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Battles » X-Men vs Akatsuki 2

I'd like to see an X-Men team with Bishop, Psylocke, and Rogue on it.
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Battles » Itachi vs ....... (read OP)

Starting 1 mile apart means Itachi loses for sure.   He'd be in range of an attack from Gladiator that would instantly kill him even if Itachi's ultimate defense were fully active at the start, but well out of range of Itachi's attacks.

Starting 10 meters apart, Itachi has one and only one chance-- win via genjutsu.  And he'd have to get it off before Gladiator makes a move.  AFAIK, Gladiator is vulnerable to mind effects.  Gladiator has resistance, though, so even this might not work.
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Battles » Voldemort Vs Akatsuki

If  you made this a gauntlet instead of team Akatsuki vs. Riddle, gave Tom prep. and a completely accurate BINGO book, then it would be interesting.   But all against him with no prep?  He'd be ghosted so fast it wouldn't be funny.
If you did make this a gauntlet, Voldemort might actually be able to clear it via Imperio, using the rogue ninja against each other after each battle-- assuming he manages to win the first round.
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Battles » X-Men vs Akatsuki

This is actually a very interesting matchup.   If this was broken up into solo fights, it would be pretty interesting to see what happens.
Wolverine vs. Hidan would be very interesting.  Assuming Logan's claws don't just simply shred Hidan's triple scythe weapon and Logan rips him to pieces and out of action, Hidan could easily end up cutting Wolverine and getting a drop of his blood, perform his ritual, and stab himself.  But Logan would just heal, same as Hidan.  Only question would be, what would happen of Logan cut off Hidan's head in that state?  Would Hidan's curse actually cause the adamantium to break?  I think that's the only scenario where Hidan would actually win.
Deidara vs. Gambit would also be quite a duel.  Deidara would have the advantage of making flying birds, but Gambit would have unlimited firepower using small items faster than Deidara can mold clay.  Gambit also has the power to create a static electricity field, which might prevent the C4 bomb from working.  Gambit could also create an explosion as powerful as any Deidara can create- it would just take more time to charge than his cards or loose objects laying around.  I'd give the advantage to Deidara do to flight and because Gambit's possible static electricity defense just might not work.
Several of the Akatsuki members would be very vulnerable to many of the X-Men.  Could Sasori or Kakuzu do anything against Rogue or Colossus?  Sabretooth and Wolverine would both be immune to Sasori's poison and could survive any of Kakuzu's strongest attacks.   X-23 also, to a more limited extent.  The only question would be if those three have the speed and skill to tag such opponents.  Logan is a skilled martial artist with superhuman senses and reflexes, but is this level of Marvel's heroes on a par with Naruto's ninja world?  I think Logan and Victor would get hurt repeatedly trying to take down any Akatsuki member, but could defeat one if they managed to surprise one (perhaps by surviving something they didn't expect them to survive and breaking through protections they thought would stop them, esp. with adamantium).
What really makes this interesting, though, is that the X-Men are far more adept at mixing their abilities together than the Akatsuki members.  The ninjas travel in two-man teams, but rarely cooperate.  They are usually content to handle their own fights and lack concern for each others wellbeing.  The X-Men, on the other hand, thrive on teamwork.  Someone like Nightcrawler who would not be much of a threat to actually kill on his own could disrupt enemy attacks, save his comrades from immediate harm, and position his team mates for unexpected attacks.  Combined with someone like Boom Boom, it would be a major headache for the Akatuski members.
Then there's a question of just how absolute some of the Akatsuki powers are.  Can Itachi's "absolute defense" stand up indefinitely against Cyclops' optic blast?  Scott can fire that thing off for a near unlimited period and can equal the output of a nuclear power plant in intensity.  Would Amaterasu overcome Rogue's invulnerability?
Even though no X-Men telepaths are listed, I also have to wonder how that would interact with genjutsu.
I haven't seen Madara's power overcome yet, which makes it difficult for me to pick the X-Men.  Although, apparently, the effects can be outrun (considering Deidara's first encounter with Kakachi).
I'd prefer to say "undecided", but if I have to choose a winner, I'll go with the X-Men due to their teamwork advantage.
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Fan-Fic » Goku vs. Superman: Confrontation on New Namek (PG-13 violence)

Chapter 2: Enter Goku and Superman

Son-Goku, strongest of the strongest, saiyan nonparaeil, had arrived. As always he wore his dark orange karate-gi over a blue shirt, with a blue belt and heavy blue boots. The Kanji "turtle" for his original master, Roshi the turtle hermit, was on a circle on the chest of his uniform. On the back of the uniform was the character for his name.

Upon seeing Goku appear, Emperor Pilaf blanched. He began stuttering and spluttering. "You… you… can't be here. You're back on Earth…"

Goku's amiable smile faded and the friendliness in his eyes were replaced by disapproval. "So it was you who stole Bulma's dragon radar and space ship. You ought to be ashamed of yourself taking things that don't belong to you, and after we showed you mercy."

The runty imp backpedaled. Then he turned and ran. Shu hesitated a moment, then ran past Goku, dropping the dragon radar at his feet and following his leader.

Mai sighed. "Men. These cowards are the only men in my life." Mai dropped her laser pistol as well. "I just wish there was a super man who would come and actually fight Goku instead of running away like those two do." Immediately, the Namek translator built into her costume repeated her wish in Namekian.

The thunderous voice of Porunga boomed down, "Your wish is granted." His great draconic eyes turned a bright red and there was a blinding flash of light.

Goku blinked away the effect of the light and stared up into the sky. There, hovering in the air below the gargantuan dragon, was a man in a blue suit with a red cape. The man was looking around in apparent disconcertion. After a few moments the man looked down and his eyes locked with Goku's. The man quickly descended to the surface of the planet.

"Who are you?" the man demanded with a slight tone of hostility. "Why have you brought me here?" The man directed his question to Goku and took a step towards him. On the chest of his blue outfit there was a diamond-shaped field of yellow on which there was an oddly shaped, red S-looking emblem.

Goku wore a quizzical expression on his face. He shrugged his shoulders and made a palm up gesture indicating that he didn't know. "Sorry, I don't know why you were brought here. But I know I didn't do it. I think the eternal dragon Porunga brought you here, but I'm not sure why."

Superman, for the man in the blue outfit and red cape was indeed the legendary Man of Steel, was mollified, but he still felt an urge to strike out at the spikey haired martial artist in front of him. The feeling was growing stronger but he didn't know why other than that he had been displaced from his own world. "You still didn't tell me who you are."

The smiling man in the orange outfit replied, "I'm Goku. You're on the planet New Namek which isn't that far from my home, Earth."

At the sound of Goku's name, Superman felt the urge to attack the stranger multiply. He didn't understand why he wanted to, but he did want to pound the man into the ground. The irrational feeling frightened him.

