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Super Robot Wars Mechs you probably don't know about, but can rival and even are better then the best anime mechs! 
1.DaiGenGuard(Daizengar)/ Super Robot Wars Origanal Generation(Chuck Norris of robots) 
2.Valzacard/ in Super Robot Wars W( most original badass mech) 
3.Ialdabaoth/ Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden 
4.Lichkeit/  Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 ( this things crazy and Alfimi is adorable) 
5.Gunleon/ Super Robot Wars Z  ( LAND CRUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!)
Post by ramen_reimu (8 posts) See mini bio Level 5

General Discussion » sitting by and staring out the window during class

I did notice that usually most main charecters looking out the window and being melancholy, but then again if there's a window in class I can't help but look through and talk about current events in my head
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