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Battles » Ironman vs naruto

sorry but naruto is way fast enough to get out of range for lighting attacks that fly through the air therefore I think it is plausible that he would be able to avoid anything that ironman would be able to fire at him. Naruto is called 'The Number One Most Unpredictable Ninja' and this would imply that the suit wouldn't be able to learn or predict the moves that he would make next. And while ironman may be able to fly, but Naruto is able to hide underground, he would be able to go far enough that any sensors wouldn't be able to find him, he could prepare his attacks there and then surprise ironman when he is ready.

Also ironman generally works on his own, and even when working with the avengers, Konoha has many more people, plus various powerful friends throughout the naruto-verse.

so really anyway that you look at it...naruto wins.

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