"Look, Goku, I think you had better point me in the direction of Earth quickly. I don't know why, but I have a strange urge to fight you. I need to get far away from you so that it doesn't happen." Realizing that his desire to fight was entirely irrational, Superman fought the feeling. Whatever reason he wanted to attack, he had no desire to kill the man in front of him.

Goku's eyes brightened a bit at the prospect of a fight. "You want to fight me? Well, sure, I don't mind. Then afterwards I can take you back to Earth with me and introduce you to my friends."

Superman stared at the martial artist in consternation. "You don't understand," he said pausing dramatically, "I'm Superman." After getting a blank stare from Goku and the green-skinned aliens all around him he explained more. "I'm a Kryptonian. Under a yellow sun I have great power. I could easily kill a human if I am not very careful and have perfect control. I must get away from you for your safety."

Goku smiled knowingly. "I know what you mean. Having to hold back in a fight because you're worrying that you'll knock them through a building accidentally takes a lot of the fun out of it."

Elder Moori's eyes widened. "You said your name is 'Superman'?" Superman nodded. "Then you've been summoned here to fight Goku! That was the trespasser's wish!" The Nameks all looked hard at Mai, who was being held by a Namekian warrior.

Superman was a little surprised, but then nodded. "No wonder I am having trouble resisting this compulsion. It's a magical wish. Magic is one of the few things I am vulnerable to." Superman turned to the Namek leader. "Is there anything you can do to remove this compulsion from me?"

Elder Moori tried asking Porunga to return Superman to his home world and remove his desire to fight Goku. However, Porunga refused.

"I will not allow anything to prevent the fulfillment of the wish to bring Superman here to fight Goku. He may not return to his home world until the fight concludes, nor will I allow Superman to run away from this fight. He must face Goku to fulfill the conditions of this wish." The dragon's voice was deep and brooked no argument.

Goku took the news cheerfully. "Well, that settles it. You and I are going to have a fight! I can sense your power and it's really quite strong. So, I'm really looking forward to this!" Superman continued to resist the urge to attack, so Goku encouraged him. "Look, I can see you are not someone who likes to fight even though you are clearly strong. I admire that. But it's not your fault here, it's the power of the wish, and I'm really okay with it. And trust me, I can handle a lot more than an average human." Superman gritted his teeth, still holding back from the mounting pressure to strike at Goku. "Besides, if you somehow kill me I'm sure the Nameks would use another wish to bring me back to life, isn't that right?" Elder Moori nodded and Goku added, "It wouldn't be the first time!"

After a final confirming glance to the Namek leader, Superman turned his attention to Goku and reluctantly attacked. Hoping a quick end to the battle would satisfy his need to fight, he charged across the short space between him and his opponent at a speed so great that the natural human eye could not detect it. All that could be seen was a brief blur at the point where Superman started his charge and then nothing. Superman threw a careful punch where the orange-clad fighter was standing, aiming for the solar plexus.

Or rather, Superman threw a careful punch at the place where Goku had been standing. Superman's fist passed through empty air. Goku was nowhere to be seen. Superman stared at the spot he had seen his opponent for a second, until he heard a voice behind him and to his right.

"Wow, that was pretty fast. I thought that bull fighter cape you wear would have slowed you down, but you can really move. You're as fast as Jackie Chun and Master Roshi!" Superman was taken aback by Goku's good-natured praise, but that praise turned into a mild criticism.

Goku continued, "But you shouldn't have pulled up short on your attack. You need to follow-through with the strike or there just won't be any force behind it even if you did hit me."

Surprised at the saiyan's speed, Superman turned around and made another dash to attack. Despite doubling his attack speed, Superman again missed his target. This time, however, his opponent did not move out of his sight, he just dodged the attack and stood there waiting for the Man of Steel to continue. A bit miffed at having missed his opponent twice, Superman continued on the offensive.

At first, Superman tried to aim his strikes at points where he had been taught would disable an opponent without doing lasting damage. However, as Goku continued to dodge each attack with apparent ease, moving just enough to let each attack go by, the Man of Steel began to just try and hit Goku without aiming for a specific target on his body. Superman's fists were a blur of motion, yet to a trained eye it was clear that Goku was dodging and then waiting for the next attack to be launched before dodging again.

Goku knew his opponent was holding back almost all of his power. This was not how he wanted the fight to be. "So, you're name is Superman, eh? You give that name to yourself?" With a cheeky grin the saiyan continued, "So far the only thing you've been super at is missing."

Superman stopped his attack and stood back. "Actually, it's a name I was given by newspaper media and the people of the world I serve as a hero to. The name give them hope. My real name is Kal El, though there are few people I use that name with. Superman is an identity I use to protect those I care about. It also lets me live a human life under another name and identity.

"Look, I know you are trying to goad me into attacking you harder, but I'm not going to lose control over being teased. Sure, I could attack you faster than I am doing, but if I did so I'd also be hitting you with a lot more power, and that would kill you. Even if you can be wished back to life, I still don't kill people if I can help it."

Goku's expression turned a bit sour. "There's not much challenge when the person fighting you can't even touch you. When I saw how fast you charged at me I thought this was going to be interesting. Now I know how Mr. Popo must have felt when I was first trying to get training from the Kame." The disappointment in Goku's tone burned in Kal El's ears.

Superman threw another punch. If he focused just a little harder he could attack faster without increasing the strength of his attack too much. Even a glancing blow should convince his opponent that…

Goku caught Superman's punch. Superman raised his eyebrows. Anyone of human strength or durability would have had their arm shattered and been knocked back half a football field. Then Goku struck Superman in the chest with a short, effortless chop. Superman was knocked off his feet.

Kal-El smiled a little. While the blow hadn't hurt him in the least it had proven that his opponent was much stronger than he had initially guessed. It took superhuman strength to affect his super-dense body. He wasn't facing simply a skilled human like Batman or Karate Kid, or someone merely incredibly fast but still fragile if actually struck like the Flash. He could really trade blows with this man.
I will continue posting the rest of the story here if there's enough interest.  Or you can read the rest of the story at Goku vs. Superman: Confrontation on New Namek fanfiction.net
The sequel to this story can also be found there at Superman vs. Goku: Rematch in Metropolis

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Fan-Fic » Superman vs. Goku: Rematch in Metropolis (PG-13 violence)

Chapter 2: A Hero's Dark Side

Goku sat at the head of a long row of tables in West City Royal Restaurant. Long damask tablecloths embroidered with silver threading covered the length of the banquet tables, upon which were set platter after platter of delectable gourmet dishes. There were large, crispy roast duck with crispy brown skin, plates of flat pasta covered in rich marinara with chunks garlic and mushrooms, enormous plates of steamed fish sliced open to reveal blended herbs flowing in the dish's natural juices. The entire length of the table was covered with enough food to feed a small village, and chefs stood by to bring more should the table's supply be exhausted.

The chefs were going to be busy. Goku was hungry. Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks were going to regret losing that bet. Of course, the real reason he had made the bet with his friends and family members was not to get a free meal. Truth be told, with his ties to Capsule Corporation, he really didn't have to think about money ever again. His real purpose was to inspire them to battle him with all their might, to give him a real sort of challenge and push his training to new heights. He had been inspired by his last battle a year past, a battle with a being of power named Superman.

