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Series I am currently Watching.

These are all the series I am watching, if you have any recommendations for me please feel free to post, thanks.

1. Naruto Shippuden

Currently on episode 298. Granny Tsunade is the best, she has placed all her faith in Naruto and he will do everything in his power to not let her or any one else down. I can't believe she is stronger than the Raikage he looks like a tank even with only one arm, but mind he is still the fastest man alive unless Naruto learns his fathers Jutsu and becomes the new Yellow Flash.

2. One Piece

Currently on episode 599. Luffy did it, he saved Fishman Island with a little help from the Sea Kings :P. I am glad everything turned out well and that Luffy is ok. I can't believe Akainu is now head of the Navy, I am surprised Luffy didn't go crazy seeing as he is the man who killed Ace and that Aokiji left the Navy, I feel there are going to be a lot of twists as the story develops.

3. Soul Eater

Completed. They finally won and everyone is fine, Mocha just showed that Bravery will always overcome fear, I am kinda sad to finish the series but I hope they make a new lot because I have come to really enjoy the Soul Eater storyline.

4. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

Completed. One of the best anime's I have ever watched it had me tearing up at the end, so many great fights and characters, wish it wold never end. FOREVER FORNEVER.

5. Getbackers

Completed. Another great series lots of action and great fights. Love a lot of the characters and there abilities would definatly advice people to watch if they haven't already.

6. Bleach

Complete. Yey Ichigo has chosen to stay a Substitute Soul Reaper, and I think his new look is a improvment on his old one. Planning on reading the continuaion in the manga hope at some point they will carry on the anime but we will have to wait and see.

7. Cowboy Bebop

Completed. Very much enjoyed this series didn't really enjoy the ending, I really didn't want him to die.

8. Shaman King

Complete. Was a great series wish there was more, had a great ending and would definatly recommend. Goes in my top 10 for sure.

9. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Completed. Excellent series love all the different fighting styles, I actually took up Kickboxing after watching this series, my favourite character is definatly Apachi, I would recommend this to anyone even if they are not big on fighting animes.

10. Tenjho Tenge

Completed. Very much looking forward to the second seris as I very much enjoyed this one, can't wait to see the fights in the tournament they should be the most epic fights yet.

11. InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale

Currently on episode 137. 4 down and 3 to go. Sesshomaru is definatly my favourite character in the series acting like he doesn't care about anything but doing everything in his power to look after Ren.

12. Fairy Tail

Currently on episode 129. Love the characters and there abilities, but feel the main story line is a little weak and that it is more of just loads of little stories but definatly one of my favourites overall.

13. Trigun

Not sure where I am up to. I have watched a lot of this anime and have very much enjoyed it, just forgot to write down what the last episode I watched was :D.

14. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Completed. Planning on watching the other series of this as I very much enjoyed this one. Would definatly recommend this to people who enjoy animes who robotic suits.

15. Full Metal Panic!

Not sure where I am up to. Have been back and forth with this series, I can usually watch a couple of episodes then have to do something else, good story and characters but have never been one for the robotic suits theme.

16. D.Gray-man

Not sure where I am up to. Another anime I feel is just based on short adventures rather than having one main story, I still enjoy it, as the characters and enemies are very cool.

17. Blade of the Immortal

Not sure where I am up to. I prefer animes that consist of more special powers rather than just plain samurais, but as far as those kinds of anime go this is definatly one of the top ones.

18. Death Note

Stopped watching.. After L's death I went off this anime as I felt his replacement was not as good.

19. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Not sure where I am up to. Again loads of little cases with no main story, maybe I just didnt watch enough to really get into the Laughing Man case, may watch again in time.

20. Dragon Drive

Not sure where I am up to. Kinda went off this when the dragons became real and it was no longer a game.

21. Elfen Lied

Not sure where I am up to. A very strange anime I enjoy the abilities of the characters as they are very different to most anime ideas.

22. Claymore

Not sure where I am up to. I did really enjoy this anime not sure why I stopped watching it, will definatly make sure to start watching it again.

23. Bartender

Not sure where I am up to. Very different to the other series I watch but a very nice series none the less, very simple but sweet.

24. Beelzebub

Not sure where I am up to. Very much enjoyed this anime love the little demon king and the situations he gets into.

25. Zombie-Loan

Not sure where I am up to. Only watched a couple of episodes of this series and don't think I watched enough to truelly get into it.

26. Pumpkin Scissors

Not sure where I am up to. Another anime I only watched a couple episodes of need to watch more to get into it.

27. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Not sure where I am up to. I have been back and forth with this anime watched it on Cartoon Network when I was younger, then tried to start watching it again but couldn't get into it.

28. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Monster GX

Not sure where I am up to. Big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh still play it even though I am no longer a child, but prefer to play it rather than watch.

29. Afro Samurai

Not sure where I am up to. Couldn't really get into this, had heard a lot about it, but not really my cup of tea.

30. Deadman Wonderland

Not sure where I am up to. I began watching this when only a few episodes had been made, think I need to start back at the beginning, in order to watch them all.

31. Ōban Star-Racers

Not sure where I am up to. Another anime I remember watching on Cartoon Network, enjoyed the races and the weapons the ships had, but the fact no one had a nose creeped me out :P.

32. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Not sure where I am up to. Couldn't really get into this after completeing the original series watching this one seemed pointless.

33. Good Luck Girl!

Currently on episode 2.

34. Cardfight!! Vanguard

Currently on episode 36. I play the card game with my friends and mostly just watch the anime in order to see what new cards are comeing out, but it does have a good storyline and if you like shows such as Yu-Gi-Oh this is definatly one to watch.

35. Gantz

Currently on episode 1.

takashichea moderator on Oct. 3, 2012 at 8:06 p.m.

Binbogami Ga is great! You should definitely keep going.

Fairy Tail's main storyline does goes off tangent. It's great at the beginning, but my love for it, declines.

Deadman Wonderland: Oh man, you have to read the manga after finishing the anime. You'll find out why soon enough.

Beelzebub is a good anime show, but it didn't end so well. Not to damper your enthusiam for it. It's because of the manga was too close with the anime.

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