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Hello my fellow Anime fans! I'm new here and thought  I would post a blog about my first impressions of the site, plus I just had my wisdom teeth removed and I'm cracked out on pain medicine with nothing else to do so I thought, why not? Anyway, the site seems pretty cool so far, with a copious amount of  pages and really good staff contenet. I especially like Tom's WTF did I just watch articles on his impressions of Evangelion, as its one of my favorite series. The community here (as far as i've seen) is pretty nice and very knowledgeable about all different kinds of anime/manga.   
Speaking of Anime, as I type this I'm watching Black Lagoon. So far it's been a really kick-ass series with great action scenes, and a surprising amount a character development, which I wasn't really expecting when I first jumped into the show. Currently I'm on episode 9 and I'm really digging the characters. Regarding Revy, at first I thought she was your typical Anime badass, and her excitement for wanton slaughter of both villains and innocents was kind of off putting. However, as the series has progressed she's become a deeper character that I'm actually interested in and I love her dark conversations that she has with Rock. 
Anyway, that's it for now, as the pills are kicking in and its getting harder to type correctly. 
Until next time.
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