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Raiku Tensu was born in the land of lightning to the village hidden among clouds. Orphaned at an early age due to the constant strife between the  village hidden among leaves and the village hidden among clouds. He lived in the village streets homeless like a petty theif. Stealing food from people walking down streets in order to survive. That all changed one day when he attemped to steal from a man called Yoshiro Roshi better know by the village as the Vanishing Sage due to his godly speed. As Raiku attemped to steel bread from him he found his speed to be formidible but Raiku was also fast to so much so that Yoshiro was impressed by his speed especially considering it was unrefined and untrained . He decided to offer Raiku all his food in exchange Raiku must come with his doujo hidden deep in the cloud mountains there he gave Raiku a form of test to see if his talent was truly what Yoshiro had believed it to be. To Yoshiro's suprise his natural reflexes greatly surpassed his expectations of the boy . Yoshiro agreed he would give the boy a home, food if he would become his disciple and Raiku agreed. 5 years would pass before Yoshiro decided to form a team of young Genin.
                                                                                              TEAM WIND
In those 5 years Yoshiro had refined Raiku's abilities. Teaching him lightning element manipulation. As well as chakra flow training. Eagerto test his new skills against other ninja he approached the redavous spot with great eagerness. On his way to the redavous point he encountered a girl by the name of Yoshina she had apparently fallen and injured herself. Seeing how she was badly injurred in her leg he bandagged her up and then rushed to meet at the Recendsvous point thining he would be the last member of the team. To his suprise there was one person missing. Unware of this persons identity. While waiting for the missing member he became acquainted with the other member of Yoshiros team Kenichi Izunato. At first it seemed like neither one had anything in common but that would soon change the moment Kenichi brought up his love of birds something that Raiku sharred on an even level. Both went on about the majestity of the hawk, until the missing member had finally shown up aqua eyed long black haired Yoshina! Both Raiku and Yoshina blushed apon gazing at one another.Only to be interupted by sensai Yoshiro. Still despite being interrupted both had one another o their mind. Kenichi went as far as saying shes cute isnt she? "what i wasnt thinking that at all" claimed Raiku. Shes sensai's one and only descendent. "what" Raiku exclaimed. "Yup teachers daughter".  Raiku began to wonder if she truly was his sensai's daughter why hadnt he seen her while living with sensai in his doujo. The answere to this question came quick as if sensai had been lisening to his very thoughts. "The reason you never saw while living with me in the mountains was because she has a house in the main village that the Raikage provided for us out of gratitude". "Gratitude?" "Yes gratitude the reason why my daughter is without mother, Yoshina's mother my late wife was KIAC giving her own life to defend the Raikage". "For this reason I was given a house in the village and I detatched myself from her to prevent the same fate from befalling her". "But genetics are the most persistant element in the world, and cannot be beat, despite my objection to it she decided to learn ninjutsu on her own". "She even went as far as threatening to leave village if I didnt teach ninjutsu's basics, I agreed under one condition she would follow under my wing as a pupil to sensai and she agreed to this". "Any ways lets begin this from this day forward this will be known as team WIND". And so it begins.....
                                                                                  TESTAMENT OF POWER

Raiku Stats
Date Joined: Feb. 16, 2009
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
Points: 9,270 Points
Ranked: Ranked #122 of 45,928
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