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 Name:  Seren Rourke
Age: 23
Appearance Age:  25
Faction: villain
Group Affiliation: Gekido
Known Aliases: (max 3) 
Avatar Appearance: Brian Fury
Origin of Power: Genetic Mutation
Signature Moves: Regeneration (body begins to rapidly regenerate automatically after sustaining damage)
Grid points:
  • Ag: 4
  • Du: 5
  • EP: 0
  • FS: 5
  • In: 3
  • MS: 5
  • Sp: 2
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 2
Mini Bio: Mason's younger brother, and immoralized mercenary.  Has a strong hatred for his older brother, over a conflict from long ago when he abandoned his country and family for his own gains.
Bio Link: TBA
 Name: Mason Rourke
Age: 26
Appearance Age: 26
Faction: hero
Group Affiliation: Teku
Known Aliases: none 
Avatar Appearance: TBA
Origin of Power:   Genetic Mutation
Signature Moves: None
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 3
  • EP: 0
  • FS: 5
  • In: 3
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 3
  • St: 4
  • Sr: 3
Mini Bio: Seren's older brother, and war hero. He served for many years with the Teku making a name for himself as a famous special forces medic. He pities his brother, who he feels is lost within his own anger.
Bio Link: TBA
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