let me see!" LittleTurtile whined, snatching the camera. "What're you talking about? I can't see anything!" she declared. I hurriedly took my camera and showed her a glimpse before I saw he turned to the side... I turned it off and realized he was peeing... After that he turned around like he knew we were watching him and gave us his backside once more before posing.

Basically that was my Friday, the most eventful day in my adolescent life.

RavenBuster - Out

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