Goku was sitting at the table with golden hair flowing down his back, an aura shining about him. His muscles were bulging from all the extra power he was holding, power crackling around him in bursts of lightning. He had been walking around town, doing chores, and even eating in his Super Saiyan 3 form beginning to be as comfortable as if it was his natural form.

Chi-Chi scowled at him. "GOKU! It's not polite to eat as a super saiyan! I may tolerate it in our house, but I will NOT have you embarrassing us in public!"

Goku froze at the intensity of his wife's demand. He was the undisputed most powerful fighter in this universe (even Vegeta had long ago grudgingly admitted being outclassed, for now), but he had no defense against Chi-Chi. Obediently, he relaxed his power level until his hair returned to its natural length and color and the aura of power faded. He took a look at all his friends sitting at the table and smiled his goofy grin. He picked up a fork and…

The table of food disappeared.

In fact, the entire restaurant disappeared, along with all his friends. Goku felt a moment of disorientation, a feeling similar to when he used Instant Transmission but multiplied thousands of times over. Then suddenly he was back in a solid world. But the table and all the food was still gone, as were all of his friends.

Instead, he was standing in a finely appointed office room. Suddenly, sitting at a large ornate, oak desk across from where Goku was standing was a bald man with piercing green eyes. There were several antiques on the man's desk, as well as numerous documents in neat stacks and piles. None of that really mattered to the hero at that moment, though.

"Welcome to my Earth, Goku," the man began. "First of all, I want you to know that I am a friend. I know you must be—"

"Hey! Where's my dinner!" Goku demanded.

"Your… dinner?" Lex Luthor echoed back questioningly. Then he looked at the powerful being he had summoned kill Superman and noticed the fork in his hand. "Oh, I see. Very sorry about that. But let me explain…"

Goku was a bit curious about where he was, but at that particular moment he was incredibly hungry. "Look, do you have any food to eat? I'm starving!"

Lex Luthor was a little nonplussed. This was the warrior who had taken down Superman? Brought to another place against his will and all he could think about was eating? The multi-billionaire had considered dozens of scenarios and thought of what he would say to convince his potential agent to do his bidding and end Superman, but this was nothing like what he had expected. After a moment's thought, Lex decided on a course of action.

"Of course. Especially after coming all the way from another universe. I'll see to it that you get plenty to eat." Lex pushed a button opening a door and summoning a servant, then showed Goku to an elevator that would take them down several floors to arrive at the restaurant in the building.

Lex was in for a shock. Nobody on Earth had ever seen a saiyan eat.

                                                                                                                                        * * *     * * *     * * *

Superman effortlessly smashed through the walls of the bank vault, prepared to stop another robbery. He was immediately assaulted by several metal robots with long, massive arms. They were strong. Their hands could drill through steel plates. They could smash cars flat with a single blow. They could hurt a ten ton boulder the length of a football field.

But they were no challenge for the Man of Steel. Superman's muscles bulged beneath his blue suit, but he was not exerting much effort at all. If he overdid it, a piece of a robot (or maybe the entire robot) might smash through a wall and some unlucky person might be standing right there and die. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for whoever was behind this crime, Kal-El had no compunction about destroying machines. Were these living beings, he would have to have been even more careful, even more restrained. As it was, he destroyed them all in under three seconds.

Superman X-rayed the robotic menaces, narrowing his vision to a near microscopic level looking for information he could send back to Batman or the Martian Manhunter back at JLA headquarters for analysis. Usually, Superman was not called on to handle threats as small as this. There were other members of the Justice League of America who were more than capable of handling a low level threat like this—in fact pretty much any of them could take down robotic thieves—but these crimes were taking place right in his neighborhood. Several businesses had been unexpectedly robbed, and this bank was the next on the list.

The Man of Steel's super hearing picked up a voice speaking softly just on the other side of the bank vault. He concentrated to hear what was being said. "There, just beyond that door is the alien threat. Now, I know I can count on you…"

Superman recognized the voice. How could he not? Lex Luthor had been his nemesis and a constant threat to him for almost as long as he had been a hero. It could not be a coincidence that he was here at the same time. Something was about to happen, and he was pretty sure he would not like it.

The door opened and a man stepped through with a fierce expression on his face. He had thick, black hair that rose up in odd spikes and he was dressed in an orange martial arts gi with a dark blue belt and boots. It was Goku.

"Superman?" the saiyan asked, the fierce expression quickly leaving his face.

"Goku! What are you doing here?"

"Well, somehow I was summoned here from my world to get rid of some terrible alien menace that is threatening this Earth." Goku looked at the broken robots on the ground. "I guess that's them, huh? Seems you've already taken care of the problem."

Lex Luthor glared at Goku. "No, those aren't the alien threat! He is!" He said pointing to Superman. This guy was supposed to have defeated Superman in another universe! They were supposed to be enemies! "Those robots are guarding the bank vault and this villain is clearly here to rob my bank!"

"Your bank? Then these robots…" Superman began, starting to see how Luthor had manipulated him. The Kryptonian suspected he would soon be told that the robot thieves had only targeted LexCorp holdings. It was a setup from the beginning.

"You must stop him, Goku!" Lex demanded, "like you did on your world."

"Actually, Superman and I never met on my world. It was on nearby planet. Well, relatively nearby. And Superman wasn't a threat to that world, or Earth." Goku turned his attention back to Lex Luthor, the saiyan's expression stern. "I get the feeling you are trying to trick me."

"No, Goku, you have to trust me. This alien only pretends to be a hero." There was true anger in Luthor's words. "The only way for this planet to truly be safe is for the alien threat to be ended."

"Oh, I wouldn't hold him being an alien against him. I'm an alien, too," Goku said with a grin. "But you know, there's an easy way for me to know who's telling the truth here."


"I can read your mind," Goku said simply.

Lex wanted to protest. He wanted to stop the orange-clad being from getting into his head. But it happened too fast. One instant Goku was standing between him and Superman, several feet away, the next the saiyan was standing behind him, the hero's hand on his head. The mind reading was over in a second.

Goku released the Earth villain and gave him a disdainful half-frown as he walked away from him. "That was almost like reading Krillin. He was bald, too, when I first read his mind. But Krillin is a much better person than you are. You should be ashamed of yourself." Goku turned his attention to Superman. "The sad thing is, he really believes what he's saying. He can't imagine you are as good as you act. Even after you've saved his life and spared him time and time again, he still seeks to harm you. Superman, you need to leave."

"Why?" the Man of Steel began to ask.

Goku's warning came too late. Lex Luthor activated his backup plan. Several lead-lined panels in the room opened to reveal small chunks of Kryptonite hidden within. Superman dropped to the floor and began to curl up in pain in response.

"Wow, that stuff really does hurt you," Goku remarked.

