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Awesome Story Concepts

My favorite concepts in a story; etc, Yokai

1. Vampires
2. Yokai
3. Catgirl
4. Catboy
5. Age Change

Even though I don't necessarily like this concept, it can make cute sub-plots such as episode 5 of Kamisama Kiss when Tomoe is turned into a child. He was unterlly adorable and made that my favorite episode.

6. Alchemy

It's just epic OK?

7. Alter Ego

For the most part I find these really cool such as in Black Rock Shooter, it makes the action scenes really epic!

8. Alternate Reality

I enjoy plots with story arcs when characters meet their alter-ego.

9. Angels

Angels are sick, but not ecchi angels they cannot be considered angels then.

10. Arrogant

Arrogance in a male lead can make the entire show hilarious I feel it works well in a male lead within a Shoujo.

11. Assassins

What can I say? Assassins make great action scenes

12. Avatar

There aren't a lot of gaming anime I've gotten into other than SAO but they are seriously cool.

13. Bad Ass Fight Scene

Well if you don't have one of these then your story sucks.

14. Bite Marks

It goes with vampires okay?

15. Bookworm

I like characters like these because they remind me of me. Also they have the most humor and wisdom.

16. Bounty Hunter

What could be more attractive than a bounty hunter? Male and female.

17. Brothers
18. Brother and Sister
19. Cait Sith

I just love anything with cat-people

20. Celestial Spirits

I wish more of these guys would make appearances.

21. Childhood Friend
22. Childhood Promise
23. Comedy
24. Crossover
25. Dark Side
26. Demon Eyes
27. Demons
28. Dhampirs
29. Dreams & Nightmares
30. Dying With a Smile
31. Elf
32. End of the World
33. Evil
34. Evil Twin
35. Fairy
36. Familiar
37. Fan Disservice

I know its gross but I can't stop laughing. Do you not see this?!

38. Fantasy And Fairy Tales
40. Freaky Friday Flip
41. Genderbend
42. Ghost Stories
43. Good Turned Bad
44. Halloween
45. Hot-blooded
46. Japanese Archery
47. Japanese Festival
48. Japanese Music
49. Jealousy
50. Kami
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