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I'm currently reading a manga that I've owned for some time, but didn't have the time to read. That manga is "Vagabond", It's about  Miyamoto Musashi , considered amongst other things, the best samurai of all time and the father of the Bushido doctrine. The author of the manga is Takehiko Inoue Sensei, also the author of  "Slam Dunk". Vagabond follows the life of Miyamoto Musashi  or  Shinmen Takez┼Ź, as he was know in his childhood, from a brutal hooligan to the greatest samurai in History. The art is just amazing, as it really makes you feel like you're in feudal Japan,  Takehiko Inoue Sensei really managed to capture the time period and the society this great manga is set on, the battle scenes are extraordinarely coreographed, with each movement being as exquisite as ruthless. The story's pacing is just right, with an easy to follow plotline and excelent thought off characters (each with a compelling background), but for me, what really makes this manga great is the bond that you end up creating with the characters, making you want to see the story through. If you have the time, try to pick it up, it's completely worth your time and money, but do try to pick up the Vizbig Edition, seeing that it features coloured pages, which really adds depth to the whole experience. 


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