Lex Luthor did not waste any time. He pulled out a handgun from his vest pocket and fired at Superman. He did not intend on giving his fallen enemy a chance to recover or be saved by anyone else this time around. Unfortunately for him, Goku had no difficulty with catching and stopping a simple bullet, even a bullet imbued with kryptonite. He was foiled by the man who was supposed to be his own agent. That was when Lex heard the echoing sound of someone chuckling. It was a laugh he had heard before, the laughter of Neron. Hearing that, he knew he had been fooled by the devil he had made a deal with. The one he had brought to Earth to kill Superman would never do that.

It took Goku no effort at all to speed around the bank vault collecting the pieces of Kryptonite. With all the kryptonite collected together on the other side of the vault, Superman was able to get to his feet and retreat further away. Goku examined the rocks curiously.

"Thanks, Goku. If you don't mind, could you get rid of that?"

"Sure, no problem."

Goku focused his qi energy on the kryptonite in his hands. The green rock began to glow more intensely. Superman went back down to his knees behind the saiyan with an audible groan. The saiyan focused more of power upon the rock and the kryptonite began to vibrate. The alien rock began to shift colors, from green to a deep blue, then gradually to a shade of orange followed by red. Then, for just an instant, the kryptonite in Goku's hands turned solid black before exploding into dust.

Superman felt immediately relieved as the radiation from the kryptonite vanished. He got back to his feet, feeling a little woozy from the brief but intense exposure to the dangerous compound. Whatever the saiyan had done to destroy it, his energy had interacted with the substance in an unpredictable way. There was no telling what the effects might be.

"Goku, are you alright?" the Man of Steel asked his friend.

"Goku?" the saiyan replied. The spikey-headed alien from another universe turned to regard Superman with eyes that had turned completely black. Slowly, the blackness faded away from the whites of his eyes leaving just his pupils again. "My name is Kakkarot."

The Kryptonian started to get an uneasy feeling. That feeling increased as he witnessed the saiyan's pants rip at the buttocks and a thick, brown-furred tail emerge and elongate behind Goku. A sneer played itself over the alien's lips.

"Kakkarot is my true, saiyan name. I am a true saiyan warrior," he said with a dramatic voice, as if coming to a sudden realization. "And it's about time I fulfilled my mission."

A moment later, he released a blast of energy that roared out around him in an instant flash, turning the building and the entire city block around it into a crater of rubble and dust.
I will continue to post the rest of this story (10 chapters) if there is interest.  Or you can read the rest at
Superman vs. Goku: Rematch in Metropolisfanfiction.net
The first story, Goku vs. Superman: Confrontation on New Namek is also posted there.

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Fan-Fic » Superman vs. Goku: Rematch in Metropolis (PG-13 violence)

The following are the first two chapters of a story I have published on fanfiction.net.  It is the sequel to my previous story: Goku vs. Superman: Confrontation on New Namek

Superman vs. Goku: Rematch in Metropolis

Notes on copyright issues: The characters Goku, Krillin, Number 18, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Gotenks, and Piccolo as well as the Namek race are the original creations of Akira Toriyama. "Superman" is a DC Comics property originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. All other characters appearing in this story are DC comics characters belonging to DC comics and the respective artists who created them. This work of "fan fiction" is an original story, however the characters used in the story belong to the aforementioned parties.

Chapter 1: Lex Luthor's Revenge

Down on a peaceful planet known as Earth, a short man in a fine white suit who had thick brown hair and a large, bushy mustache lay down on his back looking up into a sky that was a clear blue. Beside him sat a woman with short blond hair and eyes the exact color of blue topaz. She was looking up too. Neither was looking at the puffy clouds floating by nor the birds in the air.

Anyone close enough to see their eyes would notice that their pupils were dilated and their eyes were darting back and forth across the sky. Occasionally, the pair would simultaneously tilt their heads to watch another part of the sky. Any casual observer looking up above them would wonder what it was that they were looking at. But then they'd hear the thunder and start to notice tiny flashes of light. Who would guess they were watching a battle happening at such speed and such a distance that few beings could follow its progress?

High above the peaceful Earth, the Z Fighters responsible for keeping it peaceful were in a desperate fight. The mighty Namekian hero known as Piccolo was struggling to keep himself relevant in a battle of super beings that had long ago outstripped him in strength, speed, and power. His green muscles corded and tensed as they snaked around in angles that would be anatomically impossible for a human. But every attack he made, no matter how well timed and how well executed was defeated almost before it began.

With him, the young duo of Goten and Trunks were fused into a being of power beyond imagination: Gotenks. Yet the youth fought recklessly, their power often wasted in flashy displays and his attacks were often predictable, despite the occasional flash of insane creativity. What was worse, their over-eagerness to power up all the way to Super Saiyan 3 made his every mistake more costly, as each blow that landed on them drained more and more of his energy. Their fusion would last thirty minutes, but their energy would not last even that long.

Joining those two (or three, however you want to look at it) was the tall and competent Gohan. His mystically enhanced powers were equal to Gotenks, despite the two younger saiyans having greatly increased in power. Gohan's skills were better developed, combining aspects of both his father's and Piccolo's fighting styles. Despite this greater competence, Gohan was ineffective in his attacks, never taking any attack to the same extremes that the other fighters were willing to go.

"Come on, Gohan! You know what is at stake here! If you don't give it all you've got there's no way we can win! Think of the consequences!" Piccolo shouted.

To his credit, Gohan did try to follow his old mentor's instructions. He pushed himself to the edge of what he thought he could possibly do. Unfortunately for the three Z-Fighters, to stand a chance of winning he would have needed to go beyond the edge of what he thought possible to a whole new level of power and capability.

That was not to be. Instants later, a sharp knee caught the saiyan warrior in the stomach making his eyes bulge out. Piccolo, trying to spare the boy his next blow, rushed in but was felled by a powerful chop to the neck that sent the far weaker super Namekian to the ground in a heap. Gotenks immediately moved in to pick up the slack in an all out attack, their moves coming on furiously and relentlessly, buying time for Gohan to recover and join the fight. But that was exactly what their opponent wanted.

Gotenks's onslaught was met with a perfect defense that turned the fused duo's most powerful strikes harmlessly aside while the force of each block from their opponent was nearly as effective as an offensive strike. The young saiyan soon found themselves bleeding massive amounts of energy. In the short time it took Gohan to recover his breath and rejoin the offensive, their opponent had nearly exhausted the fused being.

The battle continued to rage for a minute, a minute in which innumerable strikes and counterstrikes were launched and repelled too fast for the eye to see. With Gotenks pushing his capabilities and Gohan not holding back, the battle reached its most intense point. But they could not maintain that pace and their attack started to lag.

Gohan and Gotenks never saw the blows that ended the fight. One second they were about to attack their opponent, the next they were pulling themselves out of a pair of craters where they had impacted the Earth. Piccolo managed to recover enough to fly over to his fallen team mates. "Come on, guys, get up!" The two struggled to rise to their feet, but then collapsed again.

