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I can't wait to watch this, I'm a huge Supernatural fan and this is looking pretty good. Coming February 2011.
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Another manga that is better than it's anime counterpart is the Air Gear manga, maybe beacuse the anime was canceled and they didn't have time to elaborate the story, I don't know. Anyway Air Gear is a great manga, for details about the story see the topic " Why was Air Gear canceled?"  (I know i have written a lot about Air Gear, sorry, but I do really love the series). I strongly recommend  it.

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The first manga that leaps to mind is the Rosario + Vampire Manga. The anime is fun to wacth, but the manga has much more action and a more mature vibe to it (just a little). It's not the best manga out there but it's enjoyable. It has 10 Volumes (english version), and Rosario + Vampire Season II is currently on it's 2nd Volume (english version). Pick it up if you have the time.

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 Suddenly  I had the urge to wacth  anime that I had watched in my teen years, after some thought I decided to wacth Rurouni Kenshin, I had forgotten how awsome that anime is, especially the Shishio ark. Pick it up if you have the time, it'll blow your mind.

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Some time ago I said I was interested in buying the Halo anime, I asked for your opinion if wether I should buy it or not. Well, since no one replied (lol), I went and bought it anyway, Let me just say, it's worth every penny I spent on it, especially the Blu Ray version. So, if you're a Halo and anime fan, do yourself a favor and buy it, it's simply awsome.

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