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I wasn't at NYCC but CMX posted a podcast of their panel (http://tinyurl.com/codj6a). During the question period, someone asked about the Rose of Versailles and if it was getting published anytime soon. Its just after the 12 min mark *sigh* I really wish the guy doing the panel would have THOUGHT before opening his mouth on the topic. He said that it was a "very long series" and that there isn't much of a market in it, since the fanbase isn't very large since its an older title.
Well, a quick visit to good old wiki tells me:
a) its 10 volumes long. I wouldn't call it LONG by any stretch of the imagination. That's a rather decent length
b) the manga and anime have been translated into Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Indonesian and Chinese
c) its extremely popular in the academic field, both on its own and in shoujo manga. I know that I've run across to references to this title a couple of times

Hmm, now without having read it... I think that with some decent PR work, they can stir up a rather BIG market for it. Just go to a few cons, mention "oh btw, we're doing Rose of Versailles", get a few ads out in some anime magazines, put some ads on your website and a few others, not that much work really . Not to mention, just the word of mouth of this coming out in English will get a lot of attention and people will buy this. I will buy this!! I *want* to read this!! I can't read of the languages its out in.

I get the feeling that he doesn't know about the title and just assumed that it was some random title the girl threw out. And fair enough, there's a lot of manga out there, but if you're going to use the excuse "its a really long series", then you better know what you're talking about. Why couldn't he have admitted that he hadn't heard of the title and said that one of the problems with publishing older titles is finding a decent market. Then I wouldn't have had a problem with his statement but because he tried to pretend that he knew what she was talking about (and got CAUGHT by the questioner), I have issues with his statement.

Please people, think before you speak. If someone asks WHY a certain title isn't being picked up and you don't know what it is, don't try and BS your way through it. Admit that you don't know the title and list a few suggestions.
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