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Battles » current ichigo vs. naruto after he controls the nine-tails


nobody really knows if kizaru can only move at the speed win in light form. kizaru has never said that. they have not shown much about kizaru anyway. wiki is a bad site believe me. second ichigo right know in the manga is to fast and powerful. naruto is nowere near bleach because the capatin comander's banki is pretty much the sun. and the people the are fighting are just too strong. please stop saying the kizaru can only move light speed when in light form because no one really knows that much about him. i really don't like naruto that much anymore. also azien would kill them all. azien never went banki. but if you believe ichigo and naruto are on the same level read the new mangas. ichigo is too fast for naruto and bleach is way to powerful.

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