"It's over, Piccolo," came the voice of the super being who had just defeated the three of them.

"NO!" Piccolo protested in vain. "No, it can't be!"

The sound of laughter from behind made Piccolo turn around.

"Yep. You lost, Piccolo," Krillin declared. He stood with a grin on his face as his wife, Number 18, walked up behind him.

"Sorry, but a bet's a bet," Goku said, dropping from the air to land in front of his son and tossed him a senzu bean. He had a couple more for the Goten and Trunks as well, but they'd need to return to their individual states before miraculous healing beans would be effective.

"It was a foolish bet," 18 chastised with a derisive toss of her short blond hair. "The three of you can't handle Goku for a full thirty minutes. You'd need Vegeta and Uub to make it a fair bet. There was nothing to gain and so much to lose."

"Male pride," Krillin laughed. "You guys just can't stand the thought that Goku is that much above you, so you got suckered into that bet. I gave up my pride a long time ago," Krillin added. Number 18 glared at him. "I mean, I gave up trying to always one-up Goku. The wife and daughter here are all the pride I need!" Krillin looked over at his wife, hoping the former android was mollified. She just rolled her eyes at him, but he'd take it.

"Yep, now it's time to go eat," Goku exclaimed excitedly. Piccolo groaned. "West City Royal Restaurant. All I can eat and you guys are paying the bill."

Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten all groaned together.

                                                                                                                                     * * *     * * *     * * *

Far across time and space, beyond the boundaries between realities and universes, another man in a white suit stood looking up at the sky. Beside him was a blond haired woman not too dissimilar looking to Number 18, but with her hair tied back in a pony tail and a pair of glasses on her face. She, too, was looking up in the sky. Of course, everyone was looking at the sky at that moment.

High above the city of Metropolis, the blurring form of a man dressed in blue and red sped from point to point destroying missiles out from the middle of the air. Once again, Superman was saving the day. Lex Luthor clenched his fists together in a poor attempt not to allow his frustration show.

He was supposed to be the one saving the city today. His LexCorp Defense Laser should have targeted those missiles and disabled them. But Lex couldn't resist the chance to destroy his nemesis with the weapon when he had seen him in the sky just before the missile attack. Knowing the Kryptonian had just been exposed to powerful doses of kryptonite, being the one responsible for the kryptonite in the first place, Lex had fired his laser at the Man of Steel believing the radiation at its core, so similar to that of a red sun, had a chance of destroying his foe forever. But, the hero had used his heat ray vision to overpower the laser, destroying it, and was now preventing the missile attack.

Inside, Lex was furious. He had spent months creating a belief in a false terrorist group who would be responsible for the attack. He had personally guaranteed the citizens of Metropolis that his defense laser would be there to save the people should, God forbid, something happen to Superman. He had made sure something had happened to Superman before ordering the attack. But now it was Superman who was getting all of the glory. It had to be intentional. Superman had to be doing this just to spite him.

"Oh, Mr. Luthor," his companion lamented, "all our hard work…"

Lex looked at his companion for a brief moment. She thought any of this was her doing? He had used her to achieve his ends. That did not make her part owner of his scheme. It made her a tool. Her eyes widened as he plunged a knife into her unsuspecting heart. Tools should be disposed of when you were finished with them.

Lex Luthor smiled at the irony that his "partner" would not be saved by Superman because she had helped him keep the hero too busy saving the city to notice her murder. Slowly her blood began to pool beneath her. Satisfied that there would be no rescue for her, Lex turned to exit the alleyway they were in.

He found his way blocked by a towering caped figure.

Lex Luthor took an involuntary step backwards. Then he regained his composure. "What are you doing here?" Lex asked, forcing a hint of irritation into his voice.

The figure was powerfully built, his muscular body covered in a skin-tight white suit that matched his short-cropped hair. An olive green cape with pointed horn-like protrusions rising at his shoulders flowed down his back, with matching boots and armored bracers. His collars and chest were a vibrant yellow, with an emerald center.

"I've come to make a deal, Lex," the being spoke with a smile. "You should be happy. Our last deal turned out quite well for you, don't you think?"

"You already have my soul, Neron. Since I'm not dead and it's doubtful I even have a soul, I don't see what more we have to discuss." Lex moved to walk past the powerful being. He didn't truly expect to get by the creature. Neron was the demon responsible for restoring him to life when he was moments away from dying of cancer. A being such as this would be a match for virtually anyone, perhaps even Superman. Walking away as if the demon had nothing he wanted was a negotiating strategy.

Neron knew it for the ruse it was. But he didn't care. He was an ancient being, one of the arch-devils of Hell. Recent struggles had lost him a number of souls he had managed to acquire, and the soul of Lex Luthor was one which he dearly wanted to regain.

"As you said, I already have your soul, Lex. What is there more for you to lose? But I have much to offer you." Neron, King of Hate, watched as the mortal turned around to face him again.

"I'm a busy man. State your 'deal' and don't waste my time with theatrics."

Neron walked over to the dead woman Lex had just killed. Her soul was already his. He let his foot soak in the blood that was rapidly turning darker. "I know what it is you want most of all. I could offer you greater wealth. I could offer you power. That might even tempt you. But above all else, I know you want revenge on Superman. I can give it to you."

The flash of interest in Lex Luthor's eyes was all the demon needed to know he had a deal. "What are the terms?" the mortal asked him.

"I have heard of a being from another universe, a being with so much power that he easily defeated Superman the last time they fought. I will bring this being to your world for you to use as a weapon against Superman."

Lex gave a hmph of disgust. "I've made beings capable of defeating Superman. Parasite, Metallo, and Bizzaro have all knocked him around. But in the end they've all failed. Why don't you kill him for me?"

"Yes, but your creations are either copies of Superman's power, or they rely on being able to weaken Superman. There are reasons I cannot kill Superman outright on this mortal plane. But the one I can bring to this world would not have those restrictions."

"And what is it that you want in return?" Lex asked.

Neron grinned. Here was the true genius of this bargain. "In exchange for my bringing this being to this world, all I ask is that you have this being end Superman's existence."

Lex looked at the demon. "And if I somehow fail, all I would lose would be my soul, which you already have." Lex let himself ponder the demon's offer. In the end, curiosity and the opportunity to destroy Superman won out.


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Fan-Fic » Goku vs. Superman: Confrontation on New Namek (PG-13 violence)

The following are the first two chapters of a story I have published at Fanfiction.net.

Goku vs. Superman: Confrontation on New Namek

Notes on copyright issues: "Superman" is a DC Comics property originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The characters Goku, Emperor PIlaf, Shu, Mai, and Elder Moori as well as the planet "New Namek" and the Namek race are the original creations of Akira Toriyama. This work of "fan fiction" is an original story, however the characters used in the story belong to the aforementioned parties.

