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Black Women in Anime

For the women who don't appear often but are super cool; and black.

1. Jackie Tristan
2. Yoruichi Shihoin
3. Karui
4. Mabui
5. Chico=C=Hammitt
6. Franceska Mila Rose
7. Tier Halibel

She's not necessarily black, but her skin is deep tan as though she had a white parent.

8. Fuu
9. Storm
10. Iris

I seriously hate this character, but I wanted to be fair.

11. Alphard

Again, she isn't necessarily black but she most likely had a white parent.

12. Kaolla Su

I'm doing my best not to put ecchi girls on this list, but I sort of like her.

13. Anthy Himemiya
14. Rose Tomas
15. Blackrose
16. Hannah Anafeloz
17. Karako Koshio
18. Paninya
19. Libra
20. Mira Naigus
21. Pot of Thunder
22. Sue
23. Moriya
24. Morii
25. Gidget
26. Vier
27. Inukashi
28. Blue
takashichea moderator is online on May 24, 2013 at 12:07 a.m.

Moriya and Morii are not black. They are dark skinned Japanese characters. Here is Gidget for your list.

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