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Got Starry Sky After Winter today!!! Wont be able to play it till next week! - I dont want to install it,...
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2 days ago I went to look info on a well know forum dedicated to Kuroshitsuji, there I found some scans which tells that an official doll was to be release the 18, the doll is created by the company Polygonia which is know for PVC figure maker in joint with a well know doll company Fairy Land!!! the doll will be only available in Japan for the amazing price of 92,000 Yen (about 1100 USD), the release time is limited to April 18 to June 26!!!! For what I could understand he is series 1, so I think they will release other Kuroshitsuji characters!!!

*Personal opinion*
Although I already have my very own customized Sebastian doll, I really like this babe, he is like a poseable PVC figure like figma or something but in greater scale sizing 70cm  with removable clothes, his features are so anime like, I really find amazing!!!the clothes looks great not mention the shoes which are exquisite!!!  he is in my wishlist and I hope I can get one!!If  the company decides to release other characters I think I'm ruin and I'll have to sell some organs!! 
my customized doll:

Asian Ball Joint Doll Sebastian Michaelis by Psicomaniatica
Asian Ball Joint Doll Sebastian Michaelis by Psicomaniatica
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