Chapter One: Stirrings on New Namek

Emperor Pilaf looked down at the lush, greenish planet below his stolen Capsule Corporation spacecraft and grinned. New Namek, home of the remaining Namekian race was a planet that knew nothing of his designs of conquest. It was a planet with seven mystical dragon balls that had the power to grant anyone a wish. Most importantly, it was a planet that Goku, Pilaf's hated nemesis, was not on. Nobody would stop his world conquest this time.

"Shu! Mai!" the diminutive blue skinned semi-tyrant screeched as the spaceship touched down to the planet's surface. The duo of Pilaf's most trusted, loyal, and resourceful henchmen (who's names in combination just happen to sound just like the pronunciation of a Chinese dim sum) hurriedly ran up to their liege and snapped to attention. Shu was a male fox who walked, talked, and acted like a human—at least a human who dressed as a comical ninja. Mai, on the other hand, was a fairly tall and not unattractive woman who acted the part of a nefarious agent all too well.

"The two of you go and get into your Namek costumes, then go out and get me those Namekian dragon balls!" The two henchmen gave hurried bows, "Yes, your Excellency!" Shu literally tripped over himself trying to get to his suit fast enough. Mai was no less urgent in obeying the order, but despite her apparent frantic action, she donned her costume without incident. When the two were suited up they both exited the spacecraft.

From a distance, Shu and Mai appeared to be Nameks. Even standing in the same room would not give them away. However, on close inspection it would be easy enough to tell they were fakes. The coloration of the fake "skin" was close, but certainly not natural looking and the heads had a Halloween mask appearance.

The shoddiness of their costumes not withstanding, Shu and Mai managed to navigate the planet and not be discovered. With the help of Bulma's dragon radar, which they had stolen along with the spacecraft, the two henchmen managed to locate and retrieve 6 of the 7 dragon balls with relative ease. A combination of Mai shooting her hand laser and Shu running for his life answered for the few times they had to handle dinosaurs or other indigenous monsters.

When the dragon radar located the 7th and final dragon ball, however, the two were dismayed. The radar pointed them directly into the center of the largest settlement of Nameks on the planet. They were going to have to face the Nameks directly if they wanted to complete their mission. The two decided to report back to Pilaf.

"Emperor Pilaf, here are six of the dragon balls, sir." Shu presented the find to his boss with an air of accomplishment. Pilaf, the greedy imp-man who bore a pair Kanji characters on his robe that mean "Fried Rice" snatched the shiny orbs from his underling's grasp with delight. Then his eyes narrowed to slits and he turned to regard his cronies.

"Are the two of you both unable to count? I said I want SEVEN dragon balls!" roared the would-be ruler.

Mai responded carefully. "Yes, Emperor, we understand your command. It's just, sir, that the last dragon ball is in the middle of the Namek's village surrounded by their warriors. We thought it would be dutiful if we brought the dragon balls we had to you first while we planned—"

Pilaf cut her off. "You thought?" Pilaf exploded, "I didn't tell you to go out and THINK you simpletons, I ordered you to go out and get SEVEN dragon balls for me." Shu and Mai hesitated for a second. "NOW GO TO THAT VILLAGE AND GET THAT DRAGON BALL FOR ME!" The two henchmen scrambled over each other trying to get out the door as fast as they could.

Shu and Mai walked halfway through the village in their Namek costumes uncontested. None of the villagers paid them any attention, busy going about their business. But then one of the Nameks noticed them and walked over to see who they were.

"Hello there!" he called out in greeting. "What are you doing on a warm day like this?" Shu and Mai had to wait for Bulma's Namek translator to interpret what was said for them. Their hesitation made the Namek take a closer look. "I don't recognize you two. I thought I knew all the survivors…"

Mai was the first to respond. "Uh, yes, we're actually Namek-people just back from Earth-planet. We were, uh, staying with Dende until now-time." The translation device did a fair job getting Mai's meaning across, but the oddity of her speech made the Namekian very suspicious. He took an even closer look.

"You're not Nameks!" he exclaimed. The shouting quickly drew a crowd. Shu and Mai tried to talk their way out of their predicament, but talking only seemed to make things worse. A couple of warriors arrived on the scene. One of them moved to grab the intruders by the arm and Mai pulled out her laser pistol, pointing it at the villager who had approached her. Shu took a ninja stance, but in doing so knocked into Mai, causing her to fire her gun. One of the warriors intercepted the shot and blocked it with his hand. He glared at Shu and Mai with an intense expression of anger.

"What is all this?" came an elderly voice. All the Nameks parted as an older, plump Namek walked through the gathered crowd. There were hushed whispers of "Elder Moori" as the eldest Namek approached. The villager who first spotted the costumed Shu and Mai quickly related all that had transpired.

"I don't know why you two have come, but I know you are certainly NOT Nameks. I know all the Nameks. What—"

Elder Moori did not finish his question. He was interrupted by a high-pitched, maniacal laugh. Behind him, standing just outside his domicile, was Emperor Pilaf with all seven of the dragon balls collected together.

"Fools! All I needed was for you to all be distracted long enough for me to get the dragon ball from your domicile. Now I will rule the world. PORUNGA! I summon you to grant my wish!"

Suddenly, there was an awesome display of power as the seven Namekian dragon balls shot a golden beam of light up into the heavens. The sky turned dark and bolts of lightning struck the earth. The dragon balls answered with a release of brilliant crackling energy then levitated up into the air, glowing with a golden intensity that was all the more startling for the darkness outside. The glowing orbs released a torrent of power up into the sky and then seemed themselves to lose their form and merge with the golden power. The energy twined and twisted into the massive form of a giant spiked and scaled dragon that towered over the village high up into the sky.

Emperor Pilaf wasted no time shouting his wish up into the heavens. "I wish for unlimited power and to rule the world!" Shu and Mai gasped and waited in anticipation.

Nothing happened.

A familiar figure suddenly appeared in the village. "Hi guys!" came Goku's enthusiastic greeting. "I felt the power of Porunga's summoning and got curious what you were going to wish for. What's going on?"

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Battles » greenlanterns vs goku and vegeta

@dccomicsrule2011 said:

The lantenrs win by BFR mind rape transmutation or just getting the F*** beat out of them  kyle has made shield for solar system busters many times Hal has made constrcuts that can cut through Mongul this is a stomp matter manipulation will work on them it worked on the flashes this is a stomp. 

How will the lanterns "getting the f*** beat out of them" cause them to win?  Oh, you mean the GLs would physically beat up the DBZ characters, not the other way around?   Well, no, the way you said it  originally is more likely.  But in that case they would be the losers.  That's what getting beat up means.
I always wonder why everyone has to use the word "rape" when talking about psychic attacks.  It's such a lame, insensitive phrase.
But anyway....
#1. Psychic attack fails.  As stated, Goku is a telepath with telekinesis, telepathy, and the power to force another from his mind.  GLs aren't that powerful psychically anyway, quite often falling prey to psionicists themselves.
#2 Transmutation fails.  First, for this to work they'd have to hit their opponents with the attack.  Second, if it succeeds (which is not a given) whatever they are transmuted into, they would still maintain their powers fight back as whatever they were transmuted into.  Doing so would not end the conflict.
As for their constructs and energy shields, that's what the whole fight is about.  My bet is that if the saiyans don't simply blast through GLs defenses outright, they'd make them deplete all the energy in their rings long before the saiyans run out of ki. 

