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Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.
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Born to a rich family of American/Japanese decent he has always seen himself pretty high in regards to status, being taught from a young age that he was going to be the CEO of Pyro industries that sold some type of biochemical weaponry and made a large profit from this, they also done human experiments and made a large sum of cash, millions in-fact from this. When he was 15 he was suddenly and without realization tested on beacuse people thought he was contaminated at birth by the chemicals that had been used. Being tested on and found out to have altered DNA was a big shock to his parents and himself, however his powers had not manifested into anything ( or they thought it would kill him, not give him powers ) however he continued his life and training ( Will be told in training section ) until his 20th birthday, he hit his 20th when he suddenly felt very tired, upon waking up the next day he suddenly felt different. In reality his powers had emerged ( Will be said below in power section ) and this made him feel ever more high in status wise, he took over his parents business as CEO until he hit 22 as both parents got ill from radioactive poising. Upon taking the business he turned it more evil and underground then his parents, selling weapons to the black market and other illegal activities that caused a sort of public outcry. He was quickly dismissed as CEO once the board of directors thought he was going to run the business into the ground, and they were not wrong. He got revenge from this act as he hunted down and killed each member of the board of directors before he swindled the outcome of these murders and made it look like somebody was getting too him through killing those people, he faked he found the killer and gave him to the police ( a random person who had forged evidence against him ). Upon doing this he was told to be a public hero and became CEO once more, after this he gave himself a type of chemical power that enabled him to retract claws from either hand. And further implemented a new power granting him metal bones made out of a substance called "PyroAgnite" which did not only "coat" his bones into metal, but changed his whole nervous system, muscular and skeletal system to suddenly become that of which a peak human, superhuman in fact and is bones were now made out of this PyroAgnite metal that is almost indestructible. It also changed his neural synapses giving him super human reaction speeds and able to perform feats of combat that dazzles most normal humans - and lets him contend with even super humans to an extent, however he relies on his immense and unrivaled healing factor for this.

Currently, he now is not CEO anymore since being fired yet AGAIN for being found out doing these changes to his body that went against protocol, now serving as a bounty hunter/murder/evil person he simply does whatever he wants with his cursed near like immortality ( Remember immense healing factor? ;P ) state. He is not the strongest man ever however using his immense intelligence and brain power he can use the environment to cause him to win some battles, or use his knowledge of science to swindle the results of a battle against the more mystical enemies.

Powers and Abilities

Senses and fatigue resistance

His natural powers that he was given by the radioactive contamination at 15 altered his DNA in such a way his body does not need to replenish its energy supplies in his muscles allowing him to not fatigue and carry on fighting for prolonged periods, his current upper limit is not known however he has easily fight for over 48 hours without a break before. The contamination also granted him hyper senses, he can hear and smell better than any dog allowing him to easily detect somebody trying to sneak up on him and even smell somebody from over a mile away. His eye-sight is perfect, he does not have super vision but just the best vision that a human is capable of seeing with. His eyesight has been boosted by the containment as it changed how fast his vision can focus on things so he can react faster than most people, he can easily focus on something moving at the speed of sound beacuse his vision adjusts accordingly, His neural synapses have also been boosted allowing his bring to actually work faster so creating a fierce reactionary speed capability. He has an almost six sense type ability beacuse the hairs on his body can actually pick up changes in the environment to an extreme degree as of which he can actually sense a knife being thrown at him if it some-how distorts the air around him, for example if he is inside of an enclosed room somebody can throw a knife, he may hear the sound or feel the air currents change. However if he was in an open field and somebody threw a knife he would not notice at-all, But used in conjunction with his adept hearing abilities that allow him to hear even the most quiet of sounds he can defend against attacks that will probably cause him harm.

Peak human characteristics

When he experimented on himself and gave himself powers beyond of his already altered DNA ( and training ) this has turned him body into a living weapon, his muscles beacuse of his healing factors are always able to work at their peak without fear of being damaged so this allows him to lift over a ton. His skeletal system is also the reason for his immense strength for a simple human, allowing him to lift things that would cripple the normal man. The powers he gave himself also enhanced the way his body gives energy to his muscles and this has been speed up to an incalculable level exceeding that of a normal human and putting him slightly below super human but above the average peak human athlete. His body now naturally produces when needed an excessive amount of adrenaline turning him into a monster during combat, not stopping for anything until the intended target is dead or he has managed to calm down somehow. His speed up reactions speeds because of his brain changes allows him to react to people moving at the speed of sound, however even though his mind can see what is going on his actual body is slower, so he has to rely on his healing factor to save him in cases like that.

Healing factor

Possibly the strongest healing factor on the planet, he is able to heal from virtually any damage made to his body. So far, he has not seen the upper limits of his healing and the strongest thing he has healed from this far is surviving an entire building collapsing on him, multiple gunshots to his heart and head and even being burned alive all at once. What he lacks in strength, he gains an advantage in simply being able to take anything the enemy throws. Healing his entire body in a matter of minutes make him an admirable opponent....and slightly annoying. His body is able to adapt to external stimuli because of the Pyro substance inside of him, Not dramatically nor does he know what happens yet because he has never been that injured but it is said for example, if somebody tried to suffocate him after a while his body may adapt to "breath" or perform functions that enable life through something else other than oxygen but this is speculative.

Claws and metal bones

Six metal claws made out of PyroAgnite reside in his forearms ready to be called at any moment giving him an instance weapon, This metal is a specially designed substance that was made years ago by his old company, being virtually indestructible and able to adapt to certain situations on prompt it actually grows "sharper" upon contact on any surface. For example if attacking a piece of oak wood, it would be sharp enough to cut through that only. However if he attacks a piece of high grade steel it would "adapt" and become strong enough to slice though that allowing him to cut through virtually anything without stopping, the actual chemical substance of the metal disrupts the molecular integrity of an object, rendering it no stronger than a loaf of bread, however the limitations of this are if a substance is dense enough it can take more than a simple swipe to cut and the metal needs to "remember" the properties of the opponents Armour and adjust accordingly, this can take a while but once it is done nothing can escape its slice. His bones are actually made out of this metal, this enables him to lift a heavy amount of weight as his body can cope with the pressure exerted onto his bones through his muscles and it also allows him to be bullet-proof, take a large amount of damage without faulting beacuse of the protection he has. However this makes him easy susceptible to magnetism and people have taken advantage of this before during fights.

Warriors Madness

Sometimes, when he gets angry enough or his PyroAgnite becomes defective for a short amount of time he "changes" and turns into a feral like creature, literally forgetting who friend or foe is and attacking anything, this Warriors madness allows him to perform feats of strength and speed that are immense. Boosting his known stats to over triple the normal and making him virtually unstoppable he could easily go through an entire army in this madness given enough time. He forgets what it is like to be a human and becomes that of a simple weapon, a living weapon. In this state his only objective is murder and nothing can calm him down until he has been nearly killed himself or he has killed his opponent however killing him in this state is probably impossible without using magical enchantments and other mystic energy.


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