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RaikohBlade replied to the topic Kisame vs Orochimaru on the Battles board.
I'd say Orochimaru, he's smarter and has more tricks up his sleeve. In close quarter, they'd be even. Samehada can't overcome the Sword of Kusanagi, but Kisame's brute strength alone would make up for it. Both can take hits very well, but Orochimaru is harder to kill. Manda will beat large-scale water attacks, including the water dome. Kisame's shark form is a gimmick within water dome, so I wouldn't say ...
3 years, 7 months ago
RaikohBlade replied to the topic Android 19 vs Freeza on the Battles board.
Android 19, since he would probably have prior knowledge of Freeza and thus, would have an advantage.
3 years, 7 months ago
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3 years, 7 months ago
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You really want to use that icon to represent yourself on the site? Why don't you try something new.
3 years, 7 months ago
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3 years, 8 months ago
Ash is the main character, and the females are just there to provide fresh faces every arc. Since he periodically switches to a new girl, I guess it implies he'll be that kind of guy when he grows up. I guess that kind of life is desirable for most young people, so it appeals to them? Just food for thought.
3 years, 8 months ago
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It's a new year, time to experiment with my profile theme, found a pretty cool background gif :D
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I am DC aka Darkchild. FEAR MEOW
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1.8 million Vitas, about expected considering. E3 is going to be super interesting. CoD Vita on stage is my guess.
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Off My Mind: Supervillains Entering the Witness Protection Program http://t.co/T1a0cRik
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I think I'm addicted to smoque
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Apparently happiness is going to cost me another $2000 a year #LivingTheDream
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I NEED this shirt! Brides love unicorns: new Offbeat Bride tshirts | Offbeat Bride: http://t.co/zXn6rV3j via @AddThis
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