Hal has made constrcuts that can cut through Mongul

Goku isn't Mongul.  That argument is like saying "Goku beat Trunks' sword with his finger, and Trunks was able to cut through Frieza!"
What's next?  "Mongul is at Superman's level!"  Yeah, and according to Wizard magazine, Goku takes Superman as SSJ1. 
(This is sarcastic.  The point is that this is broken logic, not an appeal to Wizard magazine.)


matter manipulation will work on them it worked on the flashes

A better comparison because you are saying it works on speedsters, which Goku and Vegeta are.  But the Flashes aren't saiyans, and they didn't fight back after being transmuted.  No clear win for the GLs.
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Battles » greenlanterns vs goku and vegeta

Oh now you're using filler as an excuse... Yep, i think we're done here 

If you want to be done, then done you are.  But that's just you not taking the time to say anything real.  My explanation of what makes things subjective included the topic of filler and non-canon stories, but that's part of what makes this such a difficult comparison.
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Battles » greenlanterns vs goku and vegeta

You could say the same what?  That I disagree, or that I should try using logic?  If it's the latter, then you need to explain yourself.  I'm the only one who posted anything resembling an argument to explain my opinion. 


The basis of your arguement relies on who is writing the fight or something along those lines

If you don't understand what I'm saying enough than to summarize better than that you shouldn't have commented on it.  My point is that there is a lot of subjectivity in who would win and who would lose.   
Unlike in some battles where you can fairly easily compare apples and apples, DBU and DCU don't match very well.  A lot of what people decide is up to interpretation. 

 You are also claiming that vegeta and goku are FTL galaxy busters

No, that's not what I'm claiming.  At least not the galaxy busting part.  But that's, part of why I'm talking about subjectivity.  I actually gave a range of power from solar system to galaxy because there's that range of belief.  It's really unclear how powerful they ultimately get, but it is at minimum greater than what was stated for the GLs in this thread.   There's that subjectivity I'm talking about, and it really depends on what sources are considered and how obtuse the rules get for what is considered evidence.  The rabid DBZ fanboy would include the OVA movies and interpret Brolly's attack as wiping out a galaxy and then put SSJ3 Goku above that.  A far more conservative (and more readily acceptable) interpretation puts Goku at Solar System destroying level.  That's where I'd put him, personally.   Then there's the line where "if you can't post a scan they can't do it", and since Goku never blew up a planet, he can't.   Not very good logic, but some people go to that extreme, too.

As far as FTL is concerned, short range yes, mid-long range no.  Why that is, I can guess, but it's just speculation.  I do know they don't show FTL speeds over distance, though just how slow they go sometimes is indeed PIS.
Why do I say they are FTL short distance?  Because they move from point A high in the sky to point B right in front of their opponent with no time elapse.  Then there's the filler comment that Radditz... RADDITZ moved at the speed of light.  Even if you take the argument that he wasn't FTL and only say he was 1/100 the speed of light, end of series Goku/Vegeta are surely 100x faster than Radditz.  Admittedly this is a subjective judgement, but that just goes to my main point. 

the only reason they have no feats to prove this is because of PIS

Actually, I was saying they traveled medium/long range at super slow speeds due to PIS.  They wanted characters to keep giving exposition and have a reason for them to arrive after rather than during events they could easily have been there for.   But at longer distances they are clearly not FTL.

I guess DBZ was just one massive PIS then if we go by your standards

A lot of what happened in DBZ can be said to be PIS, absolutely.  But that was its style.  It was not as technical or science based as what DC has evolved into.  Part of what made it fun was the ridiculous stuff that happened.  Where Green Lanterns die and come back through some serious event, Goku has a fun adventure on the other side.  While the GL Corps are a military organization under the guardians of the universe, Goku is an irreverent and naive child-like character who surpasses the guardians of his world and then his universe in comical situations.
Which is why so much of what people think of how this battle will go is going to be subjective.
That doesn't mean you can't use reasonable arguments to explain your subjective opinion.  Then you can judge the rationality of that opinion based on those reasons.  Some opinions are worth more than others, but that, too, is subjective.
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Battles » greenlanterns vs goku and vegeta

Actually, it all makes sense.  You just disagree with it.  But if you would like to try using logic...
BTW, are you saying Hal and Kyle are gay?  Wow.  Sure hope you don't post scans. That would be against the ToS.  And very, very wrong.
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Battles » greenlanterns vs goku and vegeta

Depends on who is writing the story.   If it''s a DC fanboy, then sure, the GLs will win.  Their willpower will be greater than any power the Z fighters have.  If the story depends on it, the GL power will be whatever is needed (or however little is needed).   If it's Akira Toriyama writing the story, the GL's will create some impossible barrier of infinite willpower and Goku will crack it while still in his base form, grin, and apologize for doing the impossible.  Honestly, this is a test of your comic preference, not of which character would win.  So, let me reveal my preference.
First off, destroying the world would not win the battle for either team.  GLs can breathe in space.  In the case of RBF (Removing the Battlefield, as opposed to BFR), Goku can IT to another planet with Vegeta.
Next, simply saying Kyle or Hal beats Goku doesn't make it true.  WHY does it happen?  I don't see that as a given at all.  Explain why.  Scans are nice, but they don't replace reasoning.   Few posters have given any reason at all for their opinions.
I think any of the Z-fighters post saiyan saga would be a serious threat to any GL in any fight.  Here's why:
They are all speedsters.  They all have greater than Class 100 strength (I'm aware of the 10 ton weights and Goku in Otherworld, but that's an outlier and Toriyama has commented that he wasn't really keeping things consistent).  They can all take blows from greater than class 100 strength.  They are relentless and aggressive fighters.   Unlike in DC fights where most fights consist of one side blindsiding the other, or overwhelming the other in one attack, the Z-fighters take a hit, roll with the momentum of the strike and kick you back harder.  If the 3rd hit doesn't get through, the 4th, 5th, 6th, Kth one will.
In a fight the Z-fighters would instantly blitz.  The rings would react (as they do against any enemy speedster), but the battle would be a constant barrage of strikes and hits from every imaginable angle.  I don't think DC has portrayed GL's as being invulnerable.  If they don't see a hit coming or if the hit is greater than whatever they have willed into existence, they go down like a sack of potatoes.  Batman has decked Hal Jordan when didn't expect it (in return for Hal doing the same to Bat earlier).  Hal had his ring.  If Hal had seen the blow coming he could of stopped it.  Since he didn't, he was floored.  If Kyle or Hal can anticipate an attack they can shield themselves.  If not, all they have is the "automatic" shielding from the ring.  That's not going to prevent them from getting knocked unconscious and thereby lose.   And this is only the Z-fighters, not to the top.  Goku and Vegeta hit much, much harder.
Then there's the whole point that from SSJ to SSJ3, they are YELLOW.  And many, many of their energy attacks are YELLOW.  Against typical GL's that will be an issue.  Krillin and his "destructo discs" could even wipe out a ton of GLs.  Now, Kyle and Hal are special.  Kyle's ring isn't susceptible (or at least, it wasn't before he stepped down to become an ordinary GL again) to the yellow impurity and Hal has overcome fear.  However, in Hal's case, it is still a relevant issue.  It's been revealed that it takes GL's more effort to affect anything yellow than non-yellow things.  This means that if Hal is being attacked by multiple yellow balls of planet destroying energy, he'll have to work harder to survive than against a blue Kamehameha wave, or the SSJ4 red colored version.
dccomicsrule posted a nice list of many of the GL powers as an attempt to argue why.  Unfortunately, he didn't explain how any of these powers makes a win for a GL.   Most of the points do not actually give an advantage to the GLs.

--energy blast that can destroy planets with ease

Both Goku and Vegeta are capable of destroying solar systems.  That's on the conservative side.  The argument could be made for wiping out a galaxy.

--super strenght they can lift 100 tons easy 

Even under the most conservative estimates both Goku and Vegeta are well beyond this at base levels.  And that is physical strength, not ki enhanced.

--super speed they can move faster than the speed of light

However, that is for travel purposes, not consistently shown in combat.
Goku/Vegeta are at least that fast at close range.  Unfortunately, PIS makes them much slower out of combat.

 **energy constructs they can make solid energy constructs of anything they imagine that can that can bust planets and hurt supes 

This is one power Goku/Vegeta do not have.   However, Goku and Vegeta can destroy these constructs pretty much instantly.   This issue is where the writer determines who wins.  A DC fan will say GL constructs.  A DBZ fan would say DB destructive energies.

--energy absorbsion they can absorb large amounts of energy 

They can also be blasted by that energy, too.  It depends on what kind of energy and and the situation.
Goku and Vegeta can both catch energy used against them and nullify, or just smack it away like kicking ball.

**time travel gl can time travel send stuff back and forward threw time 

A deus ex machina, yes.  But, that is not really applicable to combat.  It might come in handy afterwards, assuming they are still alive, but not applicable to combat.

--phasing the they can make solid matter go threw them

Vegeta and Goku can dematerialize from one place and rematerialize in another at will, as well as move so fast that it appears they are standing still while an object passes through them.

--regenneration/the ring can heal the wearer and other people from injurys

Goku/Vegeta have access to senzu beans.  However, without the beans they lack healing ability.  Other DBZ characters have that, but not them.  However, the GL healing does not work like Wolverine's healing factor or Superman's super healing.  It's normally a mechanism by which they live through something that should have killed them.

 --force fields the greenlantern ring automaticly makes force field around the wearer that can take black holes, supernovas, planet busters, solar system buster with out injury

The GL automatic forcefield is not as strong as one consciously generated by the GL.  Don't confuse the automatic force shield and them using willpower to put something in place.  And keep in mind that different writers have handled this differently.  In fact, the same writer has handled it differently in different situations.  It's a plot device power.  However, they do have an automatic forcefield, and they can will very powerful forcefields into existence.  But, do they have enough to take what even a super saiyan can dish out?  I've seen the scans of GL surviving a nova explosion, but it's unconvincing.  The explosion was far away and the GL only needed to be shielded from a fraction of the blast. 
DBZ characters regularly attack each other with blasts that of that magnitude.  They can create shields to protect themselves or they can just take the hit and survive it, none the worse.

--energy twins gl can make duplicates of them selves

Same argument as the energy construct one.  If GL is getting outclassed, making a duplicate isn't going to improve his odds.  Him and his duplicate will get whooped.  If he's winning, it won't make a difference.  Only way this is really relevant would be in a nearly even match-up.
Tien, Piccolo, and Cell all used a similar technique.  In each case, Goku adapted to fighting multiple opponents instantly.  While GL's power doesn't work the same way (i.e. he won't cut his power in half), it will drain the ring's power faster.

--pocket dimensions gl's in every gl ring is a world they can lock people in that world

Might work on Vegeta.  Maybe.  Probably not.  Definitely won't work on Goku.  His instant Transmission can take him between dimensions (Otherworld, Earth, Realm of the Dead).  Buu was trapped in the hyperbolic time chamber and screamed a hole in reality to escape.  SSJ3 Gotenks did the same thing.  Stands to reason SSJ3 Vegeta could as well.  And if not, he'd be rescued by Goku.  And that's assuming the GLs could get them to stand still to be locked away in the first place.

--mind alteration gl can control , and earsae people minds 

Not, to my knowledge, a combat skill.  Never seen a GL do that to an active opponent during combat.
Goku is a fairly powerful telepath with advanced mental training.  He has displayed telekinesis, mind reading, and long distance telepathy.  While never shown, he almost certainly has the power to repel intrusions into his mind.  Krillin and Gohan demonstrated this on the trip to Namek and it was alluded to that Goku also had the power.  The same assumption can't be made about Vegeta, although Vegeta did show that when he was attempted to be controlled it only worked because he allowed it.

--matter manipulation gl can manipulate matter such as turning a man into a grand of sand

But does that work on super powered beings?  And Goku/Vegeta fused were transformed into a piece of candy.  They fought as candy.  If they were transformed, they'd fight on, but smaller and harder to hit/hurt.  But this depends on the writer, obviously.

--book of oa green lanterns has a near infinite amount of knowlege from the ring because the book or oa

Not really useful in combat.  Though I can imagine this: 
GL: "Book of Oa, tell me about saiyans.  We just had a battle with a pair and we barely beat them using all of our power.  They were an inch away from death, but then they ate this little bean and recovered.   What does this mean?"
Book: "You are screwed.  Saiyans get more powerful after each fight.  The closer to death they get and come back, the more powerful they are."
GL: "Thank you, Book of Oa.  You're right, we're screwed."
This argument really comes down to opinion rather than fact.  My opinion is on the side of the DBZ characters, but I can see the other side.  My reason for this is how they are consistently portrayed.  While Green Lanterns are sometimes shown to be incredibly durable and super powerful, you also see them getting knocked unconscious or killed by things much less powerful than what saiyans represent.   Z-fighters can be seen occasionally being hurt by mundane items, or hopping around comically when their foot catches fire, but that's for laughs.  Usually it takes someone who's been shown more powerful than someone powerful enough to destroy at least a moon to take them out.
I understand that Hal and Kyle are the Green Lantern poster boys, but... so?  This isn't a DC comics Green Lantern issue.  They aren't the heroes.  Luck and fate are not on their side, nor is the plot.   They've got stronger wills, which means they have a better chance than any other Corps member, but other than that, it doesn't matter.  It just comes down to who has the power advantage over whom.  My money is on Goku.  He's got a will that doesn't stop, either.
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